Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Treating hirsutism: case #5



She has mild hirsutism and has a common occurence of acne. Acne can be reduced.

Hip and breast growth are secondary goals. Hip growth is aligned with treating hirsutism, so long as hormone balance is established according to symptoms. Her cycles are long, but this is ok as long as there's hormone balance.

Her starting hip size is 37", and her starting cup size is AA.


She didn't take anything for this menses. Bloating occured after menses seemed to stop. Brown spotting may have started afterwards. Bloating may have indicated that proliferative hasn't started yet.

The herb recommendation for the first dose of menses depends on signs; it can be taken days late as long as there's relevant symptoms, but it's better to take it sooner. If there's acne or if menses is heavy, take 1 fenugreek and 1 sunflower seed. If there's bloating, brown spotting or breast swelling, to take only 1 sunflower seed. If there's no signs, and menses is light, take a break.

Additional sunflower seed can be used for the rest of this phase when there's bloating or brown spotting. Sunflower must be used in minimal amounts and cautiously as it can cause cramps and discomfort. Use breast massage and perhaps eat foods with fiber when there's cramps and discomforts.


For the first dose of proliferative, she took ½ tsp of olive oil and 15 sunflower seeds. Sesame and fenugreek were left out. There was breast sensitivity but no noticeable changes in hips or breasts. Topical olive oil was used and could have [contributed to] minor bloating. Minor breast hair came back. Sunflower by itself will be used gradually to see if there's an improvement.

Bloating has lessened. This may have been after taking varying amounts of sunflower seed. No noticeable hip or bust growth.


She may start her program during late luteal phase.

Acne has lessened, but it still remains, after she took: 1 fenugreek seed, 20 sunflower seeds and 10 sesame seeds. A later day, acne lowered from about: 3 fenugreek seeds, 25 sunflower seeds and 10 sesame seeds. Neither of these caused noticeable hip or breast growth, or a noticeable reduction of body hair.

There was temporarily breast swelling, after she took 3 fenugreek seeds, about 2 handfuls of sunflower seed, and 10 sesame seeds. Facial and body hair thinned a little. No noticeable changes in hips.

After 1 handful of sunflower, and 1 fenugreek seed (no sesame seed), there was a feeling of more breast mass, but no visual difference. Her body hair and facial hair lowered slightly.

Then she later got pimples and acne again. She also got signs of nipple sensitivity.

From indications of acne, she'll take the recommendation of 10 sesame seeds, 1 fenugreek seed and over 20 sunflower seeds.


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