Botanical Bust Enhancement: Research, Guide

Pueraria; breast enhancement

Picture of Kudzu flower Picture of Kudzu flower

This is about Pueraria and what evidence shows about its properties for bust enhancement and for alleviating menstrual symptoms.


Pueraria is a genus of plant commonly referred to as Kudzu. Fabaceae (or Leguminosae) is the name of the family which Pueraria resides.

Here are some well known plants of Kudzu. Pueraria mirifica is a subspecies of Pueraria candollei that is also known as Kwao Kreu, Kwao Kreu Kao or Thai Kudzu. Japanese Arrowroot's classification is Pueraria montana lobata, which is often shortened to Pueraria lobata, where "lobata" is its variation name.

Scientific evidence of Pueraria's properties

Picture of Kudzu root

Pueraria mirifica seems to have a reputation for herbal breast enlargement. This is because it has varying properties that work synergistically together.

There aren't many studies on its effects on hormone levels specifically, however, its effects on the menstrual cycle offers some clues. Pueraria often causes lighter, but longer periods. This suggests that Kudzu has estrogenic, luteinizing hormone (LH) or follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) properties that conflict with prolactin or progesterone properties of the plant.

One research paper suggests that Kudzu has serotonic properties, which is associated with an increase of prolactin, and that it has estrogenic properties. Another research paper determined that Pueraria mirifica did alter menstrual cycles, but didn't appear to affect hormone levels of progesterone, LH, FSH or estrogen. This study didn't include Pueraria mirifica's effects on prolactin. It hypothesized the possibility that its estrogenic, LH or FSH properties balance out levels of progesterone. This appears to be the most likely outcome. Another possibility is that Kudzu's phytohormones or its influence on prolactin weren't tested for in serum samples.

Alternatives to Kudzu

Picture of Kudzu leaves Picture of Pueraria mirifica root

While Pueraria mirifica root is believed to be effective for natural breast enhancement, most standardized studies showed Kudzu's hormonal effectiveness based on cancerous breast cell samples. Kudzu is likely not carcinogenic, but it seems to not discriminate between nurturing healthy and tumorous cells. Pueraria is still very useful, when used in small portions and when not used in cases prone to cancer.

Most herbs do not have the combination of phytochemicals that Kudzu has, which gives Thai Kudzu a reputation for bust enhancement. The best time to use Kudzu root for breast enhancement would be during the usual time of menstruation. Still, maximum breast enhancement benefits wouldn't be achieved by Pueraria root alone.

Other botanicals which have anti-cancer properties should also be able to provide bust enhancement, if used in the right combinations, and during the right times. To learn about which herbs can replace or enhance Kudzu's effects, read herbal-breast-enlargement.pdf. This ebook describes hormone balances' role in health. Then it offers suggestions timing of other herbs for maximum bust enlargement effect.

Here is an short index of herb profiles. For instance, Suma seems to have similar hormonal traits to pueraria, because of its progesterone and estrogen raising properties.

Kudzu's reputation to alleviate menstrual problems can be attributed to its hormonal effects as described in the previous section.

Check the safety of other species within Pueraria before use. Supplements are not sold here, and there are no links from here to supplement websites. See blog for breast health and breast enhancement information and updates.