Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide


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2013 October; Photo

[Picture of Bubblemelon, dated October 2013. Updated timestamps to match picture dates. Retroactive post.]


2014 May; Photo

[Picture of Bubblemelon. This picture is dated to May 2014. Retroactive post.]

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2014 May; Photos of breast swelling

[Pictures of Bubblemelon's breast swelling. These pictures are dated to May 2014. Retroactive post.]


2014 October; Photo

[Picture of Bubblemelon, dated October 2014. Retroactive post.]

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2015 June; Macromastia pictures


[These pictures are from June 2015. They are at Noogleberry's forums. Retroactive post.]

Bubblemelon's gigantomastia Bubblemelon's gigantomastia pin

2017 June; Gigantomastia pictures

These pictures of Bubblemelon's macromastia are from June 2017, [2 years] after her breast enhancement program was completed. [Expanded image than from originally posted cropped image.]



What happened to Bubblemelon? Is she still continuing her breast enhancement journey?

I last communicated with Bubblemelon (Rocketmelon) during the first half of 2018. She stopped her breast enhancement journey, and those were the last pictures of that. The latest picture was two years after her breast enlargement program ended. She really liked this page. Bubblemelon wanted to lose weight before she showed any more pictures, but that is unnecessary, because that doesn't matter. It is nice to see a comment that Bubblemelon and her journey are an inspiration.

I’ve never seen growth like hers, it’s very impressive!

Amazing job with Bubblemelon! Her breasts are HUGE! I would love to be that big.

Thank you, and Bubblemelon will love your comment about her. I informed and expanded on the basis of specific hormone receptors and herbs' effects on them: of course this was made possible by what was written in scientific publications. She brought a lot to her program. There was a bit of information around as well from those who used nbe before that had assisted her. People who have used herbs in the past seem to do better with breast enhancement.

About Bubblemelon's herb schedule

Program blogs

See Canadian Belle's and Anon05's herb program blogs.

If you want to post an entry, use the public entry form. Start a program blog here, if you would like guidance for your botanical breast enlargement quest. If you blog publicly, I can see it through that you improve hormone balance, gain a few cup sizes or gain macromastia.

Would this work?

text of Bubblemelon\'s program
You do not have to take as much herbs as me... (Tweek to you.. I'm only basing on my own body)
FG, blessed thistle, saw pat, fennel seeds... all through your cycle[.] When you hit your time of the month[,] you move on to this[:] PM, goat rue, maybe maca, or fg, if you[']r[e] oestrogen dominant[,] and want to keep it in check.
In my experience[,] it started off taking after my peird[sic,] then I got moodswings[.] I assumed it was the estrogen...

[Full entry.]

If you have hirsutism, low body fat, or an estrogen imbalance, I wouldn't recommend this herb schedule. Consider that Bubblemelon had built up her hips before starting her program.

Pueraria (mirifica) by itself will cause body hair and limited breast growth during menstruation. In theory, fenugreek could possibly reduce its effect on increasing body hair. Goat's rue is a galactogogue, which affects receptors in the breasts.

Maca is only there to provide additional nutrition during menstruation, when nutrition is being lost. It appears to work without problems. Other adaptogens are not recommended during menstruation, as they've increased estrogen receptor sensitivity in the face of testosterone or DHT, which increased negative or androgenic symptoms.

Saw palmetto is unlikely to work when there is estrogen deficiency or low body fat. It is not expected to work for menstruation, where it wasn't in her program there anyway, and early proliferative phase. Capsules of saw palmetto typically contain high doses. Spearmint in minimal amounts is a better replacement, because of its properties, convenience of low dosages and proven results, so it can be used throughout the cycle.

Fenugreek, blessed thistle, saw palmetto and fennel can be used together during mid secretory phase.

Use the herb recommendations in super-bazongas.pdf for menstruation instead. The herb schedule for menstruation has worked for those with low and normal estrogen levels, and it should work for everyone, including those with high estrogen. These herb combinations were tested, and the theory on their use was refined. This hasn't caused symptoms of hormone imbalance. In theory, this should work continuously. Repeat this herb schedule from menstruation for secretory phase.

For secretory phase, more herb combinations work, but those proportions may need to be refined. Herb program anon03 has [an] herb combination that ha[s] worked for proliferative phase. To expect similar results, all herbs must be included as in that example.

Bubblemelon's herb schedule was different

This program attempts to scientifically look in to which herbs are the minimum needed for consistent results for everyone, and other herbs can potentially be added on top. I also noticed that there are more differences in different parts of the cycle that require different herbs, especially for those with different hormone balances. Many herbs have similar basic properties, but some are more targeted. These slight differences in herbs cannot be ignored or there can be inconsistent results. A lot of the preliminary work that went into this ebook assisted her.


How did bubble melon get so large?

Was it the noogleberry or did she cycle the herbs?

Much of this is addressed in previous entries below, but she was able to use previous information to put into her old program. She used noogleberry and herbs. I believe it was the herbs that made the most effects. I'm working on a completely nutritional method by refining herb combination theories and charting herb use to help others achieve bust gains like hers.

It seems like her page at the noogleberry forums is no longer there, so here is a picture that was once there. The FDA has approved breast pump devices for natural breast enhancement by limited gains, but I don't expect gains like this from those alone. In the timeline of Bubblemelon's old pictures, her breast size went down before her breast size started growing, this was likely from trial and error.

What was Bubblemelon’s nbe program?

While my previous work was essential to helping Bubblemelon achieve her bust enlargement goal, I'm not focused on various methods of her old routine. [Bubblemelon brought a lot to her program.]

I'm focused on advancing information about breast enhancement, improving health and correcting hormonal imbalances through nutritional methods. Since then, the information I learned has advanced greatly and was refined. The intent of my work is to help others have the ability to reach her breast size safely through nutritional means, and from more advanced information. I wouldn't have been able to improve understanding of the science of breast enhancement, if I had stopped there.

My goal is to help you acheive this and related aims safely through nutritional means, while documenting successes along the way. While I believe it's possible to reach her size safely through nutrition, it would have to start out incrementally while being sure negative symptoms don't show up. You should have breast growth from the suggestions for secretory phase from /programs/anon03 and much from super-bazongas.pdf. Has that worked for you? Breast growth has been achieved. The problem before has been consistency for different parts of the herb schedule, and this is being improved upon. /programs/hirsutism will help you with avoiding hormone imbalances.

Bubblemelon started with natural butt enhancement, before she starting her bust enlargement program. Care must be taken with natural hip enhancement too, because hormones that affect the breasts and hip area also affect the reproductive tract. In the case that signs are monitored, breast growth is caused by balanced hormones, and there is hip widening, that would be a positive result.

Breast enlargement programs

Bubblemelon used various methods for breast enlargement. The focus of this website is primarily on nutritional methods for topics related to breast enhancement.

Example of bust enhancement before Bubblemelon's success

Bubblemelon was inspired by Emily Loretta, who went by Bubblebra and LaceyRa. Her blog used to be at Bubblebra was in turn inspired by Cheryl1989's forums. I was unaware of LaceyRa's program during much of my research, which started afterwards.


2014; Pictures at beginning of Bubblemelon's breast enlargement journey

Pictures of Bubblemelon at the beginning of her natural breast enhancement journey.

[Pictures are from around April 2014 until July 2014. Breast size is up to 30f UK in these pictures.]


until June 2015

These pictures are a composite of Bubblemelon's (Rocketmelon's) progress, until June 2015.