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Can I use pills instead of tea?

Then, teas were recommended as trying to find a standard amount for herbs. Timing based on symptoms matters. For many herbs, proportions also matter.

For primarily phytoprogestin herbs, pills and whole amounts can be used. The amount of these doesn't have to be specific, but it has to be present. For instance, any amount of walnuts from 1 to 5 will do. Any amount of peanuts to natural peanut butter will do. Also for saw palmetto or wild yam powder.

With updates, whole seeds are chewed and eaten. Sunflower and its substitutes are to be taken whole, as in without the shell. Sesame is also taken whole. These have to be taken in specific amounts, which are easier to measure when taken in whole seed amounts. Fenugreek is a healthy herb for luteal phase, but much of its use is being replaced. Fenugreek seed can be used in whole form or perhaps in powdered form.

Herb capsules may have differences than herb tablets. Herb tablets are likely to have many of the same properties of solid herb, but there's a possibility that phytohormones can be left off. As long as there's enough of the desired phytochemical in them, it will do. Herb tablets are often standardized to limited and specific phytochemicals. The kind of tablets or capsules needed would be saw palmetto or wild yam. There are many substitutes already for this.

Fennel and spearmint work better as teas, and are to be used in very minimal amounts. Fenugreek works better as tea, but there's evidence it is also effective in solid form.


I was wondering if the girls with the huge breast increases had experienced any change in temperament or personality or mood? I always find girls with big breasts tend to be calm, low-stress kind of people and wondered if something similar had happened here. Thank you!

Hormones do affect mood, and hormone chemistry does have an effect. When there's an excess of estrogen, mood can be negative. With improved hormone balance, such as in the program hirsutism02, mood has improved. Having hormone balance may help improve composure, but it's not impervious to life's stresses. An androgen balance with less balance of other hormones around it can contribute to arousal. There's a hormone balance for a good mood and for not excessive arousal.

Thank you for your question!

Body composition

Hormone predisposition mostly has to do with body fat composition. Bodies with low body fat don't regulate hormones as well. The amount of estrogenic body tissue such as hip size also converts metabolite androgens into estrogens.

Related is hormone signs on the body. A body that has androgenic signs also often has more difficulty in converting excessive androgens into estrogens. Insulin resistance is also related to body fat, where both very high and low body fats are often associated with this. Androgenic symptoms and corticosteroid problems often accompany insulin resistance.

Fewer herb combinations work for those with hormone imbalances. Hirsutism journals 1 and 2 tell a lot about what works more consistently.

Herbal schedule

Is there a certain time to take the herbs? for instance, should we take the herbs early in the morning before anything else or should we take them before bed?

Take it any time that's convenient for you. Also, at a time where you'll be able to take herbs from a few hours to 12 hours later based on when signs occur such as acne or swelling/bloating. You may want to take herbs at a time when you have access to food.

The herbal schedule in the pdf hasn't worked for me. Should I continue?

If a herb combination doesn't work once, then don't continue it. There are mixed results, as it or slight variations have worked for some. See the recent programs, where updates are regular, as that ebook section stopped being updated for now.

It's better to take a break, as a more consistent herb schedule is being developed. Lower doses to the absolute minimum, down to 30mg and/or a sip at a time, then wait. Then, when something works, skip taking herbs for the rest of the cycle, and only take it next time once during that phase.

Don't use evening primrose if you're under 45 years of age.

Do we take the seeds or herbs once a day or more?

I see common practice is to take herbs more than once per day, but this isn't specified in the [previously available] ebook. What do you recommend: once a day (or less, I saw in the book) or more than once a day?

It's recommended to take herbs at the begining of proliferative and/or luteal, then take herbs depending on signs. It's not about how many times a day. It's about the combination of seeds/herbs to take when there's no signs, then what to take for when there's certain symptoms (such as acne or swelling/bloating). What to take when there's signs requires some punctuality of a few hours.

Menses is a difficult phase. For this phase, use minimal amounts based on signs. What to take for menses depends on signs such as swelling, acne, cramping, heavy menses or brown spotting.

How is the herbal schedule in the ebook determined?

The herbal schedule is based off of typical hormone values during the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle often matches with Moon phases. Herbs are categorized according to their effects on receptors in the breast and reproductive tract: ERα, ERβ, PRB and PrlR. Herbal properties are suggested to enhance the body's typical hormone levels for a potential response for breast enhancement.

For instance, using an abundance of a prolactin herb during ovulation: may cause breast shrinkage, will offset normal menstrual cycles, and an excessive amount of it may be a health risk by interfering with or preventing ovulation when it needs to occur. There is also the case of desensitizing hormone receptors (and bodily responses in general) by creating an excessive or prolonged hormone imbalance, thus increasing the potential for health issues. Read the first three chapters to understand how creating an excessive imbalance at the wrong time, may have effects other than is intended for that part of the menstrual cycle.

Is the herbal schedule for everyone?

Basic herbs listed, during each time of the menstrual cycle, are generally for everyone. The proportions in the herbal schedule are a starting point to tweak your proportions. Strengths of herbs are different, and I based this program with an idea of safety first over efficacy.

Also, everyone is different: some breast responses have plateaued, and some vary in their menstrual cycle by a few days. The correct proportion of herbs during menstruation is one that allows normal menstruation, and breast enhancement.

In many cases, these herbal suggestions cause more breast swelling than normal. This is an indication that the herbs had an effect, but in order for this temporary gain to be sustained, there must be a small amount of receptor antagonism (in other words, a tiny combination of opposing herbs), which is listed for most parts of the schedule. The best way is for the most minimal amounts in proportion to be used. When that balance of proportions is found, increase the amount to a reasonable level. Also, take a break whenever breast enhancement responses stop, or whenever you feel uncomfortable.

Schedule confusing, more details??

The herb schedule has been greatly simplified and improved. If your menstrual cycle becomes irregular, or there are concerns, take a break, until the next cycle.

Receptor interactions

What about androgen blockers?

According to my research, androgen blockers is an inaccurate description. Hormones, including phytohormones, have agonist or antagonist properties on receptors. The effect of a (phyto-)hormone varies depending on other hormones in its presence, and body composition has an influence on this.

A hormone antagonist appears to have circumstantial effects depending on other hormones or phytohormones in its presence. For instance, sunflower seed can multiply the effects of androgen, estrogen or both on either receptor. Caffeine can also cause the opposite effect of the potential of a herb combination. A hormone agonist positively stimulates a receptor, but it also desensitizes it, and from this it has the potential to cause the opposite intended effect. Timing and hormone balance is intended to maintain or improve receptor sensitivity.

Phytohormones are weak or partial similes of bodily hormones, and they can influence the body's hormone levels.


What about spironolactone?

Spironolactone is an antagonist on mineralocorticoid receptors. It is probably an antagonist on estrogen and estrogen receptors. It multiplies estrogenic or androgenic effects. At this time, it's not recommended to take spironolactone with the herb schedule.


Is massaging your breasts effective for growth?

It can be, because breast massage influences the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland. Menstruation and secretory phase would be good times to try massage. With massage, be gentle, and don't do anything rough that can harm tissue.


By taking soy or flax seed to act as an estrogen can this cause estrogen deficiency?

Soy and flaxseed can contribute to estrogen deficiency or it can increase estrogen response depending on when they are used, and with what combination.

Flaxseed has the same constituent as sunflower seed, which is converted into the cortisoid enterolactone by the body. Enterolactone upregulates estrogen receptors. Flaxseed likely behaves like sunflower seed, but it can potentially have differences. When sunflower seed was used when there was estrogen deficiency, and without an estrogenic herb, it caused an androgenic response. Used with a herb that is only estrogenic to one receptor, sunflower seed can potentially cause a partially estrogenic and partially androgenic response.

Soy, like other plants in the legume family, has estrogen similes. Using it when estrogen alone is high can contribute to estrogen deficiency. It can also contribute to estrogen deficiency when used by itself, because it causes desensitization.

Herbs that increase estrogen also require a herb that increases androgens for consistency and to prevent shrinking of the ovaries or breasts. Herbs with progestogenic properties increase the need for androgen raising herbs.

Menstrual cycle

Please see your doctor or medical professional for checkups, or if you're worried about underlying conditions related to your cycle.

Cycle length

What causes a longer cycle? My period cycle is 36 days is there anything i can do about this

If period intensity is moderate or light, and ovulation is occuring normally, having a longer cycle is likely healthy. Menstrual cycles often range ±7 days from 28 days and that's normal. Towards late reproductive years, cycle length typically shortens. Heavy and a long duration of menstruation can also acccount for a long overall menstrual cycle length.

The full herb schedule (as of July 2019) taken once for menstruation should lower or balance menstruation intensity and duration, and improve the chances for ovulation.


I've had bad period cramps for awhile. What should i do to fix this, i know this is a sign of hormonal imbalance. I hear raspberry leaf and goats rue can help? What are the properties of these herbs?

Cramps could be from too much estrogen that causes endometriosis, or from low estrogen conversion, which leaves an excess of perhaps mineralocorticoids. Mineralocorticosteroids can cause bloating which can be a cause of cramps.

Goats rue is a galactogogue, so it is likely to have an effect on a combination of prolactin receptor (PrlR), and estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) or progesterone receptor B (PRB). Goats rue likely also has an effect on other estrogen and progesterone receptors. Some species in the genus of goats rue are toxic in high amounts.

The nutrition in raspberry leaf would likely help. Raspberry leaf is hormonal, while I'm unsure of its exact effects. There is not concensus on whether raspberry leaf should be used or avoided during early pregnancy.

Hormonal herbs have similes of steroid hormones. Androgen, cholesterol (betasitosterol), glucocorticoid or mineralocorticoid similes in herbs could sensitize progesterone or estrogen receptor types.

It would be difficult to know how the combination of raspberry leaf and goats rue together would act, and it could react differently with different hormonal balances. If you have high estrogen, it wouldn't be beneficial to raise estrogen more. If estrogen is low, herb combinations that would raise estrogen levels for some, could lower estrogen levels more. Keep in mind, herbs react differently in low doses, and in different combinations. It's better to use the lowest dose possible, if anything is going to help. Fewer herb combinations can be effective for those with less body fat.

First you would have to know if its from too much estrogen, or from high levels of mineralocorticoids. High levels of mineralocorticoids could be consistent with high androgens, high progestogens, high glucocorticoids or low estrogens.

The /program blogs of anon03, anon05, hirsutism01 and hirsutism02 show herb combinations that have lowered menstruation intensity, if it is the case of heavy menstruation.

Chuchuhuasi is known for lowering cramping symptoms because of its anti-inflamatory and pain relieving properties. Cramp bark and Black Haw from the genus of Viburnum are also known for lowering symptoms of cramping.

What about DHT lowering herbs?

Saw palmetto, pygeum, nettle, oats and winter squash (pumpkin) seed have a reputation for lowering DHT.

These herbs in small amounts keep estrogen conversion sensitive. Nettle (Urtica) and pygeum (Prunus) have metabolism or diuretic properties, so these two herbs can slow down growth, and can be used for increasing perkiness, instead.

In large amounts, most DHT reducing herbs desensitize aromatase (androgen to estrogen conversion) enzymes. Also, it's likely that many of these herbs can be androgenic depending on when they are taken.

What about Pueraria for breast enhancement?

Pueraria (kudzu) naturally has a reputation to provide limited breast enhancement. As a single herb, Pueraria has a wide range of phytochemicals whose varying properties work together for bust enhancement. For instance, Pueraria has limited and conflicting properties of androgenic, progestogenic, prolactin raising and estrogenic.

Kudzu can cause breast enhancement during menstruation, which is often temporary. On its own, kudzu also has potential to increase body hair and hot-flashes.

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I'm curious about Bubblemelon's (Rocketmelon's) breast enhancement journey.

Breast growth expectations

  • How much growth can I expect from the recommendation/procedure for the menstral cycle listed in the super bazongas pdf?
  • I know everyone is different, but over the course of 3 months how much growth can be expected for an average woman without major imbalances?
  • I'm in my 40's, can breast enlargement work for me?
  • Do breast sensations mean there will be growth?
  • Theoretically, could you self induce macromastia/gigantomastia?
  • Looking at rapid breast growth from macromastia/gigantomastia its often from an imbalance of one hormone?
  • Is it still possible to replicate this effect from the balancing of hormones/ procedure shown in the ebook?
  • Refutations or doubts about breast enhancement theory
  • See /appendix/breast-growth-expectations


  • What are some of the most nutritious foods?
  • How can they assist natural breast enlargement?
  • Is coffee bad for NBE?
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