Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

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This started off as a research project on how nutrition can affect breast development. I've believed that cosmetic surgical procedures should not have taken a foothold and they should become obsolete. The purpose of this project was to look into endocrinology and properties of botanicals to understand how breast enhancement can work, while minimizing health risks. An intended side goal is to look into how to counter cancer, by understanding of hormone system properties.

This project's website was moved from to in January 2017. was registered in May 15, 2016, and the website was launched around June 9th.

I started research on this topic in 2012, but much of that information has become obsolete to newer information on this website. The dedicated website started with that was later moved to

Current and future projects

Literary scientific research is not limited to herbal breast enlargement. Current projects have alluded to other breast and body topics: tuberous (tubular) breasts, body hair, and herbal correction for inverted nipples. Future projects will expand on this.

Nutritional and botanical methods will be investigated for these purposes. It is inadvisable to do anything physical to alter or influence breast shape or size.

About supplements

Supplements aren't sold here, and there will be no links to supplement websites. This website also doesn't advocate the use of synthetic products or animal extract supplements for breast enhancement. They are, however, mentioned on occasion.

Privacy policy does not share identifying information with others. There is always the option to send private feedback through contact, or ask public questions or comments without supplying an email and without giving an identifying name.

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