Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Breast growth expectations

Is the herb schedule suited for someone with high prolactin?

Will it improve the fullness of seemingly deflated appearing breast, which is likely associated with high prolactin levels?

The main herb schedule in super-bazongas.pdf (as of July 2019), which is also in the program blog of anon03, used at 25mg for each herb as tea should improve breast fullness. The herb program of Canadian Belle applies.

The same herb combination under menstruation is likely to work better for secretory phase. These herbs are fenugreek, spearmint, hops and sunflower together, and all are required for a balanced effect.

A separate herb combination for proliferative phase (listed in anon03 and in the latest ebook), without evening primrose, should be helpful during proliferative phase.

It should raise hormones in a balanced way to increase the effects of estrogen and of progesterone through a phytoprogestin, not through serum progesterone itself. LH, FSH and prolactin would also be raised, but in balance to increase the effects of FSH and LH without causing hormone receptor desensitization. The purpose of using 25mg of these herbs, is to have a small amount that is effective with a combined set of effects that the body can then balance. The theory of the herb properties for the observable effects is explained in the ebook.

Also, chasteberry (Vitex) taken no more than once during late secretory phase should also lower prolactin. It will first raise, then lower prolactin. This herb has the potential to cause growth, then shrinking, especially if its use is repeated. Other herbs from secretory phase, should maintain growth. An example of some effects of Vitex use is in hirsutism. An herb combination including chasteberry is also described in the Super Bazongas. Vitex has potential to shorten secretory phase, so it should be used towards the end. The rest of the herb combination, without vitex, can be taken for the first part of secretory phase.

Caffeinated drinks, tumeric or ginger are other possibilities with a combination of breast enhancement herbs, but these will cause shrinking depending on the herb combination. This is not recommended, as it may cause unexpected or unwanted results.

Refutations or doubts about breast enhancement theory

This article says that herbal breast enlargement is not likely or not possible. Can you refute that?

Herbal breast enlargement has worked before, but this will understandably remain in doubt. I will keep working to make positive results consistent for everyone, and to make results undeniable. Some people won't believe it at this point, and the results have not been consistent or not enough for everybody. My task is to improve the theory and this study on evidence based observations, and not to prove it to everyone at this time. There are results that can be replicated by simply going with suggested herb formulas under /programs/: see the anon03, anon04 and hirsutism blogs.

This study has evolved beyond common conceptions about botanical breast enhancement. While I won't bring up any specific source in particular for refutation, some claims will be addressed.


Some estrogenic herbs decrease estrogen.

Phytoestrogen containing herbs can decrease estrogen production and estrogen sensitivity. However, herbs also have the potential to increase estrogen levels and estrogen sensitivity, when used in the right combinations, in the right amounts and during the right time respective to menstrual phase.

The ebooks already address the theory of increasing estrogen response and estrogen sensitivity, and on balancing hormone effects for a balanced response. The program blogs already show positive effects from certain herb combinations when taken during certain phases. Results on hormone levels are based on symptoms and are evidence based.

Using one herb combination can be beneficial one day, and cause a problem the other day. Leaving off a single herb can also affect an otherwise potential beneficial herb combination to have not positive results.

Herbs won't raise estrogen or progestogen enough to have any potential effect.

Small amounts of herbs were already observed to have a major positive effect, without increasing hormone levels to extremes, as published in /programs/. In breast-endocrinology.pdf, having hormone imbalances is warned about.

Raising estrogen levels or progestogen levels to extremes is not in my theory and application of breast enlargement. The theory addresses hormone receptors through a balanced hormone effect.

I'm in my 40's, can breast enlargement work for me?

The herb recommendations from the latest version of super-bazongas.pdf are intended to work for anyone who hasn't reached menopause or perimenopause yet. If you are in your 40's, and are still in your fertility years, breast enhancement or enlargement should work. Results may be less gradual than someone younger, but for reproductive years, it is expected to work.

For anyone past reproductive age, there isn't a herb schedule yet, but it would be based on the premenstrual and menstruation phases of the herb schedule of the ebook.

Do breast sensations mean there will be growth?

Breast sensations (itching, tingling, minor pain) can mean either growth or shrinkage. You will have to wait to see by the next day to know for sure. If it causes shrinking, it can also be accompanied by androgenic symptoms (hirsutism, alcopecia, itchy scalp). I suspect that breast sensations accompanied with additional body heat mean there will be breast shrinking. Breast growth is not always accompanied by physical sensations.

Breast sensations mean there are varying hormonal actions affecting cells and their receptors.

How much growth can I expect?

From the recommendation/procedure for the menstral cycle listed in the super bazongas pdf?

Or from information on this website?

I know everyone is different but over the course of 3 months how much growth for an average woman without major imbalances?

3 cup sizes is reasonable, as a few have had this from information here. I don't want to promise too much, at least for now. You will have to chart all signs from body temperature, to observing that there's no new excess of body hair, and to stop taking herbs if the dose amounts stop working.

The programs of anon02, anon03, anon05 and Canadian Belle are typical expectations of growth.

The herb schedule is still being worked on. Sometimes I have to wait a cycle to check variant herb combinations. Disappointment has been met in the past after a few minor successess by not understanding details before why variants of herb combinations didn't always work. While I believe I'm closer to the ideal herb schedule, I've believed that a few times in the past too. Work on the herb theory and herb program are being improved constantly. Fortunately, this information has been greatly improved upon.



Theoretically, could you self induce macromastia/gigantomastia?

I've always believed that herbs could be used to cause gigantomastia since the beginning of this research.

Is this what the herb schedule is doing?

The problem is there are pitfalls such as repeating doses that don't always work, increasing doses or using herb combinations that cause temporary breast gains or that cause breast gains and additional body hair. Lack of information of herb use easily caused newly breast size increases to be lost, or for herb combinations that worked at one time to stop working or not work consistently. It is even more difficult for those with hormonal imbalances.

An aim of this project is to safely cause macromastia through nutrition and herb use for those who wish to have that. Self caused gigantomastia has happened at least once, however, future guarantees can't be made. Other aims of this project are for other breast topics and improving hormonal health.

Looking at rapid breast growth from macromastia/gigantomastia its often from an imbalance of one hormone?

Rapid breast growth has happened from hormone imbalances, sometimes unhealthy and uncontrolled ones. A few unfortunate cases were from toxic environmental xenoestrogens.

Is it still possible to replicate this [healthy macromastia] effect from the balancing of hormones/procedure shown in super-bazongas.pdf?

This website attempts to make it possible for safe, controlled and balanced breast growth up to macromastia. The herb schedule in the ebook is attempting to cause any desired breast growth without causing lasting and significant hormone imbalances. Major and persistent hormone imbalances are unhealthy. Causing an imbalance is unnecessary, and can actually impede results.

The schedule is still being worked out, because herbs have had a different effect for those with different hormone balances. A consistent schedule is being worked on that works for everyone on different ends of the hormone balance spectrum, and that doesn't overuse herbs. It is much more difficult for those with major hormone imbalances.

I can't make promises on results. If there is difficulty, I may need feedback.

Use from the ebook and program blogs requires a lot of monitoring of signs. This is a big part of herb safety.

I'm curious about bubblemelon's breast enhancement journey.

Comments and questions about Bubblemelon's program are at /programs/bubblemelon.

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Damiana and mulungu tea are good for stress. Only a pinch of damiana is needed. Mulungu has to be stepped in boiling water for 20minutes for it to be effective. Skullcap is made for stress, but I never tried it. Damiana is really effective, but it seems to lose its potency each time it is used.

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Many known stilbenes are estrogen receptor antagonists. Stilbenes and their polymers include: anethole, dianethole, estragole, tamoxifen, stilbene and stilbestrol. Spearmint and fennel contain stilbenes as active hormonal constituents. Based on anecdotal information from spearmint's and fennel's actions, anethole, dianethole and estragole are likely ERα selective. Anethole is another name for transanethole, and Stilbene is another term for transtilbene. Estragole and anethole are isomers. Dianethole and photoanethole are polymers of anethole.

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Breast and hip tissue should increase the ability for estrogen conversion from androgens. The term hormone receptor blockers is inaccurate to describe hormones' effects according to this research. Phytohormones can multiply, act directly on or cause an inverse action of hormone effects or of other phytohormones. A phytohormone's basic actions are agonize, antagonize and influence bodily hormones. These actions desensitize or sensitize receptors, and increase a bodily response. The ultimate effect depends on the presence of other phytohormones and bodily hormones. Caffeine, for instance, can cause an inverse effect of shrinking tissue size, when added to a herb combination that would otherwise cause growth. Update in schedule: sunflower must not be used in the presence of when negative symptoms occur. June 04, 2019

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Papaya, Black walnut - May 27, 2019
Papaya seeds kill intestinal parasites. Black walnut (Juglans nigra) hull as extract or powder also kills worms. Juglans can cause a hormone imbalance with excessive or extended use, so a small amount is recommeneded. There are other herbs that can get rid of intestinal parasites, but papaya seeds and black wallnut hulls are safer and highly effective. Pineapple also breaks down worms. Pumpkin seed only works against certain species of intestinal worms, and it doesn't completely destroy them. Wormwood kills intestinal worms, but it is easily toxic in high doses.

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Breast Development and Endocrinology, 3rd Ed - May 22, 2019
Expanded and clarified details for Breast Development and Endocrinology 3rd edition. From now on, this will be volume 1. These edits will reflect in Super Bazongas. Herb schedule will be edited, but same herb combinations will be used as basis. Future releases of Super Bazongas will be volume 2.

Vitamin supplementation - April 17, 2019
There has been recent controversy about vitamin supplementation. From now on, suggestions will be limited. Vitamin C will be suggested, as it preserves fat soluble vitamin E, and possibly other fat soluble vitamins and antioxidants. Vitamin E may be used, but use it sparingly and with foods with fiber. If you take vitamin D, be sure it is in a complex with calcium, magnesium and zinc. Vitamin B12 supplementation (with B vitamins complex) is only for those who don't eat meat, dairy or eggs. See /appendix/nutrition for vitamin amounts and for information on nutritious foods.

Acne - March 19, 2019
Acne is caused by androgens, glucocorticoids, corticotropin and insulin. Androgens trigger the production of sebum from sebaceus glands, which causes acne. Insulin affects the size of sebaceus glands. Unfortunately, hair follicles transform mild androgens into DHT, which hirsutism symptoms often show up after acne symptoms go away. When there's acne, there's potential to use herbs with an estrogen analog to cause breast growth. The problem is, acne caused by herbs has seemed to antagonize one of two estrogen receptors before. If the estrogen simile targets the wrong receptor, the herb won't work, and there's potential for negative effects. It is much better to use the right herb combination, than to try to react by adding herbs later. If the correct herb compliment is taken moments late, that can also cause negative results.

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