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What happened to bubble melon or rocket melon from breast nexus? Is she still continuing her breast enhancement journey? I cannot find her on breast nexus any longer.

The last time I communicated with Bubblemelon (Rocketmelon) was the first half of this year. She has stopped her breast enhancement journey, since over a year ago. She said she wanted to lose weight before she posted any more pictures, but she doesn't need to lose weight.

Thank you for asking. Bubblemelon would be happy to hear her journey is an inspiration. She hasn't been on Breastnexus in a long time. Let me know if any part of the herb schedule is not working for you, or if you have any negative symptoms.

Questions [and comments] about Bubblemelon's program [from now on] are moved to /programs/bubblemelon.


Hi. I just want to know if you think that massaging your breasts is effective for growth.

It can be, because breast massage influences the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland. Menstruation would be a good time to try massage. During proliferative phase, massage is less likely to work. With massage, be gentle, and don't do anything rough that can harm tissue.

breast deformity and unevenness

How do I even out asymmetrical breasts and breast deformity?

Try this [updated] part of the schedule from one of the blog programs during secretory phase only once, and wait a day to see if perceived breast deformity improves.

If it shows improvement, then repeat this two days later during secretory phase. Don't use more than 1 evening primrose capsule per day, and no more than 100mg of each of the other herbs from this updated programs blog. Always wait for breast swelling after each dose, before trying another dose. Herbs within a combination must be taken at the same time to work. Only if this is successful, continue with the herb schedule from super-bazongas.pdf for secretory phase. Let me know if this works for you.

It's normal for breasts to be asymmetrical. Use olive oil topically on the breast with less volume. If they remain more than a cup size different afterwards, then reply back.

Proliferate phase confusion

Ok, i want to start this program, but im confused on what exactly to take during this phase. It says multiple herbs and switches up herbs. So can you please help me out.

For proliferative phase, if you use lavender or ginseng too soon, it will cause androgenic symptoms. Ginseng is perhaps more potent. Once estrogen picks up enough, ginseng and lavender will multiply an estrogenic effect, instead of an androgenic effect.

If you have estrogen deficiency, skip this phase, because the first part of the herb schedule is not yet perfected. Secretory phase of the herb schedule should help improve estrogen balance.

For those who have hormonal balance, evening primrose has caused breast swelling by the next day. Unfortunately, for those who have estrogen deficiency, evening primrose taken during early proliferative phase caused breast shrinkage, and temporary hot-flashes, then high body temperature levels have eventually lowered. This suggests that estrogen production eventually improves after first temporarily lowering.

Sunflower seed and evening primrose have shown the ability to lower or raise temperature associated with hot-flashes. Evening primrose doesn't cause androgenic symptoms. Sunflower seed seems to lower body temperature to normal levels sooner when taken with or after evening primrose.

During proliferative phase, follicle stimulating hormone is typically low, and estrogen takes a few days to rise. Evening primrose interferes by raising follicle stimulating hormone. Fennel lowers FSH. Sunflower appears to need evening primrose to work. Olive or coconut oils are to dilute evening primrose's strength. Sunflower and fennel are an attempt to balance evening primrose's effects on FSH and estrogen. Effects of fennel, sunflower and primrose together still need to be examined.

There is room for improvement for the herb schedule for the first part of proliferative phase, especially for those who produce less estrogen. During the end of proliferative phase, provided evening primrose caused breast growth, there is more variance of herbs that cause growth.

Herb schedule for proliferative phase has been simplified since then, but there will still be room for improvements.

Growing Pains

Many people with successful NBE experience a combination of growing pains (itchy, tingling. etc). Could you tell me how growing pains happen? Also, if i do not experience any growing pain during my program, does it mean my program wont work? - Lara;

Breast sensations like pains usually means something will happen. The problem is, it could mean shrinking and androgenic symptoms.

Don't take anything else, and wait until the next morning, unless there's growth sooner. When there's growth, then you can repeat cautiously, but it is better to wait until the next day, because a herb combination like with clover can cause a combination of effects. A big mistake is repeating a dose, when there are breast sensations, not knowing what the effect is yet.

Breast growth can happen without breast pain, itching, tingling. Breast sensations are an indication that there's hormonal action going on, that is agonistic and antagonistic within breast tissue. - Dynseli;


Hello. Im Bb thank u for your answer. For menstruation with maca is ok but when im around ovulation my breast is shrinking i lost everytime 1 or 2cm so the growth beore is lost... :( for the other time of cycle thats ok but not that. Thks so much - Bb;

Good to hear from you!

Minor shrinking usually happens during ovulation. The herbs used during proliferative phase have been useful to sustain gains when used for ovulation. However, I do not fully understand why, in the presence of the hormone levels during ovluation, so that was left out of the schedule. I need to reconfirm herb combination effects for ovulation.

Maca is suggested as optional for menstruation to help nourish the body from nutrient loss; it's not there for bust enhancement.


Hello im using your method since 4 month but i see no result. With your actual method after my period my breast is smaller than usually. Im taking bovine ovary too. I dont know what I wanna do :( and im using noogleberry too since september 2017. - Bb;

I apologize. I started correcting problems with the herb schedule, especially during menstruation phase.

I'm still working on a herb schedule that will work more consistently under all conditions. For some, more variety of herb combinations work, because their bodies have more fatty tissue and their body is balanced to be more estrogenic. Use the schedule for any part of the schedule that has worked for you, and skip the rest for now. Any combination of the schedule that does not cause growth or swelling by the next day, do not take another. Base each minimal dosage at 50mg, and each part at 100mg, then wait the next day to see if this solid amount is effective, before repeating. For menstruation, don't take any herbs for now.

I associated acne with a chance for potential growth, but this was only coincidental for a herb that raised estrogen like fenugreek during secretory phase.

Herbs like hops and lavender behave like multipliers of your body's current hormonal state. When estrogen production picks up for late-proliferative phase and late-secretory phase, lavender usually works. Hops, thistle or clover aren't expected to work for proliferative phase, because their properties raise prolactin to interfere with estrogen production. Some herbs require fenugreek when used during parts of secretory phase.

During menstruation, fenugreek and lavender haven't worked reliably for everyone. Fenugreek only works at the begining of proliferative phase, and not once estrogen picks up. Lavender only works after estrogen picks up. Fenugreek and lavender don't worked together during any part of proliferative phase.

Mint together with hops has worked for menstruation before. It seems that herbs selective towards ER-alpha are more useful during menstruation. A combination of mint and clover has caused an odd result of breast growth and breast hairs during menstruation, suggesting these two herbs acted on different receptors, causing a positive result for ER-alpha and a negative one for ER-beta. It seems that the effects of hops, lavender and other estrogen receptor sensitizing herbs are multiplying the effects of a hormone that is not compensated for. Clover is likely to only be useful during secretory phase, often requiring fenugreek.

As for bovine ovary, limit it to minimal amounts and use it only during late secretory phase. It works during other times through progestogenic action, but it has reduced the body's capacity to produce estrogen. - Dynseli


This site is really interesting! - Kira;

Thank you for your comment. - Dynseli;

Thank You

Thank you for your very thorough and very informative eBook. It has been EXTREMELY helpful for my NBE Journey. Also, thank you for your quick and helpful response to my question about BO. - Tiny Town;

You're welcome. - Dynseli;


Nice - BesWaifu;


Hi y'all! I'm so excited about starting an herbal program finally and I'm beyond grateful for having such a good friend involved in this! Currently I am 34B fluctuatin' 34C sometimes, and my main goal is to achieve 34D/34E this year! - Sweet Orange;

Commenting the blog

The owner of the blog has been very helpful. She really understands the processes and effect of the herbs. Ive definitely seen growth since on her program. Also love the fact that she is very responsive. -

Remarks about contents

Great read, very informative and has given me some more knowledge, thank you. - Man2woman;


Love this site & seeing such amazing results! - Saggy C's;

That's good to hear. - Dynseli;


Keep up the good work Dynseli! ^_^b - Octaviaaah;

Hi Octaviaaah, Thank you for noticing! - Dynseli;


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