Botanical Bust Enhancement: Research, Guide


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The owner of the blog has been very helpful. She really understands the processes and effect of the herbs. Ive definitely seen growth since on her program. Also love the fact that she is very responsive.

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Great read, very informative and has given me some more knowledge, thank you. - Man2woman;

That means a lot. - Dynseli;

Herb Forms

Love this site & seeing such amazing results! Those who used the herbs mentioned can you tell me where you purchased the whole herb (hard to find where I live!) Has anyone used supplements (capsules) vs whole herb? Schedule confusing, more details?? - Saggy C's;

That's good to hear. You can get whole herb form at a farmer's market, at a health food store (you can find one through or its equivalent), or you can find a reputable supplier online that is based in the U.S., E.U., Canada, or the country of origin for the herb. I don't want to advertise for any particular company.

Some have used capsules. They are fine, except when they are substituted with fillers, or contain traces of unlisted supplements. When the supplement product is genuine, simply whole herb provides better value. Whole herb is usually easier to identify, but with either, you still have to be certain that you are getting the product as labeled. There was a case last week where a brick-and-mortar store sold a toxic herb, and it sent someone to the hospital. Here is a video about herbal supplements: PBS NewsHour: Store-bought herbal supplements may not be what they seem, and there is more information to find online.

As for the schedule, the best plan to use is in chapter 4 of the 2nd edition of the ebook. It says don't take mint or rosemary alone, take it with peony or lavender, and balance amounts of mint or rosemary when suggested to keep your menstrual cycles regular. Then it is listed in consecutive order starting from New Moon, which is usually consistent with the start of the menstrual cycle, and these are approximate times. Full Moon is usually during ovulation. List the herbs you have from each category, then write down a schedule based on that, and for each phase. If your menstrual cycle becomes irregular, or there are concerns, take a break, until the next menstrual cycle. - Dynseli;

As for rosemary, mint, fenugreek and fennel, those can often be found in a spice shop. - Dynseli;


Keep up the good work Dynseli! ^_^b - Octaviaaah;

Hi Octaviaaah, Thank you for noticing! - Dynseli;

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