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Super Bazongas - December 24 update

Super Bazongas is updated with improvements to the herb schedule. You should see immediate results.

Super Bazongas - November 30 update

Super Bazongas is updated, with improvements to the herb schedule, and with information about hot flashes.

Super Bazongas - November update

Updates were made to compensate for mint's effects as they are different from other androgen raising herbs.

eBook correction: Proliferative Phase

The proliferative phase of the menstrual cycle is from the end of menstruation until ovulation. This is the time when the uterus rebuilds to prepare for potential pregnancy. Menstruation was when the uterus lining was shed.

Super Bazongas - September update

Super Bazongas is updated with improvements to the herb schedule.

Super Bazongas - update

Super Bazongas is updated with major improvements to the herb schedule. This ebook is no longer released under a Creative Commons license, but it is still free for fair and personal use. For the Creative Commons' licensed work, see the booklet breast-endocrinology.pdf.


This pdf is based on the first chapters of the ebook Super Bazongas. Its focus is on breast development and on hormone balance. It is released under a Creative Commons license. The license of newer releases of Super Bazongas were changed, but it will remain free for personal and fair use.

Super Bazongas - update

Herb schedule is for menstruation and the first week of luteal phase only. This update is not reflected in the ebook yet. For the rest of the days, take a break, or limit the amounts listed for that time to sporadically. The latest update on the ebook was on June 24, 2017.

Super Bazongas - update

Information has been updated on premenstrual syndrome, and the herb schedule reflects that.

Super Bazongas ebook

The latest ebook is out. Technically a prerelease, but has accurate information. This edition should be the most effective for breast enlargement. There is new information on hormone safety.

Botanical Breast Enhancement 4th Edition

The latest ebook is out. There are major improvements to the herb schedule, and minor improvements elsewhere.

Third edition of ebook

3rd edition. Minor changes in first chapters of ebook. Last chapter, especially the schedule, has major changes. Schedule remains mostly the same, but proportions on LH herbs and FSH herbs changed. I overestimated the effects of LH herbs and FSH herbs compared to prolactin herbs. Past programs were successful, because they used Pueraria. I tried to substitute this herb: while the herb timing was accurate, their proportions during menstruation needed adjustment.

eBook 2nd edition

Second edition of 'Botanical Breast Enhancement' was available.

eBook released

The release version of Botanical Breast Enhancement was made available today.

Correction on ebook prerelease

A past version said if there are symptoms of too much androgens, to take aromatase herbs. It should have been to take aromatase, prolactin and progestogen herbs, in equal parts. As was written in the prerelease ebook, hormone imbalances are a health risk. However, I want to caution self-diagnosis, so I rewrote that section. Please take note.