Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

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This blog is of herb use [for anon03].

Starting size was a B cup and results of earlier herb combinations were recorded a few months before this public blog was started. This program blog continued off of those early herb combinations, and this herb schedule is being updated for consistent and continued efficacy and hormone balance. The maximum growth she had was from a B cup to an E cup. Body temperature which indicates estrogen balance rises and lowers, because she uses herb combinations with ginger to shrink her breasts, between herb combinations not shown in the program blog.

Results from herb use depend upon menstrual cycle phase. Herb combinations that had neutral, questionable or negative effects as described are not suggested. Every herb taken is in tea form, except for evening primrose, which [often comes] in capsule form [and is no longer recommended].

This program is completed, because breast enlargement isn't her goal. The entries below are ordered by menstrual phase, then by date beneath that.

Evening primrose isn't recommended [, because its use is unsustainable for reproductive health]. Documentation of its past use was moved.

This herb schedule is outdated and is for archival purposes. Please see, the program: simplified. It has replaced the programs: proliferative, luteal and BCP01. Menses is a herb program for normalizing menses and alleviating symptoms. To determine when to use parts of these herb schedules, please see: menstrual phases.

For further introduction on starting a herbal program, please see: guide. For information and programs on hirsutism, please also see: hirsutism-topic.

Anon08 is the latest program with pictures of breast growth.


spearmint, hops

In the past at an undated time, she tried spearmint and hops (in equal and minimal amounts as tea) without other herbs during menstruation. This caused breast growth by the next day, but it was probably temporary. Other herbs added to this often interfered with potential positive results.

spearmint, hops, fenugreek, sunflower

For menstruation, she will try tea of minimal amounts of spearmint, hops, fenugreek and sunflower.

She took 100mg of hops, and 50mg each of spearmint, fenugreek and sunflower all as tea during [early] menstruation.

The next day her breasts got wider, her nipples became more pronounced and areolas got wider.

There were other hormonal effects that were not specific to the breasts from this herb combination. Temperature lowered by .4°C, within a few hours suggesting an increase in bodily estrogen. The next day in the evening she had a headache, that lasted until the next afternoon, possibly from an increase in estrogen. Her menstruation was moderate before taking this, and this herb combination lessened her period to [about] 2.5 days. This herb combination may have slightly lowered body hair, but it's difficult to tell so soon.

Hops should be lowered to 50mg, and [up to] double the amount is intended if menstruation intensity is heavy. Sunflower requires the rest of the combination, especially fenugreek.

She took 25mg each of fenugreek, spearmint, hops and sunflower seed made into tea. Breasts grew about a cup size, and hip circumference grew from 3 to 5 cm after 24 hours. Body hair likely decreased slightly.

Body temperature slightly lowered after 3 hours. Menstruation lasted 3 days and was light.

sunflower, wild yam

She tried sunflower seed and wild yam during menstruation, and there was no noticeable effect from that.

This is expected to cause negative results for those with a hormonal imbalance.


spearmint, fennel, fenugreek, sunflower

She tried a tea made of a pinch each of fenugreek, fennel, spearmint and sunflower during [early] proliferative phase, and there were positive results. Breast size went from a C to a medium D cup, and there was a hip increase of 2 centimeters in circumference.

Body temperature was normal before taking herbs, and afterwards temperature change was insignificant by .1° C. Mucus also increased.

Fenugreek by itself was inconsistent for causing breast growth during proliferative phase, but its effects on the reproductive tract were looked at again. Fenugreek by itself likely had a positive effect on ERβ, but an inconsistent one on ERα. This was the basis for adding fennel, spearmint and sunflower to fenugreek, to provide antagonism on ERα and a better response from other steroid receptors, during proliferative phase.

Growth happened about 24 hours later. The herb combination of fenugreek, fennel, spearmint and sunflower is meant to work once, and it may possibly not work for everyone.

Suggestions of evening primrose are being removed for proliferative phase.


mint, lavender trial

For [anon03] who doesn't have hirsutism, 500mg each of mint and lavender caused breast growth during [early] premenstrual phase. It also caused premenstrual symptoms: this is likely because of estrogen increase.

Body hair changes were not immediately determined. Sometimes they occur immediately, and sometimes those symptoms occur the next day.

The day before, also during [early] premenstrual phase, she used lavender only. Her breasts grew, and body hairs got lighter. This result was of course in the presence of dominant bodily progestogen or estrogen, not in the presence of heavy bodily androgens.

Lavender is expected to cause androgenic symptoms and breast shrinkage for mid to late premenstrual phase.

About hops

Hops (Humulus) increases prolactin, which may impede [does impede] estrogen production during proliferative phase. Humulus typically hasn't worked for breast growth during proliferative.

Hops causes breast shrinking during proliferative phase. This is because it contains phyto-estrogens which more than likely intefere with the body's production of estrogen for this phase. Entry on its documented use for herbal breast reduction removed. Avoid hops during proliferative, because it likely desensitizes estrogen response for proliferative phase.