Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide


Anon02: results

October 2017 to August 2018

Images of breast enhancement from October 2017 until August 15, 2018.

Size overfills D cup bra in last picture.

This herb schedule is outdated and is for archival purposes. Please see, the program: simplified. It has replaced the programs: proliferative, luteal and BCP01. Menses is a herb program for normalizing menses and alleviating symptoms. To determine when to use parts of these herb schedules, please see: menstrual phases.

For further introduction on starting a herbal program, please see: guide. For information and programs on hirsutism, please also see: hirsutism-topic.

Anon08 is the latest program with pictures of breast growth.

Anon02: before
Anon02: before

2017; October - November

The before picture is from October 21, 2017. In the second picture, dated November 21, 2017, there was improved perkiness from herbal breast enhancement.

Anon02: December

2017; December

This picture of herbal breast enhancement is from December 22, 2017.

2018; February

Plateaued growth. Cup size is D.

2018; July update

Cup size fluctuates around 32D.

She had breast growth in early January, but an error in a schedule update intended for improving insulin sensitivity caused breast shrinking. In the month of March, weight loss while off of the herb schedule contributed to breast size reduction. Recently, there were breast size increases back to a D cup.

Early proliferative phase

[Immediate] growth did not happen on evening primrose and fennel/lavender for her. She had breast pains and itchiness, but without breast swelling or growth soon after, it usually signifies there will be breast shrinking or hirutism symptoms by next morning.

The next day, she had small amounts of [breast] swelling from fennel/lavender and evening primrose. Usually results are more immediate. Because positive results were minor and occured by the next morning, it likely means there was barely enough of the right bodily hormones to [shift the body to produce hormones to continue the cycle and to] cause breast swelling. In the case of hirsutism01, this result is not expected.

[Evening primrose is no longer recommended.]

[The past suggestion was for evening primrose use to be minimal, and to be used no more than once during proliferative phase. For balance and consistency, evening primrose required a full combination of a minimal amount each of: spearmint, fennel and sunflower.]

Anon02: after

2018; August update

Image taken on August 15, 2018.

[Overfilling D cup bra.]

2018; August 27 update

In the latest picture, her breasts were fitting tightly in her D cup bra.

Since then, they are loose fitting. Fenugreek and lavender were used for the early part of proliferative phase, and it caused minor [breast] shrinking [, but possibly hip growth]. For [the early part of] that phase, fenugreek and lavender have worked [before, but not] together. [Lavender does not work consistently for everyone, especially for those with hormone imbalances, during early proliferative phase.]

2018; September 2 update

With schedule, her breast size returned to overfilling her D cup bra.

2018; September 21 update

Took a break to see if her breast size would maintain, and they have.