Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

BCP01: Natural breast enlargement program



This is a composite herbal program with BCP use.

This program will follow a variation of a combination of herb programs, with the exception of including BCP with the first and subsequent herbal doses of a respective phase: hops01, proliferative01 and thistles01. For menses, the proportions may vary. This program will vary more for secretory.

In this program, a minimal amount will be equal to or less than a fenugreek seed.

Lady L

Lady L started at near an A or B cup, and is using birth control pills in her program.

  • Bust: 88 cm
  • Underbust: 78cm

Lady L's results are documented from March 2020 until April 2020.


Once, for early proliferative, before mucus starts, with BCP she will take a tea of: 1 fenugreek seed, a minimal amount of spearmint, 1 sunflower seed and 1 flax seed.

For later days of proliferative, after mucus starts, she will replace fenugreek seed with 1 fennel seed per tea. This will be with BCP, and likely one more time a day, when breast shape goes from wider to longer.

Her breasts are fuller from the first herbal dose.

She continued with tea of minimal fennel, sunflower and spearmint. This was repeated too soon, so it set back proliferative, but didn't restart menses. Days later, mucus was like that of the beginning of proliferative, so she took tea of minimal spearmint, fenugreek and sunflower seed. This was days ago; then the cycle progressed to secretory phase. Breasts are slightly firmer at this time; hips likely grew.

Less than ideal herbal teas taken and recoupment


She took a tea of: (1 sunflower seed size of) hops, (rice size each of) fenugreek and spearmint, (10 each of) flax and sunflower, and (1 strand of) milkthistles.

After the recommendation was made, there was too much flax and sunflower. [I realized this was too much sunflower and flax seed hours before she took the previously suggested herb amount.] Milkthistle should have also been omitted. Breast and hip growth is expected, but unwanted symptoms may come hours later. Unfortunately, BCP for these few days [are] placebo [pills that weren't able to compensate for the additional amounts of flax and sunflower seed].

When she gets acne, pimples or unfavorable heavy estrogenic/androgenic symptoms, she will take minimal parts each of: fenugreek, spearmint, hops and sunflower. This may not cause breast growth, but it is expected to lower menstruation and improve potential symptoms.

There wasn't breast growth, but menses intensity lowered after taking the last herb dose.