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Proliferative phase update

Her body temperature normalized to 36.0°C. She also had headaches, which could be a sign of increased estrogen. Minor breast pains came with growth, and there was a minor increase in hip width.

The full combination of evening primrose, fennel, sunflower and fenugreek shouldn't be taken during proliferative phase, especially for those with hirsutism, PCOS, alcopecia or hormone imbalances. For those who don't have hormone imbalances, it is unhealthy to take this more than once for proliferative phase, because of the few irregular symptoms. The body had to balance too many effects from this combination. The combination without fenugreek during this phase has worked much better. It is still yet to be observed if Shatavari (asparagus) should replace fenugreek.

Evening primrose, fennel, sunflower and fenugreek for proliferative phase

For proliferative phase, she took evening primrose, fennel, sunflower and fenugreek. Her breasts grew the next day, but her temperature lowered to below normal [35.5°C]. There was also cervical mucus the next day.

This combination is not ideal for anyone to take during proliferative phase. It is also not expected to work for those with hirsutism during proliferative phase, because it took until the next day to cause breast growth. For a future proliferative phase, it needs to be seen if asparagus is a better replacement for fenugreek.

Evening Primrose, Fennel and Sunflower Use During Secretory Phase

During the beginning of secretory phase, evening primrose, fennel and sunflower seed were used together. This dosage left out fenugreek, to first see the effects of sunflower seed with evening primrose and fennel.

This dose took until the next day to cause breast growth. For those with estrogen deficiency or other hormone imbalances, this result may not work, because the herb combination took until the next day.

For the begining of next secretory phase, evening primrose, fennel, sunflower and fenugreek will be used.

Evening Primrose, Fennel and Sunflower for the First Day of Proliferative Phase

For the first day of proliferative phase, she took evening primrose and 50mg fennel. Before taking this, her temperature was 37°C, and an hour later, her temperature lowered to 36.6°C. About two hours later, her breasts widened to fill her C cup bra. After this, she took sunflower seed, and there was an insignificant increase in breast size, and temperature increased by .1°C.

Her temperature is normally higher than normal, possibly because of low estrogens, but she doesn't have hirsutism.

After taking evening primrose, there is a duration of time where it takes the body to balance out the effects, to get an estrogenic result, that varies for some until the next day. The results add to evidence that sunflower seed works better when it is taken before the effects of evening primrose balance out. [For those with hirsutism, this is not expected to work during the first few days of proliferative phase]

Sunflower and Wild Yam during Menstruation

She tried sunflower seed and wild yam during menstruation, and there was no noticeable effect from that. [This is expected to cause negative results for those with a hormonal imbalance.]

Evening Primrose, Fenugreek and Fennel Use During Secretory Phase

During [the first few days of] secretory phase, 1 capsule of evening primrose, 100mg of fenugreek and 50mg of fennel were used together. Fennel, which lowers follicle stimulating hormone, requires evening primrose, which raises follicle stimulating hormone. Fenugreek is present to raise estrogens, progestogens with androgens, and to nourish the ovaries.

This dosage caused widening of breasts and [of] the [lower] abdominal area. Her cup size was a C. She had mild inverted nipple before, and this dose increased her nipple size. There were no significant changes in body hair or acne.

The next herb proposal will add sunflower seed to this combination.

Mint and Lavender Trial for Premenstrual Phase

For [anon03] who doesn't have hirsutism, 500mg each of mint and lavender caused breast growth during [early] premenstrual phase. It also caused premenstrual symptoms: this is likely because of estrogen increase.

Body hair changes were not immediately determined. Sometimes they occur immediately, and sometimes those symptoms occur the next day.

The amount was supposed to be [between] 50mg to 100mg each of mint and lavender.

The day before, also during [early] premenstrual phase, she used lavender only. Her breasts grew, and body hairs got lighter. This result was of course in the presence of dominant bodily progestogen or estrogen, not in the presence of heavy bodily androgens. [Mint and lavender are expected to cause androgenic symptoms and breast shrinkage for mid to late premenstrual phase.]