Botanical Bust Enhancement: Research, Guide

About eBook: Botanical Breast Enhancement

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'Botanical Breast Enhancement' explores the science of how breast development occurs, and it looks into the possibility of controlling this process after puberty. Basic human biology is described as a basis for health and how hormones interact.

Herbs have different properties, so their specific properties are explored to find the right combinations to work in sync with human endocrinology for herbal breast enhancement. Suggestions made in this book are limited to whole herbs or topical extracts.

There are further insights such as relations with hormone imbalances.

eBook release

'Botanical Breast Enhancement':

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Corrections on past ebook (pre)releases

In the schedule of the 2nd edition, the timing of the herb suggestions was accurate, but the proportions needed work. I overestimated mint's value, so I suggested less of it, compared to a prolactin herb. That correction is made.

A past version, released before , said if there are symptoms of too much androgens, to take aromatase herbs. It should have been to also take aromatase, prolactin and progestogen herbs. As was written in the ebook, hormone imbalances are a health risk. However, I want to caution self-diagnosis, so I rewrote that section. Please take note.

Which botanicals were chosen

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Herbs with anti-carcinogenic or anti-tumor properties are highlighted in this ebook. I avoid listing botanicals based on results from studies that show them stimulating unhealthy cell cultures, despite that here is more available information on botanicals that were tested to make cancerous cells grow. Often those herbs don't distinguish between nurturing healthy and unhealthy cells.

Despite choosing botanicals with anti-cancer properties towards their target, or botanicals from studies on healthy cells, a hormone imbalance is a cancer risk.

Future projects

Future ebooks and material will be about various breast and body topics, including herbal breast reduction, tubular (tuberous) breasts, body hair, and herbal correction for inverted nipples. It is inadvisable to do anything physical to alter or influence breast shape or size.