Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Anon09's herbal breast enlargement program

image of anon09


Starting: 38DD; 35" bandsize; 42" overbust; less fullness on upper part of breasts; 45" hips; 31" waist; history of heavy menses and brown spotting. Starting on August 2, 2022.

Goal: I cup and fullness; ok if hips increase; improve hormone balance; to make menses of lighter intensity and reduce brown spotting.

She's in her early 20's; she's 5'5"; her highest cup size was 38DDD, before she lost weight about a year ago. At around 15 years old, her bra size was a C cup; she's an IUD which contains a progestin.

image of anon09

Start of Anon09's herb program

She's taking 5 pumpkin seeds at a time, no sooner than once an hour. Then, later increased the amount to 7 pumpkin seeds at a time, again, no sooner than every hour. Stomach bloating has gone down, but it may be difficult to tell from the images. Unsure if nipples are puffy in the left image. The picture on the right is of later in the day. Breasts may be minorly elongated compared to previous pictures, but it's too soon and may be an insignificant amount. Overbust is the same as from starting. Measurement from one armpit to center of nipple is 13".

There's still stomach bloating in these images from August 2nd. She's using the program for BCP-like proliferative phase, because she's using an IUD.

August 3

By the next morning, there seems to be no more stomach bloating, nor swelling/bloating anywhere else. What little acne there was the day before also lowered. Hips have increased by .5" to 45.5".

Now that there's no sign, she tried about 1 tsp of olive oil and 5 pumpkin seeds. (1 tsp of olive oil may be harsh for some, so a smaller amount of olive oil, or saw palmetto, wild yam powder or other phytoprogestin substitute can be used instead). In less than an hour, there was breast tingling, so she checked for breast warmth. Because there was breast warmth, she ate 7 pumpkin seeds and 5 sesame seeds.

August 4th

On August 4th, her breasts had a 43" overbust, which is an increase of 1". In these images, there's less stomach bloating.

Instead of saw palmetto, wild yam, olive oil, coconut oil or walnuts, she's eating over 1/2 tsp of peanut butter as a phytoprogestin. She's also taking 7 pumpkin seeds with it, then she's taking 7 pumpkin seeds as soon as swelling occurs. After that, she's taking 7 pumpkin seeds no sooner than every hour, until swelling and bloating go away.

Updates: August

The image on the left is during secretory phase. Her breasts are higher up, and there's more mass at the top.

As of August 15, she has had acne, and is in premenstrual phase. She ate apples to help lower acne.

In the image on the right, is swelling/bloating during early menses. She also has mixed signs, which include cramps. She may eat apples for their dietary fiber and vitamin C supplements to help lower these effects.

Updates, August 26: BCP-like phase

Anon09 is on BCP-like phase. She's using the simplified herb program. The resource about swelling in the appendix is also important, as swelling is often mistaken for breast growth, but it's an impediment.

2022 August 28

Anon09's overbust is 44½".

later in day

She has breast tingling sensations at the time of these images. There's no visual indication of this.

2022 August 31

Noticeable increase in bust.