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Should I continue? - November 02, 2019
Hi there, in case i took these herbs for a whole month (as scheduled in the PDF file, with the right doses), but nothing has changed, not during any phase. Do you suggest that I stop because it's not gonna work for me? or should I try another month? Thanks - T.Reality

[Herb] measurements - September 21, 2019
Hi there, Sorry as i think that the question has been asked before, but I couldn't find a clear answer. Is it possible to give a general measurement of the herbs used? for example, 50 mg of fenugreek, 50 mg of fennel, 50 mg of spearmint, etc , is it close to half a teaspoon from each herb? or is it more or less than that? for example, i use about half a teaspoon of hops, but it becomes so bitter so maybe i'm using a lot.i searched the internet trying to find an estimate but couldn't. thank you in advance. - S.H.

[Comment from Canadian Belle] - July 28, 2019
I love your blog and your contribution to nbe. People need to know that it’s actually possible to achieve growth. - Canadian Belle

Daily or more? - July 24, 2019
I see common practice is to take herbs more than once per day, but this isn't specified in the ebook. What do you recommend: once a day (or less, I saw in the book) or more than once a day?

Cycle length - July 21, 2019
What causes a longer cycle? My period cycle is 36 days. Is there anything I can do about this?

Safety - June 27, 2019
Is this breast growth schedule safe to use if you have a possible hormonal imbalance? Will it help with this? I know herbs can regulate your schedule, but can this help it?

[Bubblemelon] - April 14, 2019
Bubblemelon's page on Breastnexus has different instructions to grow the breasts? Would this work? [Pic of instruction attached]

Flax/phytoestrogens - April 05, 2019
By taking soy or flax seed to act as an estrogen, can this cause estrogen deficiency?

[Menstrual] cramps - March 31, 2019
I’ve had bad period cramps for awhile. What should I do to fix this? I know this is a sign of hormonal imbalance. I hear raspbery lead and goats rue can help? What are the properties of these herbs?

[Hips] - March 28, 2019
Are breasts easier to grow than hips??

Macromastia/Gigantomastia - March 19, 2019
Looking at rapid breast growth from macromastia/gigantomastia its often from an imbalance of one hormone? Is it still possible to replicate this effect from the balancing of hormones/procedure shown in the ebook?

[coffee] - February 24, 2019
Some people affirm that coffee (on its own, without an herbal schedule) is bad for nbe. Is this true?

[Nutritious foods] - February 21, 2019
What are the most nutritious foods, and how can they assist natural breast enlargement?

Macromastia - February 19, 2019
Theoretically, could you self induce macromastia/gigantomastia? Is this what the herb schedule is doing?

Fenugreek - February 17, 2019
Is fenugreek seed the same as fenugreek leaf? I assume, if I grind up the seed, its effects should work the same?

Herb schedule procedure - February 17, 2019
Do i drink the tea with the herbs, or do i just drink the water from the tea?

Bubblemelon - February 13, 2019
How did Bubblemelon get so large? Was it the noogleberry, or did she cycle the herbs?

How much growth? - February 13, 2019
How much growth can I expect from the recommendation/procedure for the menstrual cycle listed in the Super Bazongas pdf? I know everyone is different, but over the course of 3 months, how much growth for an average woman without major imbalances?

Bubblemelon - January 17, 2019
What was Bubblemelon's nbe program? I've never seen growth like hers. It's very impressive.

Massage - December 19, 2018
Hi. I just want to know if you think that massaging your breasts is effective for growth.

Breast deformity and unevenness - December 13, 2018
How do I even out assymetrical breasts and breast deformity?

Inspiration - December 06, 2018
What happened to Bubblemelon or Rocketmelon from Breastnexus? Is she still continuing her breast enhancement journey? I cannot find her on Breastnexus any longer.

18 yr old - November 26, 2018
Is it safe to use herbs for someone who is 18 years old?

[Breast] enhancement while on birth control - November 25, 2018
Is it possible to follow this program while on the evra birth control patch? Thank you for your time. - need to grow boobs

Wider hips only - November 18, 2018
I'm not interested in growing my breast with herbs, I have a boyish figure and I just want a more womanly figure like having wide hips, so which herbal program could focus solely on that if it's possible? Thank you.

Herb company - November 20, 2018
What herb company is recommended?

Birth control pill - October 18, 2018
Hi! I'd like to try NBE, but I'm on a combination bc pill. Is there any herb or combination of herbs that I could use that would work with the hormones from the pill? Thank you for your time!

Proliferative phase confusion - September 30, 2018
Ok, I want to start this program, but I'm confused on what exactly to take during this phase. It says multiple herbs and switches up herbs. So, can you please help me out.

Ovulation - September 28, 2018
Hello, I'm Bb. Thank u for your answer. For menstruation with maca is ok, but when I'm around ovulation, my breast is shrinking. I lost every time 1 or 2cm, so the growth before is lost... :( for the other time of cycle that's ok, but not that. Thks so much. - Bb

Growing Pains - August 28, 2018
Many people with successful NBE experience a combination of growing pains (itchy, tingling. etc). Could you tell me how growing pains happen? Also, if i do not experience any growing pain during my program, does it mean my program wont work? - Lara

Breast - August 21, 2018
Hello, I'm using your method since 4 month, but I see no result. With your actual method after my period, my breast is smaller than usually. I'm taking bovine ovary too. I don't know what I wanna do :(, and I'm using noogleberry too since September 2017. - Bb

Butt [enhancement] - June 05, 2018
Hi! This site is really interesting! but btw could you give some similar info as to how to grow the butt? What kind of herbs etc. could help with that? Thanks in advance! - Kira

Thank you - May 28, 2018
Thank you for your very thorough and very informative eBook. It has been EXTREMELY helpful for my NBE journey. Also, thank you for your quick and helpful reponse to my question about BO. - Tiny Town

Nice - March 31, 2018
Nice - BesWaifu

Entry - January 10, 2018
Hi y'all! I'm so excited about starting an herbal program finally, and I'm beyond grateful for having such a good friend involved in this! :) Currently, I am 34B fluctuatin' 34C sometimes, and my main goal is to acheive 34D/34E this year! - Sweetorange

Commenting the blog - November 17, 2017
The owner of the blog has been very helpful. She really understands the processes and effects of the herbs. I've definitely seen growth since on her program. Also love the fact that she is very responsive and will always answer any question.

Remarks about contents - April 18, 2017
Great read, very informative and has given me some more knowledge, thank you. - Man2woman

Comment - March 27, 2017
Love this site & seeing such amazing results! Those who used the herbs mentioned can you tell me where you purchased the whole herb (hard to find where I live!) Has anyone used supplements (capsules) vs whole herb? Schedule confusing, more details?? - Saggy C's

Hi - February 05, 2017
Keep up the good work Dynseli! ^_^b - Octaviaaah

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