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Growing Pains

Many people with successful NBE experience a combination of growing pains (itchy, tingling. etc). Could you tell me how growing pains happen? Also, if i do not experience any growing pain during my program, does it mean my program wont work? - Lara;

Breast sensations like pains usually means something will happen. The problem is, it could mean shrinking and androgenic symptoms.

Don't take anything else, and wait until the next morning, unless there's growth sooner. When there's growth, then you can repeat cautiously, but it is better to wait until the next day, because a herb combination like with clover can cause a combination of effects. A big mistake is repeating a dose, when there are breast sensations, not knowing what the effect is yet.

Breast growth can happen without breast pain, itching, tingling. Breast sensations are an indication that there's hormonal action going on, that is agonistic and antagonistic within breast tissue. - Dynseli;


Hello im using your method since 4 month but i see no result. With your actual method after my period my breast is smaller than usually. Im taking bovine ovary too. I dont know what I wanna do :( and im using noogleberry too since september 2017. - Bb;

I apologize. I started correcting problems with the herb schedule, especially during menstruation phase.

I'm still working on a herb schedule that will work for everyone. For some, more variety of herb combinations work, because their bodies have more fatty tissue and their body is balanced to be more estrogenic.

Use the schedule for any part of the schedule that has worked for you, and skip the rest for now. Any combination of the schedule that does not cause growth or swelling by the next day, do not take another. Base each minimal dosage at 50mg, and each part at 100mg, then wait the next day to see if this solid amount is effective, before repeating. For menstruation, don't take any herbs for now.

As for bovine ovary, limit it to minimal amounts and use it only during mid secretory phase. It works during other times through progestogenic action, but it has reduced the body's capacity to produce estrogen.

Herbs like hops and lavender behave like multipliers of your body's current hormonal state. When estrogen production picks up for mid-proliferative phase and mid-secretory phase, lavender with fennel works. Hops, thistle or clover aren't expected to work for proliferative phase, because their properties raise prolactin to interfere with estrogen production. Some herbs require fenugreek when used during parts of secretory phase.

During menstruation, fenugreek and lavender haven't worked reliably for everyone. Mint together with hops has worked for menstruation before. It seems that herbs selective towards ER-alpha are more useful during menstruation. A combination of mint and clover has caused an odd result of breast growth and breast hairs during menstruation, suggesting these two herbs acted on different receptors, causing a positive result for ER-alpha and a negative one for ER-beta. It seems that the effects of hops, lavender and other estrogen receptor sensitizing herbs are multiplying the effects of a hormone that is not compensated for. Clover is being removed for most suggestions, until its specific actions are verified in literature. Clover is likely to only be useful during secretory phase, often requiring fenugreek.

I associated acne with a chance for potential growth, but this was only coincidental for a herb that raised estrogen like fenugreek during secretory phase. undated

There's another update about fenugreek and lavender for proliferative phase. Fenugreek only works at the begining of proliferative phase, and not once estrogen picks up. Lavender only works after estrogen picks up. Fenugreek and lavender haven't worked together during any part of proliferative phase for several people. - Dynseli;

Butt [enhancement]

Hi! This site is really interesting! but btw could you give some similar info as to how to grow the butt? What kind of herbs etc. could help with that? Thanks in advance! - Kira;

Thank you for your comment. You can use resistance exercises for butt enhancement. During mid-secretory (luteal) phase, 100mg of lavender, fenugreek and fennel per day can be used. Clover must be used together with minimal amounts of fenugreek. Fennel is to antagonize response, and fenugreek is required when used with lavender and fennel. - Dynseli;

Thank You

Thank you for your very thorough and very informative eBook. It has been EXTREMELY helpful for my NBE Journey. Also, thank you for your quick and helpful response to my question about BO. - Tiny Town;

You're welcome. - Dynseli;


Hi y'all! I'm so excited about starting an herbal program finally and I'm beyond grateful for having such a good friend involved in this! Currently I am 34B fluctuatin' 34C sometimes, and my main goal is to achieve 34D/34E this year! - Sweet Orange;

Commenting the blog

The owner of the blog has been very helpful. She really understands the processes and effect of the herbs. Ive definitely seen growth since on her program. Also love the fact that she is very responsive. -

Remarks about contents

Great read, very informative and has given me some more knowledge, thank you. - Man2woman;

Herb Forms

Love this site & seeing such amazing results! Those who used the herbs mentioned can you tell me where you purchased the whole herb (hard to find where I live!) Has anyone used supplements (capsules) vs whole herb? Schedule confusing, more details?? - Saggy C's;

That's good to hear. You can get whole herb form at a farmer's market, at a health food store (you can find one through or its equivalent), or you can find a reputable supplier online that is based in the U.S., E.U., Canada, or the country of origin for the herb. I don't want to advertise for any particular company.

Some have used capsules. They are fine, except when they are substituted with fillers, or contain traces of unlisted supplements. When the supplement product is genuine, simply whole herb provides better value. Whole herb is usually easier to identify, but with either, you still have to be certain that you are getting the product as labeled. There was a case last week where a brick-and-mortar store sold a toxic herb, and it sent someone to the hospital. Here is a video about herbal supplements: PBS NewsHour: Store-bought herbal supplements may not be what they seem, and there is more information to find online.

As for rosemary, mint, fenugreek and fennel, those can often be found in a spice shop. - Dynseli;

The herb schedule has been greatly simplified and improved. If your menstrual cycle becomes irregular, or there are concerns, take a break, until the next cycle. - Dynseli;


Keep up the good work Dynseli! ^_^b - Octaviaaah;

Hi Octaviaaah, Thank you for noticing! - Dynseli;

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