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text of Bubblemelon's program

Bubblemelon's page on breast nexus has different instructions to grow the breasts?

Would this work?

You do not have to take as much herbs as me... (Tweek to you.. I'm only basing on my own body)
FG, blessed thistle, saw pat, fennel seeds... all through your cycle[.] When you hit your time of the month[,] you move on to this[:] PM, goat rue, maybe maca, or fg, if you[']r[e] oestrogen dominant[,] and want to keep it in check.
In my experience[,] it started off taking after my peird[sic,] then I got moodswings[.] I assumed it was the estrogen...

If you have hirsutism, low body fat, or an estrogen imbalance, I wouldn't recommend this herb schedule. Consider that Bubblemelon had built up her hips before starting her program.

Pueraria (mirifica) by itself will cause body hair and limited breast growth during menstruation. In theory, fenugreek could possibly reduce its effect on increasing body hair. Goat's rue is a galactogogue, which affects receptors in the breasts.

Maca is only there to provide additional nutrition during menstruation, when nutrition is being lost. It appears to work without problems. Other adaptogens are not recommended during menstruation, as they've increased estrogen receptor sensitivity in the face of testosterone or DHT, which increased negative or androgenic symptoms.

Saw palmetto is unlikely to work when there is estrogen deficiency or low body fat. It is not expected to work for menstruation, where it wasn't in her program there anyway, and early proliferative phase. Capsules of saw palmetto typically contain high doses. Spearmint in minimal amounts is a better replacement, because of its properties, convenience of low dosages and proven results, so it can be used throughout the cycle.

Fenugreek, blessed thistle, saw palmetto and fennel can be used together during mid secretory phase.

Use the herb recommendations in super-bazongas.pdf for menstruation instead. The herb schedule for menstruation has worked for those with low and normal estrogen levels, and it should work for everyone, including those with high estrogen. These herb combinations were tested, and the theory on their use was refined. This hasn't caused symptoms of hormone imbalance. In theory, this should work continuously. Repeat this herb schedule from menstruation for secretory phase.

For secretory phase, more herb combinations work, but those proportions may need to be refined. Herb program anon03 has [an] herb combination that ha[s] worked for proliferative phase. To expect similar results, all herbs must be included as in that example.

Read the latest program blogs, especially those about hirsutism. These latest program blogs should be used instead, and are expected to work more consistently for more people.

Example of bust enhancement before Bubblemelon's success

Bubblemelon was inspired by Emily Loretta, who went by Bubblebra and LaceyRa. Her blog used to be at She has a before and after picture in a thread of hers at Bubblebra was in turn inspired by Cheryl1989's forums. I was unaware of LaceyRa's program during much of my research, which started afterwards.

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