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This is a contributed article by anonymous about controlling bug infestations. It's off topic for home living.


Use boric acid or borax mixed with bait. Leave in a place away where pets and children can reach, near entrances and away from where you want those bugs. Doing this once every few weeks may keep these pests away.

Mint plants also keep these pests away, and can be fairly effective, but it's not as effective as using bait traps.

Beg Bugs

These may be dreadful to imagine if they can be gotten rid of. There's a few methods to provide relief and to get rid of bed bug infestations. It is to consider that most beg bugs stay around where people sleep and stay on other furniture. They can only get nutrition by sucking on blood.

This is a quick guide to getting started and getting an idea on how to eliminate bed bug infestations. More guides may be needed.

Steam Cleaning

Remove your mattress and box springs to thoroughly steam clean them and the bed frame, then place them back. Do this twice a week at first, then as their numbers lower, steam cleaning can be done once a week. If you spot one beg bug in your home, go back to steam cleaning.

Bed bug covers may be of additional assistance to this method for bedding. Also, use traps under each leg of the bed to prevent bedbugs from crawling to and from your bed and other furniture.

Steam cleaning and other physical methods need to be the first methods against bed bugs over pesticides. Pesticides have lost effectiveness over decades, while some pesticides are claimed to still work effectively. Weekly treatment is meant to get rid of begbugs which can lay eggs, as well as get rid of eggs, larvae and smaller beg bugs. Smaller bed bugs have a shorter lifespan, and can't lay eggs yet.

Pesticide use

Pesticide use needs to be secondary to physical means of eradicating bed bugs. Residual is of major importance of pesticide use, as it is the amount of time after application that the pesticide is still effective. There are both toxic and relatively non-toxic to human interaction types of pesticides.

For toxic to the touch pesticides, even though the person is the bait, it is still not to be applied to the person, and to bedding and clothing which touches the body. These mixtures are meant to be mixed exactly to the instructions, as the measurements will be inaccurate and ineffective if it is not mixed according to their provided measuring utensils. There are videos online about this for further information.

As for relatively non-toxic to interaction pesticides, these can be placed, and can soon the furniture can be used. It depends on the instructions. Even though these are safe to be near, don't directly touch them. These types of pesticides usually contain herbal ingredients with carriers.

If using borax or boric acid in traps, place within containers away from the reach of children and pets. Don't spread it all over the place, because it cause cause respiratory irritations. Also, don't apply this to the body.