Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Breast swelling and bodily bloating

Canadian Belle: image of breast swelling
minor breast swelling
Pumpkin Angel: image of stomach bloating and breast swelling during menses
stomach bloating and breast swelling during menses

Swelling is an indication of a balance of high amounts of corticosteroids in the body. Bodily bloating, face puffiness, feet puffiness, breast puffiness, breast swelling and breast swelling shape are also types of swelling. Swelling isn't breast growth, while it's easily to be mistaken for it. What's described as breast fullness is usually growth, but may not always be. Here are images to help determine breast swelling, swelling shape and other swelling/bloating.

Veins may show up more during breast swelling.

See the general blog and journal for the latest updates.

Lowering swelling

depiction breasts with various levels of swelling
The image on the left has the most swelling; the image on the right has minor, but noticeable swelling

Breast swelling and bodily bloating must be lowered gradually, because the body can only process a limited amount of hormones and hormone metabolites at a time.


For menses, the focus is to slowly lower brown spotting, and to reduce menstruation intensity. It's easy to cause a hormone imbalance here. When there's swelling for this phase, it's better to wait for proliferative phase. In theory, 1 sunflower seed can be used at a time, no sooner than every hour, to reduce swelling. Cramping and headache may easily occur from sunflower seed use.

Proliferative, Luteal & BCP-like phase

Sunshine Girl: image of minimal breast swelling
minimal breast swelling

The recommendation to lower breast swelling and bodily bloating for proliferative phase, luteal phase and BCP-like phase is similar. When there's breast swelling or breast swelling shape, take between 5 to 10 sunflower seeds no sooner than every hour, until hip growth or breast fullness occurs. More sunflower seed than that can interrupt the menstrual cycle. This way, you don't need to know the exact phase outside of menses to use this recommendation.

The time after menses, and early proliferative may want to be treated like menses, to use less sunflower seeds at a time for swelling. Also, the time of late premenstrual, less sunflower seed may want to be used. This is to lower potential signs of high estrogen symptoms, such as headache or cramps. During these times, use 1 sunflower, or perhaps up to 10 sunflower seeds no more than once every hour until swelling subsides.

More images of breast swelling

image of breast swelling on Sunshine Girl
Bubblemelon: image of breast swelling

Here's more images of breast swelling, swelling shape, and breast puffiness. In some of these images, swelling shape isn't obvious, but it's indicated by a pear, lightbulb or parenthesis (round bracket) shape. blog

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