Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Composite of program segments for breast and hip growth



These programs are without BCP. Programs starting below a D cup will be focused on here.

The program for proliferative as of June 22, 2022 for the respective phase will be followed. This schedule works consistently, but it will be improved to see if quicker results can be made. A lot of variations which were potential setbacks were removed from it.

There's still some work to do to improve the herb schedule for luteal phase.

For menses, growth isn't expected, however, the herb schedule for it is to lower heavy menses, to lessen brown spotting and to help with basic hormone balance for the cycle. Breast swelling or puffiness, or bodily bloating could be lowered, but trying that has often led to unwanted symptoms of headaches and abdominal cramps.


Tay has an A cup, and wants her breast size to go up 2 sizes. She has a recent history of heavy menses, which the intensity can be lowered. Tay doesn't have hirsutism, but she has mild body hair.


Menses started off heavy for her this cycle. After she ate 1 fenugreek seed and 1 sunflower seed, menses intensity lowered.

Muscle Girl

She started with a 36B or 32D. Her goal is to go up 2 or 3 cup sizes.


She took the herb schedule for proliferative, and there was minor consistent growth. She stumbled upon swelling, which temporarily caused a slow down in growth, but this was overcome with 20 sunflower seeds at a time, no sooner than every hour, until there was hip or bust growth.


During luteal, she started off with 1 fenugreek and 20 sunflower seeds. Then, she took 20 sunflower seeds at a time, no sooner than every hour, to reduce breast swelling and swelling shape, until it lowered or went away. There was minor consistent growth from this.

Then, only once for this phase, when there's no swelling, she'll eat: 1 fenugreek seed, 20 sunflower seeds, 10 sesame seeds and 1 hops capsule. This is intended to cause breast swelling, and more than a pinch of hops isn't for those with a past hormone imbalance. After this, she'll eat less than 20 sunflower seeds no sooner than every hour, until breast swelling/puffiness, swelling shape and bodily bloating go away.

Yesterday evening, she ate: 1 fenugreek seed, 20 sunflower seeds, 10 sesame seeds and 1 hops capsule (of about 300mg). An hour later, she didn't see an effect, so she ate another hops capsule, then swelling occurred. This shows that hops with the combination didn't immediately cause swelling. Swelling now has to be reduced before any phyto-progestin and/or phyto-estrogen can be taken. This morning, she had a round full shape, and an overbust measurement of an additional ¼". Swelling may have been minimal or not noticed by this morning. She may take 20 sunflower seeds no sooner than every hour, until there's no signs of swelling shape.

Ideally, swelling would eventually occur. When hops is repeated while there's no swelling, it would be taken with 1 fenugreek seed, 20 sunflower seeds and 10 sesame seeds. The hops taken alone an hour later may have been part way between taking it alone and taking it with the previous dose. Hops also had an effect of increasing the body's effects of progestins. Another time, during luteal, when there's no swelling, she'll try: 1 fenugreek seed, 20 sunflower seeds, 10 sesame seeds, 2 hops capsules and 1 fennel seed. Fennel shouldn't be taken outside of this, and it should be limited to 1 seed. Hops can only be taken during luteal, when there's no swelling.

Last night she took: 1 fenugreek seed, 20 sunflower seeds, 10 sesame seeds, 3 hops capsules, 1 saw palmetto capsule and 1 fennel seed. Today morning from that, she had a minor increase in bust size of ⅛", as they were fitting bigger different bras. However, most of the results this morning were likely due to swelling. She later mentioned that she had minor face swelling, so this is swelling, even if it wasn't obvious of her breast shape. She took 20 sunflower seeds a few times early in the day, but perhaps not often enough. Later in the day, breast size slightly deflated. Hips stayed cool, so they probably slightly grew, while bust was warmer when a minor decrease occurred.

The morning before, she had an increase of ¼" from the previous dose which stayed at least until this morning. For the last two days, she had a temporary increase from 36⅞" to 37¼" before minor shrinkage occurred.

This evening, because hips were cool and breast size slightly went down, for a sort of reset, she took: 1 fenugreek seed, 20 sunflower seeds and 10 sesame seeds. Breast size increased shortly after this. Then, about an hour later she took about 20 sunflower seeds, because her breast shape was described as plump, which could indicate swelling.

Today, she'll make an adjustment of taking 20 sunflowers until obvious swelling of any time goes away, and when breast elongation or another sign of estrogenic increase occurs. Later, the adjustment will be to recognize the time between when there's minor swelling and when breast elongation occurs. When this occurs, or as late as when breast elongation increases, she'll take a herb combination with a base dose of: 1 fenugreek seed and 1 sunflower seed. 10 sesame seeds could be included with this base dose for luteal.

This morning, there was breast elongation from the last two doses from yesterday evening.

Her hips have slightly increased from around that time.