Botanical Bust Enhancement: Research, Guide



2017; October - November

The before picture is from October 21, 2017. In the second picture, dated November 21, 2017, there was improved perkiness from herbal breast enhancement.


2017; December

This picture of herbal breast enhancement is from December 22, 2017.

2018; February

Plateaued growth. Cup size is D.

2018; July update

Cup size fluctuates around 32D. Goal size is an F cup.

She had breast growth in early January, but an error in a schedule update intended for improving insulin sensitivity and preventing cancer, caused breast shrinking. In the month of March, weight loss while off of the herb schedule contributed to breast size reduction. Recently, there were breast size increases back to a D cup.


2018; August update

Image taken on August 15, 2018.