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What happened to bubblemelon? Is she still continuing her breast enhancement journey?

I last communicated with her the first half of this year, and she has stopped with breast enhancement... (This entry will be transitioned to comments, and be mentioned in Bubblemelon's blog.)

Is it safe to use herbs?

There are risks for herb use for everyone, particularly effects from hormone imbalances.

Everyone has to monitor for negative signs such as hot-flashes, abnormal temperature, hirsutism and menstrual irregularities. Herb and other concentrate extracts are risky, so if used, limit extracts to no more than 1 drop per day. Also, it is dangerous to use extracts in an attempt to overcome plateaus. A plateau means the body has reached an equilibrium, which lessens the potential for hormones to have consequences on the body. Taking extracts then will promote a hormone imbalance that can desensitize receptors and result in lowered fertility or infertility.

Hormones and effects on receptor subtypes must be balanced. Concentrates and excessive doses are not the way to overcome plateaus. Too much effect on estrogen receptor alpha can, for instance, narrow fertility pathways. Too much effect of progesterone can reduce ovarian size and reduce the body's estrogen levels.

Is it safe to use herbs for someone who is 18 years old?

More care has to be taken for those who are young adults, because herbs can interfere with normal development.

What herb company is recommended?

I wanted to avoid marketing for anyone. Mountain Rose Herbs is one company for North America. Rainforest Nutrition was a company that once sold herbs, and their inventory didn't have many common herbs. These mentioned use or have used sustainable practices.

4 ounces of a solid herb will last a while.

Is there any herb combination that I could use for natural breast enhancement that would work with hormones from birth control pills?

For herbal breast enhancement, the herb schedule for menstruation and secretory phase should work with birth control pills. BCP may cause growth with the right combination of herbs taken during menstruation, but BCP interrupts follicular production of hormones that assist in breast enhancement for proliferative phase, and stopping BCP for proliferative phase usually causes minor decreases in breast size. There are plenty of variables of the combined use of herbs and BCP. I can inform you, but I cannot be responsible for odds of birth control

Herbs may interfere with birth control, especially from menstruation until after ovulation. For birth control purposes, it is better to limit herb use to late secretory phase, but there is always the chance of herbs interfering with BCP to allow pregnancy to occur. Any herb can interfere, but be mindful of herbs that (sometimes conditionally) promote menstruation or that can shorten secretory phase like vitex, mint, fenugreek, rosemary, basil, pueraria, ginseng or lavender.

Progestogens, including from BCP, naturally break down into androgens and mineralocorticoids. Because of this, the right combination of herbs taken together with BCP can increase breast enhancement, as opposed to taking herbs over 10 minutes later which can be counterproductive. If you're having symptoms of low estrogen, birth control pills can make it worse, especially during proliferative phase.

If you're using birth control pills for hormonal balance, and not for birth control, you can use a fraction of the pill at a time.

What about birth control patches?

It is easier to imbalance on hormones when using a birth control patch and any herbal program. Patches constantly or periodically release progestogens and a lesser amount of estrogens. The body has to balance progesterones that the body converts into androgens, mineralcorticoids and gluccocorticoids. If the body does not balance progestogens enough, by converting androgens into estrogens, continuing to take herbs and birth control can lead to estrogen deficiency. I'm unfamiliar with birth control patch brands, but they have different potencies of hormones and their metabolites. A patch has the ability to release more progesterone, before the body can convert androgens formed from it into estrogens.

Do breast sensations mean there will be growth?

Breast sensations (itching, tingling, minor pain) can mean either growth or shrinkage. You will have to wait to see by the next day to know for sure. If it causes shrinking, it can also be accompanied by androgenic symptoms (hirsutism, alcopecia, itchy scalp). I suspect that breast sensations accompanied with additional body heat mean there will be breast shrinking. Breast growth is not always accompanied by physical sensations.

Breast sensations mean there are varying hormonal actions affecting cells and their receptors.

What about hip and butt enhancement?


Use resistance training exercises for butt enhancement. Try to increase the weights to an amount that can be safely lifted, each time. Only one challenging set is needed: additional sets make it more difficult to recover. The stronger your glutes become, the more rest days you will need: 2 weeks of rest from heavy exercise is ideal. Dumbells are more readily adjustable than kettleballs for increasing weights.

Avoid exercises where heavy weights are difficult to grasp and are over your body. Unless you have a spotter, avoid barbells. Dumbells can replace most exercises for barbells and kettleballs. There was a dangerous demonstration of a machine exercise on Youtube, where she lifted a weight by placing the bar within the arch of her foot while facing away from the weighlifting machine.

Dumbell, kettleball, body weight and cable exercises for hips can be found from the free resource online at Information about resting days and resistance exercise is from the book, Body by Science.


Herbs for bust enhancement can also increase hip, including butt size, to a lesser extent.

Activation of estrogen receptor beta (ERβ) and progesterone receptor A (PRA) can cause cellular growth in the reproductive tract and hip area. Lavender upregulates ERβ. Panax ginseng root sensitizes ERα more than ERβ, so it will also do. Herbs that upregulate estrogen receptors can only be used by themselves when there is a high presence of bodily estrogens and absence of dominant androgenic signs: in this case, during mid-secretory phase. If a herb that upregulates estrogen receptors is used by itself during menstruation, when androgen and prolactin production is dominant, it will increase androgenic responses.

The phase for attempting to increase hip size herbally is during secretory (luteal), because this is when progesterone levels are naturally high due to the presence of the corpus luteum. Clover acts on receptors in the reproductive tract. Clover can only be used in small amounts at a time during mid secretory phase, and it cannot be used alone: it must be used with fenugreek, fennel and lavender. The amount of fenugreek used must be more than the amounts of clover and a few other herbs combined. Clover can only be used when there is no deficiency in estrogen production.

Try lavender, fenugreek and fennel during secretory phase, and don't repeat unless there is confirmed growth. The amount of fenugreek must be greater than the amount of combined lavender and fennel.

Which do you think works better? bovine ovary or herbs? Can you use both??

You can use both. This project focuses on herbal ways for breast enhancement, without animal extracts.

Animal ovary has caused breast growth, but when too much was used, it caused a hormone imbalance. It increased progesterone, but as it lowered estrogen, it has caused symptoms of concern. If animal extracts are to be used, their hormone properties must be balanced.

Avoid bovine ovary for proliferative phase, and possibly menstruation. If using animal extracts, limit that to less than one drop per day. Also, chicken eggs raise hormones, so it can be used as an alternative.

I'm in my 40's, can breast enlargement work for me?

The herb recommendations from the latest ebook are intended to work for anyone who hasn't reached menopause or perimenopause yet. If you are in your 40's, and are still in your fertility years, breast enhancement or enlargement should work. Results may be less gradual than someone younger, but for reproductive years, it is expected to work.

For anyone past reproductive age, there isn't a herb schedule yet, but it would be based on the premenstrual and menstruation phases of the herb schedule of the ebook super-bazongas.

What about DHT lowering herbs?

Saw palmetto, pygeum, nettle, oats and winter squash (pumpkin) seed have a reputation for lowering DHT.

These herbs in small amounts keep estrogen conversion sensitive. Nettle (Urtica) and pygeum (Prunus) have metabolism or diuretic properties, so these two herbs can slow down growth, and can be used for increasing perkiness, instead.

In large amounts, most DHT reducing herbs desensitize aromatase (androgen to estrogen conversion) enzymes. Also, it's likely that many of these herbs can be androgenic depending on when they are taken.

How is the herbal schedule in the ebook determined?

The herbal schedule is based off of typical hormone values during the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle often matches with Moon phases. Herbs are categorized according to their effects on breast receptors: ER-alpha, PRB and PrlR. Herbal properties are suggested to enhance the body's typical hormone levels for a potential response for breast enhancement.

For instance, using an abundance of a prolactin herb during ovulation: may cause breast shrinkage, will offset normal menstrual cycles, and an excessive amount of it may be a health risk by interfering with or preventing ovulation when it needs to occur. There is also the case of desensitizing hormone receptors (and bodily responses in general) by creating an excessive or prolonged hormone imbalance, thus increasing the potential for health issues. Read chapters 2 and 3 to understand how creating an excessive imbalance at the wrong time, may have effects other than is intended for that part of the menstrual cycle.

Is the herbal schedule for everyone?

Basic herbs listed, during each time of menstruation, are generally for everyone. The proportions in the herbal schedule are a starting point to tweak your proportions. Strengths of herbs are different, and I based this program with an idea of safety first over efficacy.

Also, everyone is different: some breast responses have plateaued, and some vary in their menstrual cycle by a few days. The times are approximate of herbs listed during ovulation: it doesn't have to fall on the exact day, but it is better if it is slightly before. The correct proportion of herbs during menstruation is one that allows normal menstruation, and breast enhancement: when there is lack of menstruation, add fenugreek, and when menstruation is too heavy add hops.

In many cases, these herbal suggestions cause more breast swelling than normal. This is an indication that the herbs had an effect, but in order for this temporary gain to be sustained, there must be a small amount of receptor antagonism (in other words, a tiny combination of opposing herbs), which is listed for most parts of the schedule. The best way is for the most minimal amounts in proportion to be used. When that balance of proportions is found, increase the amount to a reasonable level. Also, take a break whenever breast enhancement responses stop, or whenever you feel uncomfortable.

What about comparing amounts of ground and loose forms of herbs?

Herbs in ground form weigh more than herbs in unground form per the same amount of volume. Solid herb form will refer to ground herbs, loose (unground) herbs, and capsule herbs. The way to compare herbs in solid form is to measure weight.

If a herb is taken as tea, put into the tea that amount of herb in solid form. The left over herb can also be taken. As a note, it is easy to mis-estimate the amount of herb in an herbal tea bag, so this is why measuring weight is often necessary.

What about Pueraria for breast enhancement?

Pueraria (kudzu) naturally has a reputation to provide limited breast enhancement. As a single herb, Pueraria has a wide range of phytochemicals whose varying properties work together for bust enhancement. For instance, Pueraria has limited and conflicting properties of androgenic, progestogenic, prolactin raising and estrogenic.

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