Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Anon12's herbal breast enlargement program



image of Anon12
image of anon12


28FF cup UK; overbust: 33.5"; underbust: 27"; hips: 35.5"


J cup, if possible


She had a history of breast swelling.

Anon12 started during late proliferative. She started off with swelling, which was decreased by use of 6 sunflower at a time, no sooner than every 10 minutes. Then, she continued with the rest of the proliferative herb schedule. There was a minor increase in bust size from that. Unfortunately, there weren't pictures of before starting of around April 11th, but there will be pictures of next proliferative phase. These pictures are after, at the end of proliferative, and are the starting point pictures dated April 15th 2024.


Until next proliferative; until 1st week of May 2024

By the end of next luteal, Anon12 noticed a minor visual and physical increase in growth. There wasn't a fluctuation in size during menses, which typically occurs in other programs when swelling/bloating remains during this phase. She had a history of swelling, but it has gone down by the end of luteal, and throughout menses by using the recommendation for swelling during luteal.


Around the time of the end of proliferative, and beginning of luteal, it was difficult to determine what to recommend, because the herb schedule didn't have the expected effects. Later, the herbs worked as they consistently have for luteal. Perhaps the transition phase between proliferative and luteal lasted longer.

Later, near the beginning of luteal, she had both acne and swelling, so she took sunflower and sesame for it, but it caused more acne breakouts. So, she later took 1 fenugreek seed once, while she still had swelling, which lowered acne. Then, in response to heavy swelling, she took 6 sunflower seeds no sooner than every 10 minutes at a time, which eventually lowered it by the end of this phase.


The next menses was light, and lasted 5 days. There was no breast swelling by this time, so the herb schedule during luteal seemed to have been effective enough to reduce swelling/bloating.