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Updated herb schedules

Updated herb schedules to match how they were before attempting a simplified nonmenses herb schedule. Proliferative and Luteal herb schedules are closer to how they were before. The simplified nonmenses herb schedule is also there, however, it only covers symptoms of swelling for proliferative and luteal.

Determining updates for luteal phase schedule

The luteal phase schedule causes unecessary swelling, which doesn't aid in growth. Working on updating this.

Status of non-menses herb schedule

Scrapping latest non-menses herb schedule. Luteal phase recommendation causes swelling, rather than growth. It was also based on those with higher body temperature. Will base it on swelling, proliferative and luteal compared to other signs. This schedule may have been replaced on here, but if it was it wasn't backed up, as the one on is better.

Breast growth compared to swelling

Indications of breast growth are when they're soft, squishy, full and fluffy. Growth that occurs is lighter in weight, closer to the weight of feathers in a pillow. The feeling may be fuller as opposed to heavy in the chest. I’ve experienced A LOT OF SWELLING which is HEAVY AND DENSE. Swelling feels like boobs are getting weighed down. The expansion feels heavy, and they can be felt inflating. It may be like a lightly filled water balloon. Temporary expansion from swelling may be more quick or noticeable than expansion from growth. Cleavage may be another indication. When cleavage is shaped like a V on the very top, or when the inner sides of the breasts are shaped like )(, there may be swelling or swelling shape. It's also important to check for swelling or bloating anywhere else on the body, as the effect of corticosteroids can be lowered. Growth may occur more slowly than the tempoary exansion from swelling. Sensations may happen for both, but sensations also occur for other occurrences. - guest contributed

Start a program

Happy to start personal programs for anyone for treating hirsutism, for lowering heavy menses, for hormone balance, for hip growth, and for breast enlargement. Pictures not necessary, but welcome. Please use the contact form. So far, symptoms of hirsutism has been consistently improved. Also, if anyone wants to post their cryptocurrency address for their results to make tips. is back is back. is the backup website. I always had control of the domain, but I got locked out of an account pertaining to hosting due to automation, for some time. This account has only been under my control. It's good now. I apologize to everyone for that hiatus.