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Programs treating hirsutism and other symptoms

Programs for treating hirsutism were intended to improve hormone balance by increasing estrogen response for relevant receptors while providing phytoprogestins.

Hirsutism programs:

There were others who followed hirsutism programs, that took the herb schedules similar from hirsutism02 to hirsutism05. Unfortunately, they also had similar setbacks during the times of using similar herb schedules.

There were two offline programs like hirsutism03 which also had use of metabolic foods or edibles. In these programs, there was growth at the beginning, but then later it stopped. Metabolic foods did slow down or reverse growth, however, this can be compensated for, and it came down to sesame lacking properties of spearmint which compensated for hormone balance. Spearmint, fennel and other FSH releasing herbs are still no longer recommended. The herb schedule used in hirsutism05 which is now in the latest proliferative and luteal programs now compensate for hormone balance. It should now also be easier to compensate for metabolic foods in these newer programs.

More care and precaution has to be taken for those with a history of hormone imbalances. For those who've had a history of hormonal imbalances, limit sesame to minimal amounts. Minimal sesame seed is required with hops, and when there's acne. Other times, focus on hip growth, and allow breast growth to be secondary to hip growth.

For following these programs, knowing the phase is relevant:

These use the latest herb schedules:

Simplified herb program has replaced: Proliferative, Luteal and BCP01 programs.

Status of herb programs

Hirsutism05 had an improvement of reduced body hair and an improved cycle. There was minor past breast growth from the 1st quarter of 2022. As of August 2022, her hips have increased in size, but she still has nipple puffiness.

Hirsutism04 had growth and she shows signs of health, but she couldn't continue with a program due to life circumstances.

There were a few offline programs for treating hirsutism: for most, symptoms have improved. For one person, inverted nipple also corrected.

Hirsutism programs 1 through 4 are archival. Programs 4 and 5 have improvements over the previous programs for better consistency.

Composite segments of programs for treating hirsutism

Instead of starting a new page for segments of different offline hirsutism programs, a section will be added here for notable parts of programs treating hirsutism. There were a few other offline cases for hirsutism, though these are some of the first ones I'm noting here. The earlier online programs for hirsutism were the ones I've concentrated on the most then.

Offline case #1

In one offline program, heavy menses was successfully lowered, but menses still lasted a few days longer than average. It turns out, that there was brown spotting during that time. Next time, she'll take 1 sunflower seed for when brown spotting occurs. Once should be enough, but no more than 1 sunflower seed should be taken more often than every hour, when there's brown spotting.

As with her program, as well as other programs in the past: 1 sunflower seed with 1 fenugreek seed taken once, lowers heavy menses. This doesn't have to be taken on the first day of menses, it can be taken any time when menses is heavy.

Otherwise for her, there were noticable improvements in reduction of hirsutism, and minor improvements in other areas.

Days before, she took a palm fruit with fenugreek, sunflower and sesame, and it caused sensations of menses wanting to start. Signs after this were abdominal discomfort, headache and warm breasts. Then, she took 1 fenugreek seed, 20 sunflower seeds and 10 sesame seeds, and afterwards those signs went away as luteal phase normalized for her.

More recently, she took 1 fenugreek seed and 20 sunflower seeds, which caused swelling. So after this, she took 15 sunflower seeds no sooner than every hour, and this seemed to cause minor growth. Both hips and breasts are cool. She'll see if this growth stays. Sesame is now only used for certain signs, to normalize and attempt to sustain luteal phase.

A few days ago, when signs were of warm hips and breasts, she tried: 1 walnut, 1 fenugreek seed and 20 sunflower seeds. Then, acne started, and hips lowered in temperature. Then, she took: 1 fenugreek seed, 20 sunflower seeds and 10 sesame seeds. 1 hour later, bust lowered in temperature.

Walnut could be more like fenugreek and sunflower. It likely doesn't have effects of sesame.

Another day, when there was acne, and breasts and hips were warm, she took: 1 fenugreek seed, 5 sesame seeds and 20 sunflower seeds. Under an hour later: there was less acne, hips were cooler, breast temperature wasn't as warm, and there was breast fullness. When, she woke up the next day, breasts were warmer, but acne lowered. Over an hour later, breast temperature lowered.

5 sesame may work more slowly, but it may be a better amount to use with the recommended other herbs. Signs of basic breast and hip temperature can be checked for more easily. Less sesame may provide better progestin balance, and less conflicting balance of estrogen receptors between ERα and ERβ.

When hips or breasts are warm, she's taking 1 fenugreek seed, 15 to 20 sunflower seed and 5 sesame seeds. This is working for normalizing and prolonging luteal phase. Acne, breast and hip discomfort are indications to check for breast or hip warmth.

She's replacing use of saw palmetto, wild yam, olive oil or coconut oil with walnut, and it's working to those similar progestogenic effects. When walnut is used, sunflower will be lowered to 15 seeds. For some, the amount of sunflower needs to be lower for luteal phase, with or without walnut, shatavari, fenugreek, wild yam, saw palmetto or olive oil. She may possibly use walnut in place of fenugreek, but this is less certain to work.

She'll try: 1 fenugreek seed, 15 sunflower seeds, 5 sesame seeds, 5 walnuts and 1 rice-grain size of hops. Then, she'll take 15 sunflower seeds no sooner than every hour for swelling. Once swelling goes away, she'll take 1 fenugreek seed, 15 sunflower seeds and 5 sesame seeds.

Sunflower seeds have reduced swelling.

The herb program she's used has been adjusted. Her bra fits tighter and her hips have also increased in size.

In this program, the amount of sesame seed was lowered to a maximum of 5 seeds, while this works more slowly, the effects are more balanced and gradual throughout the day. Sesame is only used during certain symptoms, and always used with sunflower seed.

The amount of sunflower seed for use with progestins was reduced to 5 to 10 seeds. By itself for use when there's swelling, 5 to 10 sunflower seed at a time is ideal, but for some, more can be used. These are some adjustments that are causing consistent growth for her.

Programs journal

Journal updates of programs and herb schedules. Includes about hirsutism. Entries may be preliminary and may need more confirmations. Entries may not be suitable for everyone.

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Basic variant herbal schedule for luteal phase for those with a history of hirsutism

Simplified replaced the herb schedule of luteal. This herb schedule of Luteal phase consisted of ideal proportions and amounts of fenugreek, sunflower seed and only for certain times, sesame seed. Ideally, fenugreek will be limited to 1 seed, and sunflower will be limited to 5 to 15 seeds depending on body composition and with herb combination. Substitutes for fenugreek and sunflower seed will also be included, but they'll take additional consideration for proportions and amounts.

Hops can be used for the purpose of its mood calming abilities, and to be used with fenugreek, sunflower, and maybe sesame, limited to luteal phase when the herb schedule calls for it.

The biggest hurdle for NBE was any bodily swelling and bloating, as swelling isn't growth, but it has given a false indication. 20 sunflower seeds no sooner than every hour is to be used to lower swelling or bloating, until an estrogenic sign such as breast elongation occurs. To be more clear on indications of breast swelling, see: swelling-bloating.

As for sesame, it will be limited to 5 seeds, and will only be used when there's acne, breast (and upperbody) warmness when there's breast tingling. For the rare occasion that hops is used, sesame can be used with that. Still, the herb schedule needs to be improved around hops.

The herb schedule for luteal phase, for the most basic signs will also be here.

No signs of acne or swelling, and additionally when breasts elongate or there are estrogenic signs:

  • primarily phytoprogestin food/herb, or phytoprogestin/phytoestrogen herb like fenugreek
  • 8 sunflower seeds

Swelling, bloating:

  • 8 sunflower seeds, no sooner than every hour; take this until all bodily swelling and bloating go away, and until around the time breast elongation occurs; if there's other signs, this must be taken care of first until swelling at least goes down

Acne or breast tingling, and breast warming and hip coolness:

  • 1 fenugreek seed
  • 15 sunflower seeds
  • 5 sesame seeds

For other signs, see the main Simplified phase herb schedule.

As for use of hops, it will be limited to when there's no swelling, and to when fenugreek or a fenugreek substitute is used. It will be looked at for use with sesame and without use of sesame. The main purpose of hops in this variant of the herb schedule is for improving mood, which hops can only be used during luteal phase. In another variant herb schedule for luteal, hops will be used primarily for breast growth.

Herb schedule notes

For those with a history of hormone imbalances, during the time of ovulation, take a break. Rely on body symptoms for when luteal phase begins. For luteal phase, limit sesame to once early in the phase, and when there's acne.

Body hair growth is associated with androgenic signs. Androgenic signs likely protect the reproductive tract. High body temperature, especially of the lower body is to be concerned about. High upper body temperature can also signify a delayed bodily reponse for balance.

Focus on hip growth, more than bust growth. Swelling or bloating isn't real growth, as it needs to be minimized to reduce potential for shrinkage. At some point, swelling or bloating may have to do with rebalancing hormones, after shrinkage occurs.

Hormones should be balanced, rather than excessively estrogenic.

Hirsutism cleavage/tubular breasts

Have you dealt with women that have tubular breasts. Also how many times does one take these special teas per day?

The most consistent results for growth were taking 1 tea for the beginning of each phase. The rest don't have to be as tea, and can be once a day or more depending on hormone signs. Also, if you're unsure of phase, it's better to wait a day as herbs/seeds can affect temperature, mucus and other signs independently of the signs for the current phase.

One person got tubular breasts from taking lavender and spearmint during late proliferative phase. That currently can be compensated for by using the right kinds of phyto-progestins to cause breast widening.

The most important part for treating hirsutism is to focus on hip growth first and allow breast growth to be secondary. This is because breast growth and hip growth have interfered with each other, and maintenance is needed to keep both growing.


Breast swelling isn't growth, and there's potential for noticeable shrinkage afterwards. Swelling, puffiness and bloating are caused by corticosteroid hormones that are known for breaking down tissues. Use vitamin C and water to minimize swelling and bloating as it occurs. Varying amounts of sunflower seeds, depending on phase, help balance hormones and reduce swelling and bloating. Avoid phyto-progestins and phyto-estrogens as much as possible while bloating or swelling occur.

Need assistance

Hello, First: Thank you for ur amazing work. Second: I would like to ask you please, if you can help me, like many others, I couldn't understand how to do. Can you help me establish a calendar, with what it would take to treat hirsutism and increase breast size? It would be amazing

There's no specific calendar for these programs, but there's determining body signs and the menstrual phase:

Also, see the section below and the rest of this page. I'm continuing to provide assistance. Thank you for your comment!

I'm lost as to how to implement the program (Treating hirsutism: case #2); what herbs to choose, how often to take the herbs, when to adjust the doses and change the herbs... etc.

Hirsutism programs 1-3 are older programs. Follow the latest programs of: Menses for balance, and Simplified herb schedule. Reduce use of sesame to focus on hip growth and lowering hirsutism. Bust size may fluctuate or slightly lower when reducing sesame seed.

It's also helpful to look at the date of entries, as herb schedules get better as time goes on.

Hirsutism and body enhancement. I would love to talk with you about a potential program to help reduce hirsutism and increase breast and butt size. My hirsutism is caused by inflammatory PCOS.

She has hirsutism and PCOS: she mentioned inflammatory PCOS. There could be symptoms of bloating. From previous programs: acne, brown spotting and bloating have been reduced, so these improvements are expected in this program.

Hip and breast growth are secondary goals. Hip growth is aligned with treating hirsutism, so long as hormone balance is established according to symptoms. Breast growth has to be somewhat proportionate, and it can't be ignored, due to the importance of ERα.

I've made an error in my HTML and php form in November 2021, so I didn't get the email address but received the message about hirsutism. I apologize, and I really wanted to respond. The program was meant for hirsutism05, but it got moved to Hirsutism06, and it could get moved again. The message will remain in storage. If the person sees this, I will still be of help, and otherwise still these other programs can help her.

I will continue work to help those with these goals from here.

Basic nutrition

Basic nutrition is necessary for health. See nutrition for more.

Fiber including from herbs is important for health. Left over herbs from the tea can be eaten.

Vitamin C supplements are recommended. The suggested amount to take per day is between 150mg to 1,000mg. Vitamin C can be taken daily, because it is water soluble, so the body gets rid of excess. Still, too much shouldn't be taken. Vitamin C helps lessen desensitization, and it helps with health. Get B vitamins from food, as they can be metabolic.

Fat soluble vitamins concentrate where they are digested or used. Use fat soluble vitamin supplements less often, perhaps no more than twice a week. Fat soluble vitamins include A, E, D and K. Vitamin A needs to be from natural sources, as synthetic vitamin A and previtamin A has mixed health effects.

For minerals, it's better to take a multivitamin, or to get minerals from food. Minerals require more balance than vitamins. For instance, calcium and magnesium must be taken in the correct proportion to prevent mineral imbalances which have an effect on health.

For more resources, also referenced in nutrition page:

  • Liberman S, Bruning N. The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book: The Definite Guide to Designing Your Personal Supplement Program. 4th ed. New York (NY). Avery; 2007
  • Optimal Muscle Performance and Recovery: Using the Revolutionary R4 System to Repair and Replenish Muscles for Peak Performance
  • Women's iron intake may help to protect against PMS

Metabolic foods

Metabolic herbs/foods/supplements/spices can cause breast and hip shrinkage, and lowered estrogen response when taken with a herbal tea that would otherwise cause growth and other positive results.

In a few cases, metabolic foods or spices were overcome for at least a short period of time. Sometimes a diet includes spices such as tumeric in curry or hot peppers. In diets where eating metabolic edibles was infrequent, small amounts of dairy helped offset shrinkage. In one case, there was consistent breast growth and balanced hormones, but after ginger was taken without enough olive or coconut oil, hot-flashes occurred the next day.