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Celery family

The celery family includes several herbs with hormonal properties: dong quai, fennel, dill, carrots, celery, parsley. Several of these herbs are estrogenic.

Unfortunately, the celery family has a few toxic members that can cause severe permanent injury to the touch and death: hemlock and hog weed. These deadly plants resemble other members within the celery family.

Be sure you properly identify safe herbs before handling or use.

Q&A: updates

Butt enhancement; Animal ovary question; Breast enhancement in 40's; Update on DHT lowering herbs

Q&A: updates

Animal ovary; Breast enhancement in 40's; Update on DHT lowering herbs

Panax ginseng and Schizandra chinensis

Panax ginseng and Schizandra chinensis upregulate estrogen receptors and increase bodily estrogen. Panax ginseng also lowers LH and FSH, while increasing ovarian weight in animal studies. There was not enough available information on other Panax species.

The recommendation of Panax ginseng or Schizandra chinensis is a peasized amount as tea during proliferative phase, and when androgen symptoms are high. If effects don't improve, then stop immediately.


Aromatase is the bodily process of converting androgens, with the exception of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), into estrogens. It so happens that aromatase enzymes occur in tissue where...

Pharmaceutical profiteering

Article from Bloomberg about hospitals' interests in entering the generic pharmaceutical market to provide reasonable generic drug prices to patients.

Image of Lavender


Lavender's estrogenic properties for breast enhancement.

3 months of Herbal breast enhancement.

Herbal Breast Enhancement: 3 months

Herbal breast enhancement pictures each month from October until December 2017.