Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Jellie's herbal breast enlargement program


Before and after

Pictures of growth from beginning to end of Jellie's program for a duration of a little over a month. Growth is from a C cup to an E cup.

Jellie's growth occured with a herb schedule during proliferative phase. The herbal program below is outdated and no longer recommended.

The last recommendation for fennel by the near the end of this program was ½ seed per tea during proliferative. Fennel should be removed from a herb schedule, and replaced with olive oil, coconut oil or a miniscule amount of saw palmetto.

The BCP01 (birth control pill) herb program is an improved herbal program which has caused breast growth more consistently. For those not using birth control pills, the Proliferative phase program is similar to the BCP one.



Jellie's starting bra size is 12C AU (≈34C US).

She will start her program during the beginning of proliferative phase, with tea of fenugreek, fennel, spearmint & sunflower.

She is also taking BCP.


She is on etonogestrel, a contraceptive implant, as well as birth control pills (BCP).

Herbal breast enlargement effects are definitely expected with BCP use, while contraceptive implants are not recommended for the purpose of bust enlarge/enhance-ment. If an implant doesn't work, its use cannot be easily discontinued. There even have been problems with patch use for NBE before, as androgenic symptoms have conditionally increased, and there was less control over timing. This herb program should theoretically work with the herb schedule alone.

Because she is on a hormone implant, she will skip menses, and the first herb doses of proliferative and secretory phases. A patch or hormone implant will interfere with what has to be the first herbal/hormonal dose of that phase.


First tea for proliferative-like phase: 2020 January

fennel, sunflower, spearmint, fenugreek

This is a day after taking a tea of 250mg each of fenugreek, fennel, spearmint & sunflower during early proliferative.

Described as feeling "quite a lot heavier and fuller on the bottom."

(For those with hormonal imbalances, it is better to start as low as 25mg to 50mg of each herb for early proliferative.)

Rest of proliferative-like phase; 2020 January

fennel, sunflower, spearmint, fenugreek

Yesterday, she took a tea of 500mg each of fennel & sunflower, and 250mg each of fenugreek & spearmint during proliferative.

Breast size remained the same.

fennel, sunflower, spearmint

Yesterday, she took a tea of 250mg each of: spearmint, fennel & sunflower.

Hip growth by today. Breast growth was expected, but not noticable.

fennel, sunflower, spearmint, fenugreek, evening primrose


These are the results the day after taking tea of 500mg each of fennel & sunflower, and a pinch each of spearmint & fenugreek, with 1 evening primrose capsule.

Bust size is 36". [C cup, in the picture]

Avoid caffeine, chocolate, warming herbs and spicy foods, because this can negate progress.

The past recommendation was to use spearmint, fennel and sunflower with evening primrose, no more than once, only days after other herb combinations caused hip growth and breast wideness. Evening primrose is no longer recommended, because it raises follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) which isn't sustainable for reproductive health. It has been removed from the herb schedule, and its mention here is for archive purposes.


Continuation of proliferative-like phase: fennel, sunflower, spearmint, fenugreek

The evening before, she took a tea of 1,000mg fennel, 500mg sunflower, and about 50mg each of spearmint & fenugreek. Most growth didn't happen overnight as expected, but happened later during the next day.

Measurements for bust or hips described as didn't change significantly. However, hips were described as wider.

[Shrinking then major growth as seen in the pictures happened from high doses of fennel with the rest of the herbs. Lower doses suggested, but some timing may be needed.]


The evening before, she took a tea of 3,000mg fennel, 1,500mg sunflower, and about 50mg each of spearmint & fenugreek.

Measurements for bust [was] 37¼" [D cup]. Under[side], [cleavage] to nipple, is ≈3¾".

Ovulation is perhaps about to occur.

For the rest of proliferative, tea of fennel & sunflower, and minimal amounts of spearmint. Amounts of sunflower may increase, while amounts of spearmint & fennel will likely remain minimal (<75mg).

A minimal amount of lavender is likely to work in addition to sunflower.


2020 Jan 14

37" bust; D cup. Under[side] measurements are ≈ 4" and 3¼".

This is the maximum amount of growth for this month. This is about 2 weeks after starting.

Premenstrual: 2020 January

spearmint, fenugreek, sunflower, fennel, hops


Jellie took a break, and measurements stayed about the same afterward. Hips were 107cm (42¼").

The image is during premenstrual phase the day after she took a herbal tea of: 600mg fennel, 300mg sunflower, and a minimal amount each of spearmint, fenugreek and hops. Hips afterwards were 106cm (41¾"). Underside measurements are 3[½" (8.89cm)]. Bust size is 37" [≈94cm]. No noticeable acne or new hair.

(Past measurements for hips were incorrect: the measurements of 37" to 37¼" from January 11 were of the body around the upper part of the pelvic bone, and this measurement hasn't changed as of this date.)

spearmint, fenugreek, sunflower, fennel

Tea of 300mg fennel, and a minimal amount each of sunflower, spearmint & fenugreek, caused minor breast and hip shrinking by the next day.

Bust size is 93cm (36½"), while underside measurements remained the same. Hips shrunk by 1.3cm (½").

spearmint, fenugreek, sunflower, fennel, hops

After a combination with hops included. Breasts were 95cm (37½"); with underside measurements of 10.5cm (4") and 9cm (3½"). Hips were 110cm (43¼").


These are next day results from a tea of: 600mg fennel, 300mg sunflower, and a minimal amount each of spearmint, fenugreek, hops.

Breast and hip measurements remained the same. Shape has changed.

This part of the herb schedule intended for premenstrual phase, wasn't effective. Parts of it were minorly effective.

Premenstrual: January 23-26


Increase of bustsize by about 1cm, while underside measurement remains the same, from yesterday's herb dose. Fuller appearance.

Today, she took the dose with hops, then once swelling happens, she will take an identical herb dose without hops. Repeating a herb dose with hops while there's swelling, will reverse those gains by causing shrinkage.

[Minor increase. .5cm increase for each underside; other measurements didn't change. No hops was used.]


Day before, a tea [was taken] of: minimal hops, fenugreek, spearmint and hops; 300mg wild yam and fennel. Wild yam and fennel will be increased for next dose.

1 cm gained to bustline. No change in underside measurement. No hip increase.


No noticeable measurement change, but increase in fullness. Picture is of January 26. Results from tea taken of: 900mg wild yam, 900mg fennel, 150mg fenugreek and sunflower, and <50mg spearmint, hops and dill. There was no further breast growth for the next similar herb combination.


End of program


She skipped [taking herbs during menses]. It is likely better, since she is using a hormone implant.

Picture on left is of menses, when she took a break.

Proliferative-like: 2020 February

During proliferative phase, which ended a few days ago, she took combinations of varying amounts of sunflower and minimal amounts of spearmint and fennel. There was fullness from this.

Picture on right is of the timing that proliferative phase ends. She has an E cup. This is the end of her program.


What was thought to be the end of proliferative phase during this program, could be mid phase for BCP use.


[Her pictures] look great! Jellie's pictures show noticeable growth despite only having [a few] weeks of photos!