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Natural hip and butt enhancement


Use resistance training exercises for butt enhancement. Try to increase the weights to an amount that can be safely lifted, each time. Only one challenging set is needed: additional sets make it more difficult to recover. The stronger your glutes become, the more rest days you will need: 2 weeks of rest from heavy exercise is ideal. Dumbells and t-kettlebells are more readily adjustable than traditional kettleballs for increasing weights.

Avoid exercises where heavy weights are difficult to grasp and are over your body. Unless you have a spotter, avoid barbells. Dumbells can replace most exercises for barbells and kettleballs. There was a dangerous demonstration of a machine exercise on Youtube, where she lifted a weight by placing the bar within the arch of her foot while facing away from the weighlifting machine, so please avoid dangerous exercises like this example.

Also, do not squat past 60° from standing position at knees (leg angle would be over 120°, or between seat and standing position), and also do not lock knees (at near standing position) during squats. This is to reduce potential pressure or wear on the knees.

Dumbell, kettlebell, body weight and cable exercises for hips can be found from the free resource online at Information about resting days and resistance exercise is from the book, Body by Science.

See /appendix/kettlebell for how to make a T kettlebell out of steel pipe and fittings, and for a little bit more on basic information on exercises.


Herbs for bust enhancement can also increase hip, including butt size, to a lesser extent.

Activation of estrogen receptor beta (ERβ) and progesterone receptor A (PRA) can cause cellular growth in the reproductive tract and hip area. Lavender upregulates ERβ. Panax ginseng root sensitizes ERα more than ERβ, so it will also do. Herbs that upregulate estrogen receptors can only be used by themselves when there is a high presence of bodily estrogens and absence of dominant androgenic signs: in this case, during mid-secretory phase. If a herb that upregulates estrogen receptors is used by itself during menstruation, when androgen and prolactin production is dominant, it will increase androgenic responses.

For hip growth, it is better to be receptive to breast growth from herbs. The phase for attempting to increase hip size herbally is during secretory (luteal), because this is when progesterone levels are naturally high due to the presence of the corpus luteum.

Try the herb schedule for secretory phase once at a time.

There is also lavender and clover use during secretory phase, which requires more care for use. Clover and lavender act on receptors in the reproductive tract. Lavender and clover can only be used in small amounts at a time primarily during mid secretory phase, and they cannot be used alone: they must be used with fenugreek. The amount of fenugreek used must be more than the amounts of clover and lavender. Clover and lavender can only be used when there is no deficiency in estrogen production. Try minimal amounts of lavender, clover, and fennel with fenugreek during late secretory phase, and don't repeat unless there is confirmed growth. The amount of fenugreek must be greater than the amount of combined lavender and fennel.


Questions about natural butt enhancement or related topics can be asked here.


Are breast easier to grow than hips?

Through herbs, it is safer to grow breasts. Growth of hips through herbs is limited to secretory phase with few exceptions, which requires more precision of herb use.

Through resistance exercise, hips or butt can grow, while breast tissue cannot.

Wider hips only

I’m not interested in growing my breast with herbs that much, I have a boyish figure and I just want want a more womanly figure like having wide hips , so which herbal program could focus solely on that if it’s possible? Thank you.

Hello. You can see a result of herbs that caused abdominal or hip widening here, /programs/anon03 [during secretory].

The result for Anon03 caused hip area widening as well as breast enhancement. It is better to be receptive to both results, at least until estrogenic signs increase. To use herbs selectively for hip widening requires more precision. To absolutely limit results to [hips only], easily gets in the way, especially if there's an imbalance. For instance, using lavender [which works on the reproductive tract] by itself during menstruation will increase androgenic symptoms, but using lavender when estrogenic signs are high during late secretory phase will increase estrogenic signs. When there is a hormonal imbalance, the window to use lavender by itself for positive effects is smaller.

See /appendix/kettlebell for constructing a DIY kettlebell out of steel pipes and fittings, and for a little bit of information on hip exercises.

Butt [enhancement]

Could you give some similar info as to how to grow the butt? What kind of herbs etc. could help with that? Thanks in advance! - Kira;

You can use resistance exercises for butt enhancement. During mid-secretory (luteal) phase... Clover must be used together with minimal amounts of fenugreek. Fennel is to antagonize response, and fenugreek is required when used with lavender and fennel.

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