Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Anon04 progress blog



This blog is of breast growth progress and improving hormonal health for anon04. The hirsutism blog was her previous program.

Menstrual cycles have returned to normal.

Some entries will be moved to the hirsutism program blog.

I understand [better and learned more of] herb effects with more precision for more parts of the menstrual cycle, and I'm determined to help her correct her hormone imbalance.

Past development

A pinch of peppermint tea worked by itself during premenstrual phase to improve estrogen response and start the cycle in March 2019 where there was another minor improvement.

Later, prescribed BCP which was intended for balancing hormones and to delay the cycle, even for a few months, did not work very well. In my opinion[,] it is not specialized for every woman's hormone balance, as the potency is high for some. There were a few times it partially worked.

The next premenstrual phase, repeating a pinch of peppermint tea for premenstrual phase did not work the same way it did before, likely because it didn't have enough estrogen antagonism due to lowered hormones.

These were developments in her program from March until June.

Menstruation: spearmint, hops, fenugreek, sunflower

She tried about 100mg of fenugreek, and a pinch each of spearmint and hops as tea during menstruation.

Spearmint and hops without fenugreek is expected to cause temporary breast growth. Fenugreek should be used once with spearmint and hops during menstruation to help preserve results, to cause a balanced [progestogenic] response, and for balanced [breast] growth. Spearmint and hops [can] be used several times during menstruation before adding fenugreek.


Fenugreek, spearmint and hops caused mild breast pains within 2 hours. This combination was expected to work. Maybe there will be noticeable breast growth or an improvement in symptoms the next day. Negative symptoms are not expected by the next day.

The next morning her breasts are slightly fuller. High amounts (over 1,500mg each for those with hormonal balance) of these herbs aren't expected to work.

This positive development that caused minor breast swelling, caused a minor improvement in estrogen response, and it maintained the menstrual cycle that it did not easily get interrupted. There was little margin for error or variations for repeating this during menstruation, as this also was lacking sunflower to be an ideal herb dose.

Potential adjustments

Fenugreek should be [25mg] or less with this combination. Spearmint and hops should also be low for those with low estrogen, perhaps less than [25mg] each.

Sunflower added to spearmint, hops and fenugreek is [more than] likely to improve [or make for consistent] results. [Sunflower may be required with this herb combination for consistency, and] for those with low estrogen response.

Adjustments will depend on the current program schedules of Anon05 and Canadian Belle. According to these two herb programs: using hops in the related herb combination, which includes fenugreek, for the second time during menstruation had no or little effect on breast size, but it did lower menstruation intensity.

Fennel substituting for hops in a herb combination requiring sunflower, fenugreek and spearmint, that is not the first herb use has worked more consistently for menstruation. Without sunflower, this combination with fennel has only worked once for breast growth, then later repetitions caused breast shrinkage. Sunflower is required for results of fenugreek use (along with fennel and the rest of the herb combination) to remain consistent.

An account by another person after an unrelated herb combination was likely used for the first dose during menstruation, was that hops did not have an effect with fenugreek, sunflower and spearmint.