Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Sunshine Girl's breast enhancement program


Sunshine Girl restarted her program recently.

Her goal is a G cup; then she'll decide if she wants to continue further. Hip size is expected to increase as well.

For her past program as anon05, see: Sunshine Girl (2019 archive) and Sunshine Girl (2020 archive).


During menses phase, there was difficulty balancing hormones, and no growth then. There was breast growth during proliferative phase, with sporadic appearances of acne.

She has: sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and asparagus root. The proportions of asparagus root aren't determined. She may get fenugreek soon.

Breast fullness has consistently increased since starting.

Sunshine Girl


1 piece of shatavari and 3 sunflower seeds caused minor breast growth in width. Then, 2 pieces of shatavari and 10 sunflower seeds caused acne. 1 rice-size of shatavari, 10 sesame seeds and ½ handful of sunflower seed caused acne, but no growth. Shatavari lacked estrogenic properties on ERα that fenugreek has, or it has to be repeated when there's acne.

When she had acne, she got minor breast and hip growth from eating: 1 rice-sized piece of shatavari, 10 sesame seeds, 1/2 handful of sunflower and a rice size of hops. Hops needs to be limited to when there's acne, and it needs a minimal amount of sesame seeds with it. Use of hops and shatavari needs to be approached with care for those with past hormone imbalances.

Sunshine girl took: 6 pieces of shatavari, 3 handfuls of sunflower, 10 sesame seeds and a rice size of hops. There was minor fullness from it. She mentioned acne that has been present for a few days, and in the picture there's minor swelling shape.

Picture of Asparagus plant Image of package of dried shatavari

Herb amounts

She has shatavari instead of fenugreek, so an adjustment needs to be made based on this. The rhizome or root is soft, so it's intended to be eaten similary to the suggestions with fenugreek. Adjustments have to be made, because its phytohormones vary and because of the different size of the piece of herb.