Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Hormone balance for those over 45 years of age: composite program

Age and breast growth

I’m 65 years oId, after breast-feeding my daughter in my early 30s my breast went from a B to nothing. At the time, implants seemed like the best solution. I kept those implants for 28 years. Last summer I had them removed because of the pain and scar tissue. My doctor told me let my body heal for a year. After the surgery I felt devastated it looked like I had a double mastectomy. It actually looked like my breast skin went inward into my body.

I started doing some research found out it’s possible to grow breast by herbal supplements. I did try a couple of creams and pills. I had some minor results. Can your program work on someone of my age?

I expect it to work. The primary objective is to balance hormones such as potential effects like hot-flashes. The herb program of simplified can help with hormone balance. It's also likely possible to grow maybe three cup sizes with that same herb schedule. It may depend on if there's still a basic structure of the breasts. Otherwise, it might be possible from body fat. From what you have described, it's likely possible. I understand how outward appearance is important in a situation like this.