Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Anon05 2019 NBE archive

breast swelling

Luteal: 2019 December

She tried combinations containing spearmint, shatavari, thistle and sunflower for luteal phase. Hops and or clover was used with this on some days.

There were still fluctuations in bresat size. These images are from December 4th. The picture on the left is in the morning, with a bust measurement of 35". The one on the right is from swelling later that night, after herb use: 35¾". Both measurements were 2½" on the under side. Hip size was 36¼" in the morning, and 36¾" by night.

breast swelling

Proliferative: 2019 December

Picture is of temporary breast swelling almost to 35½" during luteal from herb combination.

Tea consisted of of saw palmetto, spearmint, fennel and sunflower. The first dose of the phase also had asparagus or fenugreek. When ginseng was used, it didn't work as well as sunflower and spearmint. Next proliferative phase, spearmint and sunflower will be lower than saw palmetto and fennel.



Anon05's starting size is around an A or B cup, and her goal size is an E cup. These pictures are hours before her program started.

She tried breast enhancement before, but saw minor improvements in the past.


Program start

Anon05's program started on the evening of August 2, 2019 during premenstrual phase.

On the first day, there were minor breast enhancements.

First, she tried a tea of: 150mg sunflower and 50mg each of fennel, hops and fenugreek. She had a warming sensation in her breasts, and temperature for her upper body increased afterwards. After she took a nap and woke up, her temperature normalized, and there was slight breast fullness. For those with a hormone imbalance, this herb combination is unlikely to have worked.

Later that evening, she tried a tea of: 150mg sunflower, and 50mg each of fennel, hops, fenugreek and mint. (It was either peppermint or spearmint). She described slight fullness on the sides of her breasts so far. Her temperature also lowered.

Results by next day

Results from first day of herb use: at night time, there was breast swelling, that much of went away by the next day. Minor increase in breast length [for this morning].

Anon05 breast growth

Day 2 of herb use

She repeated yesterday [evening's] herb suggestion [of: sunflower, fennel, hops, fenugreek and mint]. Similar results are expected, then a variant combination will be taken before nighttime.

She reported breast growth within 2 to 3 hours, after taking this tea.

[She later took] minimal and equal parts of: fennel, hops, fenugreek, sunflower, lavender and wild yam.

Wild yam, additional fenugreek or additional fennel would be meant to balance out estrogenic effects, and hopefully cause sustained breast width. Lavender is a herb with properties similar to sunflower.

Picture from results up to next day

Growth in length. Picture is of results [from herb use up to day 2] by next day [day 3].

Anon05 breast growth

Menstruation started

Menstruation started for her today. [During menses,] she tried 25mg each of: spearmint, hops, fenugreek, sunflower and lavender.

Picture is after results from this herb combination.

Anon05 breast growth

Herb use from 2nd day of menstruation

She tried 125mg each of: fenugreek, sunflower, lavender, spearmint, fennel and hops. There was no sensation or noticeable change after about 2 hours.

Later she tried about 50mg each of: fenugreek, sunflower, lavender, spearmint, fennel and thistles (Silybum).

Her breasts had minor swelling after an hour. Then, after a few hours, that swelling went away. They may have shrunk in width a little. Her breasts may have grown slightly in length.

She will try minimal amounts of: fenugreek, sunflower, lavender, spearmint and fennel. Then, if that is still successful, she may add wild yam to that combination.

Effects from next day

Her breast size gained in width. This is from minimal amounts of: fenugreek, sunflower, lavender, spearmint and fennel. Picture on right is the results from herb use from previous day for this morning.

Anon05 breast growth
Anon05 breast growth

Herb use for rest of menstruation

She tried minimal amounts each of: fenugreek, sunflower, lavender, spearmint, fennel and wild yam. For the rest of menstruation she will continue with this, with or without wild yam, depending on results. If menstruation gets extremely light, she may take a break until proliferative phase.

The picture on the left is after she took the tea with wild yam included.

The picture on the right is later, after taking another herbal tea. She reported an inch of growth of her bustline. Her hip circumference also slightly increased.

Anon05 breast growth
Anon05 breast growth

2019 August 7

The result on the left is from herb use from the day before with wild yam. This picture was taken in the morning.

The result on the right is from herb use without wild yam, taken in the evening. [34¼" bustline measurement. Menses phase.]

Proliferative: 2019 August

fenugreek, lavender, sunflower, spearmint, fennel

Twice for the day, she tried 150mg each of: fenugreek, lavender, sunflower, spearmint and fennel.

Her bustline measurement is [34¾"] for this evening. [Earlier in the day, it was measured at 33¾".]

lavender, sunflower, spearmint, fennel

[In the evening,] she tried 150mg each of: lavender, sunflower, spearmint and fennel. Fenugreek was removed from this herb combination.

Her breasts have had a tingling sensation, and they are described as fuller in appearance. These results occured within an hour [of taking this]. [Fenugreek was used earlier in the day, so this likely explains the varying effects from this herb combination.]

Her bustline measurement is 34¼" [as of] this evening.

Next day results

Anon05's breasts grew in length, but seemed to reduce a minor bit in width. Description of breasts hanging more, and feeling of more weight. These results were from herb use the evening before. Bustline was 34" for this morning. Breast size was slightly fuller the evening before.

Next day of repeating this herb combination

In the morning of this day, she took the tea of 150mg each: lavender, sunflower, spearmint and fennel. Breast size shrank by ½". It was likely that there were still effects from fenugreek in the body from the day before, why the previous herb combination has worked.

fenugreek, lavender, sunflower, spearmint, fennel, ginseng

She tried a minimal amount each (evening of August 12th) of: fenugreek, lavender, sunflower, spearmint, fennel and ginseng. Before this, there was breast swelling or temporary growth from the herb combination without ginseng, taken about an hour earlier. By the next morning, this breast swelling or growth went down, and there was no growth.

Rest of proliferative

In the evening of (Aug 11) the day before, she took 150mg each of: fenugreek, lavender, sunflower, spearmint and fennel. By this morning (Aug 12), her breast size has grown from this. The night before, her bustline was 34"; bustline after breast swelling two hours later was 34½"; the next day her bustline was 34¼". There was some increase in width, but more increase in breast length. Previously, minor gains during proliferative phase were lost.

The effects from fenugreek, lavender, sunflower, spearmint and fennel are not consistent during proliferative phase. It seemed to work once per day, but then the growth often seemed to go down. Subsequent uses of this herb combination per day became less effective or caused gains to be lost. On later use of this, she got a headache (perhaps indicating high estrogen levels and estrogen response). These results are until August 13th. She will take a break for the rest of proliferative phase.

spearmint, lavender

The duration of proliferative seemed extended according to symptoms, and there [were] plenty of breast size [fluctuations]. There were then signs of ovulation, then back to signs of proliferative within the past few days.

50mg each of spearmint and lavender were tried yesterday, because this has consistently caused ovulation to occur. This should only be taken once during proliferative towards the end of the phase, or especially when ovulation is days late. There was a ¼" increase in bust size for this morning. Temperature lowered by today, and mucus signs were that of secretory phase. Perhaps temperature is still low from the temporary increase in estrogen response, and it is expected to raise tomorrow. She will take a break until tomorrow.

Secretory: 2019 August

For about the first day of secretory, yesterday, she took 125mg each of: lavender, spearmint, fenugreek and fennel. She also took 500mg of hops. Temporary breast swelling went up to 34½" from 34" the evening before. By today, her breasts seemed to get longer, with a minor increase in width.

Today, she took: 3,000mg of hops, and 125mg each of thistle, lavender, spearmint, sunflower, fenugreek, and fennel. There was breast swelling of ½" circumference (perhaps mostly temporary) from this.

Later, she took: 3,000mg of hops, 1,000mg fenugreek, 500mg lavender, and 125mg each of spearmint and sunflower. She may repeat this several times.

[Breast swelling was up to 35¼" before bed.]

Herb use from August 27

Bust size was 34½" in the morning, up from 34¼" the [morning] before. This was from a herb combination the night before of: 3,000mg hops, 1,000mg of fenugreek, 250mg each of spearmint, sunflower, lavender, fennel, ginseng, thistle and asparagus. Hops should be lowered.

Additional details until August 27

Yesterday evening [August 26th], breast swelling was at its highest of 35¼", but by this morning, bustline went back to the previous day's size.

She repeated, several times that day [yesterday] of: 3,000mg hops, 1,000mg of fenugreek, 250mg each of spearmint, sunflower, lavender, fennel, ginseng, thistle and asparagus.

Canceled suggestion

An adjustment [was] made to compensate for that it's farther into secretory [or perhaps premenstrual] phase: 1,500mg hops, 500mg ginseng, 250mg spearmint, and 125mg each of sunflower, fennel, fenugreek, lavender, thistle and asparagus. [She didn't end up taking this one. She took a variation of this, because she was running low on hops. The suggestion of hops, thistles and clovers will be started off lower, then incrementally increased for next time.]

Luteal: 2019 August - September

Herb use from August 28

Yesterday, she took: 500mg each of hops, clover, thistles and ginseng, 250mg spearmint, and 125mg each of sunflower, fennel, fenugreek, lavender, and asparagus.

This morning her breasts were filled out, but her bust size was still around 35". Temperature suggested that she was on premenstrual phase. Hops was raised too quickly, and ginseng was too high or suggested too early. Thistle and clover can also be added later and incrementally to increase prolactin. Fenugreek can also be lowered for secretory, because the body already produces enough progesterone during this time.

Premenstrual (or late secretory)

Suggestion for premenstrual was: 250mg each of hops and wild yam, and 125mg each of spearmint, sunflower, fennel, fenugreek, lavender, thistles, clover, ginseng and asparagus. Wild yam, and hops or thistles may be increased to 500mg each. Wild yam would have been be added to compensate for progesterone that is not produced during premenstrual phase. Ginseng, clover, asparagus and thistles would be optional. Wild yam is for expected improved results. Lavender likely can replace sunflower, but sunflower is good to keep in for those with low estrogen. The rest of the herb combination requires each other.

The phase is uncertain, because mucus resembles that of for secretory, but temperature is low like outside of secretory, below 36°C. This is likely for early premenstrual phase.

The suggestion will instead be slightly over 1,000mg of prolactin raising herbs, and removing wild yam which is a direct replica of progesterone to be compatible with both late secretory and early premenstrual phases. Anon05 will take: 750mg milk thistle, 250mg hops, and 125mg each of spearmint, sunflower, fennel, fenugreek, lavender, clover, ginseng and asparagus. For those with low estrogen, avoid clover for premenstrual.

Result and potential adjustment

There was breast swelling from this dose within an hour for this evening, so this is an improvement. After reevaulating, why there were fluctations between near maximum size and shrinkage, repeating the same dose again when there was swelling, seemed to be a mistake. Next time there is breast swelling during luteal phase, this will be the adjustment: 250mg each hops and thistles, and 50mg each lavender and mint. In this case, clover will be partially substituted in for hops. This part may be tried tomorrow.

August 30, herb use from

Yesterday, she took: 750mg thistles, 200mg clover, and 50mg each of hops, spearmint, sunflower, fennel, ginseng, fenugreek, lavender and asparagus. Then, once she got breast swelling or noticeable growth from that, she took: 250mg each of clover and thistles, and 50mg each of lavender, mint, hops and wild yam.

For the first dose, 1,000mg total prolactin raising herbs. She had a little bit of hops left, so thistles and clover was used to compensate, but it was important that hops was included with this. Wild yam was in the second dose, but next time, it should be in the first dose.

Results are consistent with this herb combination. Breast size was back up to 34¼" in the evening, and this morning it was back at 34½". These values are the same as in the pictures below.


The day of growth (August 31st), she took nothing. The day after, breast size went down by the next morning (September 1st). This could have been due to weight loss. Breast size only sustained for a day. A similar herb combination has worked a month before. Normally, when there's breast growth that sustains until the next day, it stays, until at least the next phase begins.

Due to her busy schedule, she will take a break, until menses starts.

Herb use for rest of luteal

She will take: 750mg thistles, 200mg clover, 125mg wild yam, and 50mg each of hops, spearmint, sunflower, fennel, ginseng, fenugreek, lavender and asparagus. Then, once she gets breast swelling or noticeable growth from that, she will take: 250mg each of clover and milkthistles, 125mg lavender, and 50mg each of mint and hops.

Results and potential adjustments

The 3rd suggestion of repeating for the second time of breast swelling, with an additional 50mg of ginseng, and perhaps an additional 50mg of milkthistles is removed. She did not take this.

The latest suggestion didn't work so well, it caused fluctuations in breast size. Body temperature lowered to below 35°C, but then, the next day it raised to 35.5°C, which is still kind of low. It seems that hip size increased by ¼". That's a small amount to be sure of hip growth.

Menses: 2019 September

First herb use of menses

She took (2 days ago, in the evening) 50mg each of: spearmint, hops, fenugreek, sunflower, lavender and fennel. Body temperature was low before this. Sunflower and lavender amounts were meant to be reduced to 50mg total.

The next day (yesterday) there were cramps, but by today they subsided. Menstruation was lighter than last month. She took break from herbs yesterday. Temperature raised slightly for a small improvement.

Bustline is at 34¼" this morning (the day after taking no herbs). Yesterday evening it was at 34", and the day before it was less than 34".

Second herb use of menses

After a day break of not taking herbs, she took 50mg each of: spearmint, hops, fenugreek, fennel, wild yam and lavender. Wild yam was added for its phytoprogestin property. If sunflower was in that, it was with lavender, and it totaled 50mg. Before taking this in the evening, breast size was down to 34". This may not have been due to herbs, or it could have been a natural fluctuation, because it sustained for a day. An hour later, breast size was back at 34¼". This is an improvement. She may take up to a teaspoon of olive oil before bed. Temperature measured this evening is much better.

Result by next day and potential adjustment

Breast size swelled up to 34¾", but by the next morning it was back at 34". Breast fullness is said to remain. Olive oil was taken with the herb dose later.

In theory, additional diosgenin (phytoprogestin) in wild yam should work on progesterone receptors, sensitized by hops, more than the body's estrogen that likely gradually works against those receptors. Fenugreek ha[s] additional properties than wild yam. She will take a break until proliferative phase.

Secretory: 2019 September

For the first dose of secretory she will take: 125mg combined spearmint, sunflower/lavender, 125mg fenugreek, and 500mg of hops. After she gets breast swelling, she will take 250mg of hops. Then she will take a break for a day.

On the 3rd or 4th day, for the first daily dose, she will take: 125mg ginseng, and 500mg hops. Then when she gets breast swelling, she will take 500mg of combined hops and milkthistle. This may possibly be repeated afterwards, with increasing amounts of hops and milkthistle, once daily during secretory phase.

Fenugreek was removed later during secretory. For the second dose, ginseng is replacing spearmint, sunflower and lavender, and this can only be used if there was breast growth from the previous herb combination for secretory.

Initial day

For early secretory, for the first daily dose, she took: 125mg combined (pepper|spear)mint with sunflower/lavender, and 500mg of hops. Bustsize went from 33¼" to 33¾" after an hour. Then she took 250mg of hops. Bust size was at 34" afterwards, and by the next day, bustsize was at 33¾".

Next day of herb use

She went ahead and took 500mg hops and 125mg of spearmint the next day. After looking at the results from the day before, a day break wasn't taken. Bust measurement was back at 34". Then for the second dose, less than 2 hours later, during swelling, she took 500mg total of hops and milkthistle. Bustsize soon afterwards was 34¼".

They definitely feel and look bigger, they look like length is what grew more. - Anon05

3rd day of herb use

For the third consecutive day of herb use, she will take: 1,250mg of hops, and 25mg each of spearmint and ginseng.

Results next day

Breast size was at 34¼", but they've been at this size before. Described as rounder and fuller. Slightly positive progress. These results are for September 26.

Mid-luteal/Premenstrual: 2019 September - October

Herb use of September 27

For likely what was early premenstrual phase, but it was perhaps mistaken to be secretory, two herb combinations were taken (evening, September 27): one while there was mild breast swelling. It is also possible that this was still late secretory, and premenstrual started soon afterwards.

500mg hops, 125mg clover, 125mg lavender and 60mg spearmint was the first dose. 1 primrose w/ olive oil, 1,000mg hops, 60mg spearmint, 60mg lavender was the second dose.

That night, breasts swelled to a bustline measurement of 35¼" (this matches the highest maximum temporary size for her).

By this morning, they were at 34¼", but at least not lower. The herb combination may have needed fenugreek, wild yam and fennel, because it was likely premenstrual than secretory.

Evening primrose is no longer recommended.

Mid-luteal phase

It is likely premenstrual phase, within the larger part of luteal phase. Intended for premenstrual, she will take: 500mg each of hops and wild yam, and 60mg each of mint, fennel, fenugreek and combined lavender/sunflower.

Alternate herb combination

She may alternatively take: 500mg each of hops and fenugreek, and 60mg each of mint, fennel and combined lavender/sunflower. This may increase breast and hip size.

Bust size is at 35" for the evening, close the maximum it has been. It is expected to stay at this measurement. They have grown more in width than in length, and are described as rounder. The herb combination will be repeated, except for less fenugreek, several times the next day.


Her breast size has been at 34¾" since the past few days, and this size maintained so far, after taking a herb combination similar to the one above. She took 500mg hops, 250mg fenugreek, and 60mg each of mint, fennel and combined lavender/sunflower. Adding 250mg of wild yam is expected to improve results.

This time, when breast swelling went down, up until there was acne, she repeated the dose. The difference is, that she didn't repeat the dose when there was maximum breast swelling. If she waited until itchy scalp started, that would have been the wrong time to repeat a herb dose. If itchy scalp or other androgenic symptoms occur, it's better to take a break or eat fiber such as brown rice.

Update on repeating herb doses

Acne and itchy scalp symptoms didn't happen in the expected order [October 3rd] which can happen. Itchy scalp happened first, and eating an apple for its fiber seemed to lessen the effects of itchy scalp. She took the herb dose consisting of hops, fenugreek, mint, fennel, lavender/sunflower and possibly wild yam, when she had acne, and this had a positive result by the next morning.

Her breast size started out at 35¼" for the morning (October 4th). It wasn't taken into account that this was from swelling or that the way to treat herb doses was still in effect after waking up, to not repeat a dose that causes an overload of a response that causes shrinking. Her breasts have consistently maintained near 34¾" for the past few days, but they have shrunk after this herb dose today.

While there is maximum breast swelling or seemingly temporary growth from the full herb combination for premenstrual, also less likely to be determined after waking, minimal amounts of spearmint, lavender/sunflower and perhaps hops may likely sustain or increase positive effects on growth. The full herb combination for premenstrual, is likely to have positive effects when there is acne, or after the effects of previous herbs have subsided.

Menses: 2019 October

For the first day of menses, midday, she took: 500mg hops, 250mg fenugreek, 250mg wild yam, and 60mg each of spearmint, fennel and sunflower/lavender. Within 3 hours, her bust size was back up to 35". This is of October 5th.

It depends on timing for which herb combination she will take. While there is breast swelling she will take 60mg each of spearmint, lavender and possibly fennel. From the time swelling goes down until there's acne, she will repeat the full herb combination.

Timing of dose the next day can be difficult: the order of herb effects still matters, even through the night. If it's too difficult to tell by the next morning, a day can be skipped.

Herb doses will be adjusted. The main herb dose is adjusted to: 500mg hops, 250mg wild yam, 125mg fenugreek, and 60mg each of spearmint, fennel and sunflower/lavender. This main herb dose is only meant for when there's no previous effect from herbs, or after breast swelling goes down, until while there's acne. The herb dose to take only while there's recent breast swelling/growth near it's maximum from the previous full dose is 60mg each of: spearmint, sunflower/lavender and fennel. This herb dose meant for recent breast swelling or increases in the presence of full estrogenic signs on the hips and breasts cannot be taken once itchy scalp, acne or other androgenic symptoms occur, until after the full herb dose is successfully used to cause breast swelling.

She took a minimal amount of lavender and spearmint, perhaps on the evening of October 5th, while there was swelling from a full herb dose.

The next day [the 6th], she only took the full dose, and there was minor cramps [the same] day. Overall, menstruation was light.

Yesterday, she took the full herb dose of 500mg hops, 250mg wild yam, 125mg fenugreek, and 60mg each of spearmint, fennel and sunflower/lavender. Hours later, she took 60mg each: spearmint, lavender/sunflower and fennel. The timing was meant for recent increases in fullness. Her bustsize maintained [near 35" for swelling and no lower than 34½"].

She repeated the same primary herb dose (on October 8th): her breast size went from 34½" to slightly over 35". This time, she took tea of 60mg each of spearmint, fennel and lavender as soon as breast fullness started after the first dose: her breasts swelled up to 35¼". The next morning (October 9th) her breasts were slightly over 34¾". Hopefully, this low is an improvement.

She took a break (for the 9th of October), because proliferative is expected soon. For next time, she will take less of the tea at a time, and take a lower proportion of fenugreek.

Proliferative: 2019 October

Yesterday for early proliferative phase, she took: 1 evening primrose capsule, vitamin C, a teaspoon of olive oil, and 60mg each of fennel, spearmint and lavender. She had breast swelling soon afterwards. Breast growth is expected by today, and it's expected to be more permanent.

Anon05's breasts have grown up to 35¼ again, but they have reduced in size when taking a break from herbs. This herb combination has worked consistently for others. Her breast size fluctuated was likely in part due to low body fat. She made a tea of 30mg each of: spearmint, fennel, lavender and ginseng. This time, she took it at a sip at a time, and her breasts were back up to 35¼. It will also be important to put on body fat. [There were also minor cramps from this, as expected with combination containing ginseng during proliferative.]

Her breasts have maintained at 35", and her hips have slightly increased in size. This is an improvement. Length of her breasts has increased, but width has decreased. This is the expected effect during proliferative, but there may need to be an adjustment to sustain breast width.

Secretory: 2019 October

For the first day, she may start a herb combination of down to a sip at a time of an additional amount of hops, with minimal amounts of spearmint, lavender, possibly ginseng and possibly clover.

For the first day of secretory, yesterday, she took: 1 evening primrose capsule, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and tea of about 100mg of hops and 30mg each of spearmint, fennel, fenugreek, sunflower and lavender.

When she got swelling from this, she sipped a tea of about: 250mg of hops, and 60mg each of spearmint and lavender. Breasts slightly increased from this. Likely, the second tea, should be taken the next day.

Her bust fluctuated to a new high of 35¾" last evening, but by today morning it returned back to 35". Today, her hip circumference increased from 35" to 36". Her temperature was at 35.5°C, which determines borderline for secretory., the last time it was observed.

Today she sipped a tea of 250mg hops, and 60mg each spearmint and lavender. It caused breast filling out or swelling.

Her bust size has fluctuated between near 36" to 35": perhaps breasts filled out. (She may have taken a break yesterday). Anon05 will add clover (to lavender/spearmint), or remove lavender/sunflower from the last listed dose.

She made a tea, that was taken partially at a time: of 125mg hops, and 60mg each of spearmint, lavender and clover. Yesterday, from this tea, her breasts went up to 36", from 35". This morning her breasts were at 35½". When she took another gulp today, her breasts slightly increased. Unfortunately, when she took another one when her breasts were at maximum swelling, they shrank back. The dose has to be repeated hours after maximum swelling, and before acne starts to go down.

In the morning, this tea had a positive effect on her hips. Previous doses without clover (which requires sunflower/lavender) likely shrunk them. Her hips are currently at 35½".

Her breast size fluctuated, perhaps because repetitions of the tea were taken too closely together, closer to the time of swelling. Today, her breasts sustained at 35" and her hips sustained at 35½".

Temperature lowered, suggesting it may be premenstrual phase, or close to it. Mucus indicates it may still be secretory, but the phase is closer to premenstrual.

It's closer to premenstrual, but [it's still likely] secretory.

Today, she'll make a tea of 125mg hops, 60mg each of spearmint, lavender and clover, and 30mg of fenugreek. She'll take part of this tea, then it will be taken again closer to when acne starts. Whenever she gets breast swelling, she'll take a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil, or an avocado. Saw palmetto may be tried later for recent breast swelling. Dietary fiber is intended to later be mixed in with this herb schedule.

When she took this too close together, while it was near recent swelling/growth, during late October, it caused breast shrinking and major fluctuations. However, her bustsize was soon between 35" and 36" around the end of secretory.

Luteal/premenstrual: 2019 November

From secretory to premenstrual, clover was phased out for fenugreek.

Afterwards, there were still fluctuations in breast size, with maximum bust size being 36", and minimum being 35". Herb doses were timed better, but the variances weren't so drastic.

Yesterday, she took approximately 300mg of saw palmetto apart from the tea. She took it with a tea of 125mg hops, and 60mg each of spearmint, fennel, wild yam, sunflower/lavender. By the evening, her hip size was at a new high mark of 36¼", and her bustline increased from 35" to 36". Saw palmetto, not as tea, may have been missing for luteal phase for better improvements. This morning, it will be seen if these gains are not temporary.

Menses: 2019 November

There was an improvement by using a minimal amount each of spearmint and hops between 1 to 2 hours after breast swelling from the first dose of: spearmint, hops, fennel, fenugreek and lavender/sunflower.

Her breast size still fluctuated, but the herb combination of spearmint and hops caused further breast swelling.

Proliferative: 2019 November

Starting size of her hips for this phase is 36¼", and bustline is 35".

Only once, during the first few days of proliferative, she took a tea of a minimal amount each of: spearmint, fennel, fenugreek, lavender and sunflower.

There was breast growth from this.

A day or so after this, she took this tea with evening primrose. Her hips and breasts grew by a significant amount temporarily. Unfortunately, soon after, without taking herbs, they started to shrink. This may have been from caffeine, however. Caffeine is expected to interact with the body's produced estrogen during proliferative, and with other additional hormones during other phases. Either way, evening primrose is better taken in combination during secretory.

For later of proliferative, tea of spearmint, fennel and sunflower caused breast and hip growth. The proportions used made a difference for success or not. Spearmint and fennel, must be in higher proportion than sunflower. Fennel, has to shift to a higher proportion than spearmint for later during proliferative.

Her bust size from this was 35¾" and her hip size was 36¾". This is a new high for her hips, and towards the upper end for breasts. Measurement from underbust to nipple [underside] is 2½", which hasn't changed noticeably from before this herb dose. Her breasts were described as fuller. Hopefully, this result stays.

Towards the end of proliferative, hips were 36½" and bust was 35". The previous gains seemed to slowly go away, but perhaps that was temporary swelling, due to either mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids, or from low levels of prolactin. It could also have been progesterone's effects from fennel that faded due to estrogen during later in proliferative. Still, some breast growth may have remained.

Secretory: 2019 November

A tea of 50mg each of spearmint, fennel, fenugreek and sunflower before the 3rd day of secretory caused some swelling. Then she took a tea of 100mg of hops, and 50mg clover, spearmint and sunflower. Further breast swelling was minor and temporary.

On another day, she took a tea of 200mg each of hops and clover, and 50mg each of sunflower and spearmint, then repeated this for breast swelling, and this caused a new temporary high for breasts and hips. Her bust was close to 36½", underbust to nipple [underside] was 2¾", and hips were 36¾". By the next morning, bust was back to 35", and hips were back to 36¼. Later, her bust was back to 35½", and hips back to 36½"

Menses: 2019 December

For early menses, she took tea of 100mg each: spearmint, hops, asparagus, clover, sunflower. It caused moderately heavy menstruation. Then later, a tea of 50mg mint, 100mg hops, 100mg thistle and 100mg fennel, lowered it.

There were usual fluctuations in breast and hip size.

Chocolate may have been interfering with progress.


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In [a] morning [during proliferative], she tried 150mg each of: fenugreek, lavender, sunflower, spearmint, fennel and thistles (Silybum).

There was no noticeable change in breast size. Nipple area was described as smoother after this: this is likely from thistles' perhaps antagonistic effect. Thistles use should perhaps be limited during proliferative phase.