Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Pueraria/Kudzu based herbal breast enlargement program


Pueraria; kudzu

This is a composite herb program without current BCP use for starting breast sizes from B to E, until G. Programs that continue on can offer updates or continue on under a separate program. This program is also descriptive of those without major hormone imbalances, and of those not underweight.

It will be seen if a minimal amount of kudzu (Pueraria) is that mint substitute for each phase except proliferative.

If BCP is to be used with kudzu (Pueraria), they should be used together for the first dose of either menses or secretory. Most herb combinations including with kudzu are not expected to work successfully a second time during menses.

Pueraria [anecdotally] seems to have ERα antagonizing properties that spearmint has. It is also directly estrogenic, so it cannot be used every time spearmint can be used. Kudzu is not expected to work during proliferative phase, because it is too estrogenic. In theory, spearmint can be used during times and with combinations where Pueraria can't. Kudzu isn't expected to work when there's breast swelling, unless likely it's during secretory. This herb in theory should only be tried for the first dose of menses and secretory phase. Kudzu should likely be treated as spearmint and clover put together, limiting it to times when clover and spearmint could only work.

This herb schedule is outdated and is for archival purposes. Please see, the program: simplified. It has replaced the programs: proliferative, luteal and BCP01. Menses is a herb program for normalizing menses and alleviating symptoms. To determine when to use parts of these herb schedules, please see: menstrual phases.

For further introduction on starting a herbal program, please see: guide. For information and programs on hirsutism, please also see: hirsutism-topic.

Anon08 is the latest program with pictures of breast growth.


Pueraria is excluded from menses for this herb schedule. It has worked before for menses, but in theory it's not expected to work well with these programs.


Kudzu (Pueraria) is expected to cause bust and hip shrinkage [for this phase], because its properties are too estrogenic.

For all of proliferative: thistles, clover, hops and likely pueraria can't be used, because they are primarily estrogenic.

Fenugreek is also estrogenic, but it has just the right balance of progestogenic properties to be used on the first day of proliferative, before mucus starts.

See proliferative for the herb program of this phase.

Take a break for ovulation.


The first day of secretory will include [in theory] minimal amounts each of: fenugreek, kudzu, hops and a lignan [sunflower, barley, flax or rye seed].

Secretory is more tolerant of herb variations than menses, so hops should be included here.

Amounts of wild yam, fenugreek and possibly saw palmetto should be higher than combined pueraria, thistles or hops. Sesame should be included with this herb program, as it has replaced spearmint in other herb programs throughout this phase.