Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide



Bubblemelon's pictures after

Pictures of Bubblemelon (Rocketmelon) at end of her natural breast enhancement journey. Her breast size in the left picture is a J cup [30GG UK]. Picture on left is from June 2015, and picture on the right is from June 2017.

breast swellingpin

2013 October; Photo

[Picture of Bubblemelon, dated October 2013. Updated timestamps to match picture dates. Retroactive post.]


2014 May; Photo

[Picture of Bubblemelon. This picture is dated to May 2014. Retroactive post.]

breast swellingbreast swellingpin

2014 May; Photos of breast swelling

[Pictures of Bubblemelon's breast swelling. These pictures are dated to May 2014. Retroactive post.]


2014 October; Photo

[Picture of Bubblemelon, dated October 2014. Retroactive post.]

Bubblemelon Bubblemelonpin

2015 June; Macromastia pictures


[These pictures are from June 2015. They are at Noogleberry's forums. Retroactive post.]

Bubblemelon's gigantomastia Bubblemelon's gigantomastia pin

2017 June; Gigantomastia pictures

These pictures of Bubblemelon's macromastia are from June 2017, [2 years] after her breast enhancement program was completed. [Expanded image than from originally posted cropped image.]



What happened to Bubblemelon? Is she still continuing her breast enhancement journey?

I last communicated with Bubblemelon (Rocketmelon) during the first half of 2018. She stopped her breast enhancement journey, and those were the last pictures of that. The latest picture was two years after her breast enlargement program ended. She really liked this page. Bubblemelon wanted to lose weight before she showed any more pictures, but that is unnecessary, because that doesn't matter. It is nice to see a comment that Bubblemelon and her journey are an inspiration.

I’ve never seen growth like hers, it’s very impressive!

Amazing job with Bubblemelon! Her breasts are HUGE! I would love to be that big. ~ BC

Thank you; Bubblemelon will love your comment about her. I informed and expanded on the basis of specific hormone receptors and herbs' effects on them: of course this was made possible by what was written in scientific publications. She brought a lot to her program.

The precursor to the current version of breast-endocrinology.pdf was a big part of Bubblemelon's breast enlargement journey. The bulk of knowledge on herbal breast enhancement and hormonal balance since 2012 has come from this project including from those using these herbal programs.

There was a bit of basic information around as well collectively from those who used and studied nbe from the general breast enhancement community then. Those who have used herbs in the past seem to do better with breast enhancement.

Herbal programs

See the latest herbal programs. The best places to start are: menses, proliferative and luteal.

It is instrumental to read the programs Hirsutism01 and Hirsutism02 before starting any herbal program. One of the biggest challenges of NBE is to avoid using the wrong herb doses and to avoid caffeinated foods which cause regression of progress. Another challenge, is to master the herb schedule, so that all results are positive, without negative symptoms. For instance, breast growth with hair problems is a mixed result, which this outcome means the ideal herb dose wasn't used, or timing was off. This often happens if 1 single herb was left out, and at times if another unneeded herb or proportion was added. Bubblemelon's quick growth gave the assumption that herbal breast enhancement was easy, and it gave the impression it can be rushed in to. However major breast enlargement gains through herbal means cannot be achieved until the herb schedule consistently causes growth without negative symptoms. There was a lot of ironing out of easy to make mistakes in herb programs, including repeating herb combinations that worked a day or hours before.

Once there's proven herb combinations that work consistently, then breast growth expectations can be aimed for. Don't rush out, until the program is mastered for yourself. In starting, a sip of a tea that consists of 1 seed or minimal amounts each of different herbs has a significant effect, so that should be the starting point before taking a whole tea the next time around. Herb combinations rely on menstrual phases.

If you want to post a public entry or start a blog program, use the public entry form. You can also leave private feedback at contact. You can respond to either of these if you would like guidance for your botanical breast enlargement quest. Please also leave feedback and comments on results from the latest herb programs. Feedback on herb doses that don't work optimally also helps.

About Bubblemelon's herb schedule

Bubblemelon's program

I’m finding it a little difficult to find more information on Bubblemelon’s program. Do you have a summary of her full program including dosages etc? Do you have a link to her original program page or pages? It looks like you don’t recommend that everyone follow her exact program as written, but it would still be helpful to have a much clearer idea of exactly what she did when.

Here's an entry of an herb schedule by Bubblemelon's words. It's ambiguous on which phases these herbs were taken. However, after much research, it's clear on what not to take during certain phases. For instance, for proliferative phase: avoid thistles, clover and hops. When hops is used for a phase, it can't be used more than once. These with higher amounts of other herbs can work, but it's expected to be inconsistent and it will go against the body's hormone balance. It's not recommended, especially for anyone who had a hormone imbalance before, and a mistiming will cause problems.

For the best starting points, see the programs: menses, proliferative and luteal.

Bubblemelon did try topical hormones, and she did use suction cups to hold gains. Topical flaxseed oil can be tried for secretory, after swelling occurs. It's better to take the first tea of this phase, before trying topical flaxseed. Coconut oil, olive oil and wild yam cream have progestogenic properties. If these are tried, they'll have to be in respect to the herb schedule for proliferative or secretory.

Would this work?

A past program of Bubblemelon's had fenugreek, blessed thistle, saw palmetto and fennel throughout her cycle. She suggested kudzu, goat's rue and maca, for an unspecified phase, which would fit better during secretory. Bubblemelon suggested adding fenugreek to this, if estrogen was high.

Full entry.

After lots of study, I don't recommend the main part of this herb schedule.

That part about time of month is vague, but that part of the herb schedule would most be suited to secretory phase only. It lacks one herb.

Thistles should only be limited to secretory phase. Fennel should be limited only to proliferative phase. Fenugreek shouldn't be used for mid proliferative phase. Saw palmetto use should be limited.

Fenugreek's use needs to be fine-tuned.

Secretory would likely be the best time to use goat's rue due to its galactogogue properties.

Read the latest program journals, especially those about hirsutism. These latest program blogs should be used instead, and are expected to work more consistently for more people.

Bubblemelon's herb schedule was different

This program attempts to scientifically look in to which herbs are the minimum needed for consistent results for everyone, and other herbs can potentially be added on top. I also noticed that there are more differences in different parts of the cycle that require different herbs, especially for those with different hormone balances. Many herbs have similar basic properties, but some are more targeted. These slight differences in herbs cannot be ignored or there can be inconsistent results. A lot of the preliminary work that went into this ebook assisted her.

How did bubble melon get so large?


Was it the noogleberry or did she cycle the herbs?

Much of this is addressed in previous entries below, but she was able to use previous information to put into her old program. She used noogleberry and herbs. I believe it was the herbs that made the most effects. I'm working on a completely nutritional method by refining herb combination theories and charting herb use to help others achieve bust gains like hers.

The FDA has approved breast pump devices for natural breast enhancement by limited gains, but I don't expect gains like this from those alone. In the timeline of Bubblemelon's old pictures, her breast size went down before her breast size started growing, this was likely from trial and error.

What was Bubblemelon’s nbe program?

While my previous work was essential to helping Bubblemelon achieve her bust enlargement goal, I'm not focused on various methods of her old routine. [Bubblemelon brought a lot to her program.]

I'm focused on advancing information about breast enhancement, improving health and correcting hormonal imbalances through nutritional methods. Since then, the information I learned has advanced greatly and was refined. The intent of my work is to help others have the ability to reach her breast size safely through nutritional means, and from more advanced information. I wouldn't have been able to improve understanding of the science of breast enhancement, if I had stopped there.

My goal is to help you acheive this and related aims safely through nutritional means, while documenting successes along the way. While I believe it's possible to reach her size safely through nutrition, it would have to start out incrementally while being sure negative symptoms don't show up. You should have breast growth from the suggestions from /programs/anon03. Has that worked for you? Breast growth has been achieved. The problem before has been consistency for different parts of the herb schedule, and this is being improved upon. /programs/hirsutism will help you with avoiding hormone imbalances.

Bubblemelon started with natural butt enhancement, before she starting her bust enlargement program. Care must be taken with natural hip enhancement too, because hormones that affect the breasts and hip area also affect the reproductive tract. In the case that signs are monitored, breast growth is caused by balanced hormones, and there is hip widening, that would be a positive result.

Breast enlargement programs

Bubblemelon used various methods for breast enlargement. The focus of this website is primarily on nutritional methods for topics related to breast enhancement.

Example of bust enhancement before Bubblemelon's success

Bubblemelon was inspired by Emily Loretta, who went by Bubblebra and LaceyRa. Her blog used to be at I was unaware of LaceyRa's program during much of my research, which started afterwards.


2014; Pictures at beginning of Bubblemelon's breast enlargement journey

Pictures of Bubblemelon at the beginning of her natural breast enhancement journey.

[Pictures are from around April 2014 until July 2014. Breast size is up to 30f UK in these pictures.]


until June 2015

These pictures are a composite of Bubblemelon's (Rocketmelon's) progress, until June 2015.