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When a well intended cancer treatment works against a specific cancer, the cancer's receptors usually become desensitized. This situation is also seen in the analogies of steroid and drug use, where more and more is needed to get a desired effect to a diminished body response and diminishing ability for bodily regulation. With receptor targeted therapy, the receptor must be re-sensitized for a cancer therapy to remain effective. This often seems to be the case in receptor negative types of cancer. Otherwise, a stronger medicine is given, and it becomes less and less effective. Not all substances with a specific hormone attribute have anti-cancer properties to be used for re-sensitization of receptor responses. This idea was extended from a few studies about upregulating specific receptors for more effective cancer treatment. It is thought that insoluble dietary plant fiber, which otherwise cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream, is digested by intestinal flora to produce anti-cancer chemicals which enter the body.

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