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You can use this form to post a public blog entry. Blogs will be moderated. For intent of a single public entry, use comments. If you've made a mistake and want an entry removed, please use the contact form. If you want help with your herbal program, you can blog here.

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US, EU and Australian cup sizes are used for measurements.

About Posting

You must be over 18 years old to post pictures. The pictures will belong to you, but once they are posted on the Internet, distribution of them is out of control. I can remove them if you choose through the contact form, but please leave an alternate picture of results, even if covered.

In general, for any website, don't send pictures of your face or identifying background objects, even in different photos, unless you don't mind being known for them. Also, remove metadata (such as gps location) that sometimes gets added to your pictures by your camera.

You can black and white, or censor the pictures, if you choose. Wearing pasties is an option, for posting pictures. When resizing images, resize the width or height of an image at a time, or the image may stretch.

In program blogs, text within brackets [] isn't dated, but are added due to relevancy of future or left out information. Some text is removed, like about herb effects or properties, if it is later found less accurate or questionable compared to newly learned information.

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