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Menstrual phases

The menstrual cycle will be divided into 5 phases, to simplify their timing: Menstruation, Proliferative, Ovulation, Secretory and Premenstrual.

Follicular phase is divided between menstruation and proliferative phase. Menstruation is when the uterus lining is shed. The proliferative phase is from the end of menstruation until ovulation. This is the time when the uterus rebuilds to prepare for potential pregnancy.

Luteal phase has been divided into secretory and premenstrual phase. The secretory phase is when the corpus luteum is present and produces progesterone. Premenstrual phase begins when the corpus luteum disintegrates, and it ends at the beginning of menstruation.

December 3, 2017

Super Bazongas - November 30 update

Super Bazongas is updated, with improvements to the herb schedule, and with information about hot flashes. Refresh your browser to see ebook updates.

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This pdf is based on the first chapters of the ebook Super Bazongas. Its focus is on breast development and on hormone balance. It is released under a Creative Commons license. The license of newer releases of Super Bazongas were changed, but it will remain free for personal and fair use.

Image of Kudzu flower


Kudzu is synonymous with the genus of Pueraria.

Pueraria mirifica has a reputation for breast enhancement, perhaps because it appears to have the right qualities of phytohormones, that many other herbs don't have by themselves. It appears to have follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone or estrogenic properties, and prolactin or progesterone qualities, which is a combination that should cause breast growth, but its hormonal qualities are still not for certain.

There are issues with Pueraria, in that it nurtures breast cells indiscriminately, whether they are tumorous or healthy, as is shown by how most tests of Kudzu or species within Pueraria show results on cancerous cell cultures. While Pueraria is not considered harmful, when there is no presence of malignant cells, there are alternate herbs that have anti-tumorous properties, and should also cause bust enhancement in the right proportions. In small amounts, and when there is no history of tumors, kudzu can be very useful in providing relief from menstrual symptoms. More about Pueraria...

Picture of Maytenus distichophylla tree trunk

Maytenus: Chuchuhuasi, Gnikélé

About medicinal values of Chuchuhuasi, Chuchuhuasha, Chuchuaso, Gnikélé and other species of Maytenus. It is useful for alleviating menstruation discomfort, and for general nerve relief.

Herbal breast enhancement after 1 year.

Successful natural breast enlargement

Successful natural breast enlargement from last year, for someone I assisted with her NBE program. She used various methods, including breast pumping. However, herbal methods were most effective.

The first picture is from August 2014, and the later picture is from June 2015.