Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

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By taking soy or flax seed to act as an estrogen can this cause estrogen deficiency?

[Menstrual] cramps

I’ve had bad period cramps for awhile? What should i do to fix this, i know this is a sign of hormonal imbalance. I hear raspbery leaf and goats rue can help? What are the properties of these herbs?


Looking at rapid breast growth from macromastia/gigantomastia its often from an imbalance of one hormone? Is it still possible to replicate this effect from the balancing of hormones/ procedure shown in the ebook?

Wider hips only

I’m not interested in growing my breast with herbs that much, I have a boyish figure and I just want want a more womanly figure like having wide hips , so which herbal program could focus solely on that if it’s possible? Thank you.

Growing Pains

Many people with successful NBE experience a combination of growing pains (itchy, tingling. etc). Could you tell me how growing pains happen? Also, if i do not experience any growing pain during my program, does it mean my program wont work? - Lara

Butt [enhancement]

Could you give some similar info as to how to grow the butt? What kind of herbs etc. could help with that? Thanks in advance! - Kira


Love this site & seeing such amazing results! Those who used the herbs mentioned can you tell me where you purchased the whole herb (hard to find where I live!) Has anyone used supplements (capsules) vs whole herb? Schedule confusing, more details??. - Saggy C's