Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Treating hirsutism: case #4



She has hirsutism and tubular breasts. For this dietary program, hip growth and breast width will be focused on. Hip growth without relying on follicle hormone stimulating herbs is important for reproductive health. Then later, she may decide to continue with herbal breast enhancement. Fiber left over from the teas is also important for health.

She is continuing her program. The saw palmetto she uses may be diluted strength, so she takes ¼ or more tsp of coconut or olive oil with it to get the expected outcome. Proliferative phase passed by faster than expected on two occasions.



There was an excess of estrogen response from last luteal phase. A day after a tea of a rice-size of hops, 1 fenugreek seed, 1 sunflower seed and 15 sesame seeds, menses lowered. There was no growth, and there were still cramps. During mid-menses, acne occured, so she ate 1 sunflower seed and 5 sesame seeds.

She got acne during mid menses, and took 3 sunflower seeds and 5 sesame seeds. There was slight growth of hips from this. Acne remained. Proliferative phase started soon after this.


For menses, on the first day, she will take a tea of: 1 fenugreek seed, 15 sesame seeds and a rice-grain size of hops. After swelling occurs, she will eat once: 3 sunflower seeds and 5 sesame seeds. This second one is important for hip growth. For the rest of menses, she will take a break.


For proliferative phase, the herb schedule hasn't worked as it has for others. Twice, proliferative passed by quickly. It needs to be found out, if supplements interfered, or if it was body chemistry.

At the start of proliferative for this month, the amounts of sunflower and sesame were lowered. When continuing, hips and bust were warm. Bust increased, and hips slightly decreased. So now, she will no longer take sesame for the rest of this phase, and only use minimal sunflower seed in the mornings and when acne occurs. She will continue with saw palmetto and wild yam throughout the day. Olive or coconut oil may be added at times.

A month later, too much saw palmetto and sunflower were suggested, in a tea that included 1 fenugreek seed and minimal sesame seed. Ovulation likely occurred early because of this. Abdominal discomforts could have indicated ovulation. Eating 40 sunflower seeds, 1 capsule of saw palmetto and 10 sesame seeds caused growth one more time, but this was likely during ovulation. After that, minimal sesame and sunflower caused minor shrinkage.

She started the program about 4 days into proliferative phase. Hips grew from the first tea of: 1 fenugreek seed, 10 sunflower seeds, 10 sesame seeds, 1 saw palmetto capsule of 320mg, and a rice-grain size of lavender. Lavender compensated for fenugreek use not being on the first day. For the rest of proliferative, fenugreek won't be used. There was minor breast swelling too.

A later day, hips grew from: 10 sunflower seeds, 10 sesame seeds, and 1 capsule of saw palmetto.

Continuing with the herb schedule, there was breast swelling. A later day, she got acne. She [would have continued] taking sunflower and minimal sesame until acne goes away. Saw palmetto will be added back once that occurs.

Undetermined phase

What she thought was still proliferative phase, she got acne and increased body hair from sunflower and sesame. She took 2 handfuls of sunflower seeds and 10 sesame seeds to see if acne will go away and help with hip and bust growth.

From taking sesame and sunflower at least twice, she got acne and increased body hair. There was no hip or bust growth, as well. This suggested, that it was no longer proliferative phase. Then she tried a tea with fenugreek, and without hops, and there was hip growth. Hops was left out, and additional sunflower was used, just in case it was still proliferative. It turned out to be secretory phase. The tea that caused hip growth, was of: 1 fenugreek seed, 10 sesame seeds, a pinch of saw palmetto, and a handful of sunflower seed.

Looking back, there were abdominal sensations that may have represented ovulation occuring.

This was from March 18 to March 22, 2021.


April 2021

In the morning for luteal phase, she ate: 1 fenugreek seed, 5 sesame seeds, 1 sunflower seed, 1 tbsp of olive oil, and 1 saw palmetto capsule. Later in the day, she took: 1 fenugreek seed, 1 tsp olive oil, and 1 saw palmetto capsule. From both of these there was breast widening, and no hip growth.

Sunflower and minimal sesame will be limited to mornings, when there's acne, when there's swelling and for the first doses of the phase. Amounts of phyto-progestin herbs must be higher, along with 1 fenugreek seed.

In the mornings she will eat 2 to 3 sunflower seeds, 5 to 10 sesame seeds, 1 fenugreek seed, 1 saw palmetto capsule, and 2 tbsp of olive oil. Then, throughout the rest of the day, she will take saw palmetto, olive/coconut oil and 1 fenugreek seed. If there's breast swelling or bloating, she will take sunflower seeds, without phyto-progestin herbs.


Bust and hips grew from eating: 10 sesame seesd, 30 sunflower seeds, 1 fenugreek seed.

Now that it's certain to be secretory phase, hops could be used once. There was growth from, a tea of: 10 sesame seeds, 10 sunflower seeds, 1 fenugreek seed and a rice-grain size of hops. Then more growth occured from eating 10 sesame seeds and 50 sunflower seeds. When breast widening occured, high amounts of sunflower caused cramping discomforts, and more breast widening. A later day, she got breast swelling from 3 fenugreek seeds, twice a day. Another day, using high amounts of sesame and low amounts of sunflower didn't make cramping go away. There was some breast shrinking, after using minimal fenugreek, high amounts of sesame, minimal sunflower and a capsule of saw palmetto, but it's possible this shrinking could have been due to exercise. Sesame amounts should remain low. This was from March 23 to April 2. Period started early.