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In program blogs, text within brackets [] isn't dated, but has been retroactively added due to relevancy of future or updated information. Information that is later found obsolete based on newer information is sometimes removed, but nothing is added to timestamped entries outside of bracket parentheses.

Some blogs were later organized by menstrual phase with the entries and timestamps maintained. These blog sections are updated independently. Some headers were changed for clarity, but everything else remains the same. Under, it shows herbs combinations and the results from them.

super-bazongas.pdf temporarily redirects here, as the herb schedule in it needs to be improved first. The ebook preceding it, breast-endocrinology.pdf is still available.

Picture of herbs

See all of the hirsutism herb programs, and Anon03 before starting a program. For those using a hormone patch or implant, see Jellie's herb program.

It is very important that menses be light and not prolonged. Herb combinations alone should not cause heavy menses, but breast massage is useful to help lower heavy menses should it happen. During proliferative, heightened arousal is a common theme due to high estrogen and androgen levels. Breast massage is also helpful for lowering this, for lowering excessive hormones and for improving mood.

If you've had prolonged menstrual irregularities in the past, more care has to be taken with the herb program.

On the image on the right, a grain of parboiled rice and a black-eyed pea are used for reference. Minimal amounts of sesame and sunflower are shown. The amount of fennel should be cut to half of a seed. Spearmint is further reduced to ½ a rice-grain size, and it is now suggested less often. Fenugreek is also shown: a minimal amount is 1 seed, but more as in the picture can be used in some instances.

Entry Form

If you need help with your program and are willing to provide feedback, use the contact form.

Looking to start new program journals on treating hirsutism, general breast growth, hip growth, attempting macromastia and related topics. Sending pictures is welcome, but it isn't a requirement to start an online program. Individual and short-term entries are also welcome, as they can also be grouped into composite program journals.

To post a single public entry, use the public entry form. This link will open another tab, where previous public entries can also be viewed. These posts will be moderated. Comments and pictures of results can be sent here. This entry form can also be used to post questions and suggestions.

For inquiries, you can use the contact form.

Support this project by leaving a message.

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About Posting

The topic is herbal female breast or body enhancement. Entries and program blogs can be about hip/butt enhancement, and for lowering body hair.

You must be over 18 years old to post pictures. The pictures will belong to you, but once they are posted on the Internet, distribution of them is out of control. I can remove them if you choose through the contact form, but please leave an alternate picture of results, even if covered.

You can optionally black and white, or censor the pictures. When resizing images, resize the width or height of an image at a time, or the image may stretch.

If you're familar with ImageMagick, you can type "identify -verbose" sample.jpg on the command line to see that image's exif data. "| grep -i exif" can be used after that command to limit results to specific strings. The program jhead can remove exif data from jpeg files: "jhead -purejpg" sample.jpg. If you use Windows, use the programs that come with it to check for exif data. Use a program with simliar functions that is readily available with your operating system.

Information that is important is the date of files. Time should be approximate or set to UTC to hide the time zone. I will make an attempt to remove exif and other data from images anyway before posting them.


Use your native measurement. For metric, measure to the nearest .5cm. For customary, measure to the nearest ¼". Measurements are rounded to the nearest .5cm or ¼".

If possible, measurements will be converted to US, EU or Australian cup sizes.

Underbust measurement is the circumference of the body under the breasts. Band size is different than underbust measurement, as it is measured around the body at another point.

Underside measurement will be from where the breast meets the chest wall to the center of the nipple: this measurement is vertical, but contours the curve of the breast. Undercrease measurement will along the crease under the breasts from each crease endpoint, from near the armpit to chest where the breast starts overhanging. These measurements are for each breast, and these measurements hug the body.

General safety

Internet safety

In general, for any website, don't send pictures of your face or identifying background objects, even in different photos, unless you don't mind being known for them. Also, remove metadata (such as gps location) that sometimes gets added to pictures by your camera. I will make an effort to remove GPS and other exif data from images.

Situational awareness

Texts about situational awareness and safety of environment will be needed.

If you have suggestions about Internet safety

If you have suggestions or comments about Internet safety, you can use the public post or contact forms, and serious entries will be posted on this page.

If anyone contributes, I can only offer breast growth and attribute pseudonyms. I could post a bitcoin address to a charity group. However, I don't know if that would affect the purpose of my website, or cause conflicts of opinions, but it's not out of the question. Posting ones own bitcoin address is generally not a good idea.

Suggestions of links to texts written by reputable publications or organizations will also do.

Was considering allowing posters to post Bitcoin address

I have been considering allowing blog posters to post a Bitcoin address as an incentive for blogging. However, there are problems that come with this. Problems with anonymity is potentially one of them. Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous, and unfortunately there's the possibility of people who can see a publicly posted address to trace Bitcoin to a withdrawal or deposit.

Obviously, anonymity is not an issue for everyone, but it is for most people.

Questions & Answers related to programs

Adding facial fat

Will this help add facial fat as well? I lost a lot of facial fat, which is very depressing. Which program would be most suitable?

The program Hirsutism02 would be the most suitable. It's likely that this would help, as there were unexpected benefits in this program. There's a lot of information in the program Hirsutism01 that can help, as the girl in this program had this issue.

The programs Anon03 and Anon07 are good to follow. The information in hops01 and proliferative01 were taken from many programs. The more established recommendations in Hops01 tend to work more for those with low body fat, lower estrogen and hirsutism.

Thank you.

You're welcome! Thank you for your question!

Thank you for replying, it gives me hope. I thought to add that I lost facial fat/volume not naturally, but because of home low level laser therapy facials, and I am 30 this year. Would the same recommendations still apply?

Those same programs should help. Eating balanced foods including healthy fats should also help. As long as there are any amount of fat cells that can hypertrophy.

Breast Development and Endocrinology

Breast enhancement; health blog

Blog updates: breast topics and health related content.

Starting a program - January 17, 2021
Starting a program. Basic updated herb schedules for botanical breast enlargement.

Hirsutism02 journal - March 29, 2020
Improvement of alcopecia and hirsutism. Her hair conditions improved: body hair lowered, and scalp hair has grown back. There were noticeable but minor gains in breast and hip size.

Jellies's recent NBE results - April 05, 2020
Before and after of Jellie's breast growth, from about 1 month on a herb program. Latest picture is of February 10, 2020. She also had described hip growth, that is not shown in pictures. [Results are from a C cup to an E cup.]

Breast Development and Endocrinology, 3rd Ed - May 22, 2019
Expanded and clarified details for Breast Development and Endocrinology 3rd edition. From now on, this will be volume 1. These edits will reflect in Super Bazongas. Herb schedule will be edited, but same herb combinations will be used as basis. Future releases of Super Bazongas will be volume 2.

Super Bazongas, volume 2; note - January 06, 2021
Super Bazongas, Vol 2, is currently unavailable. It will be updated at a later time. See program journals for more recent information.