Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Anon05's breast enhancement program

Proliferative: Feb 2020

For mid-proliferative, there was a positive result from a tea of: 1 fennel seed, minimal spearmint, sunflower seed, flax seed, sesame seed and pumpkin seed. 1 fennel seed is enough for a progestogenic response.

Menses: Feb 2020

For the first (and intentionally only) tea of menses (meant only for the near beginning), it had: 100mg hops, 50mg fenugreek, 20mg fennel, ≈20mg sunflower. This is similar to the herbal tea from anon03's journal, except spearmint was replaced by fennel, and certain herb amounts are lower. Fennel is a powerful herb, so its amounts should be lowered. Sunflower is low, because fennel is included. In the future, a few adjustments may be made. Then, she would take a break for all of menses, until proliferative starts: taking anything now, especially fennel or spearmint would interrupt (hip and breast) growth and normal menstruation. For those taking BCP, that would count as a (or part of a) first dose for menses. Fennel can likely be reduced even more, and hopefully, it can be eliminated from future use.

The combination of hops, fenugreek, fennel and sunflower didn't work. It caused minor acne, and minor breast shrinking. It needed spearmint, not fennel. Fennel should be removed from this dose.


2020 January: premenstrual

The image on the left is in the morning during premenstrual phase, before taking a herb dose of: 1,000mg fenugreek, 500mg clover, 500mg sunflower, 250mg spearmint, 250mg hops, 250mg fennel, and a pinch (50 to 100mg) of thistle. Bust measurement for morning was about 35". The image on the right is afterwards at night, with a bust measurement of about 35¼".

For the rest of premenstrual, and menses, the herb combinations will be based on this, taken once a day, with perhaps saw palmetto, wild yam or asparagus root added. The amount of fenugreek and other herbs was increased to provide a larger window of time to repeat the herb dose for the next day.

Secretory: 2019 December - 2020 January

For the first tea of secretory, she took 150mg each: mint, sunflower, asparagus, hops and thistle.

For the rest of secretory, she took variations of a daily tea of: 100mg each spearmint, clover, 200mg sunflower, and 500mg each hops and thistle. Diosgenin containing and similar herbs, such as fenugreek, aparagus and wild yam were intentionally left off.

There was mild breast wideness from this.

2019 highlights

Proliferative: 2019 December

breast swelling

Picture is of temporary breast swelling almost to 35½" during luteal from herb combination.

Tea consisted of of saw palmetto, spearmint, fennel and sunflower. The first dose of the phase also had asparagus or fenugreek. When ginseng was used, it didn't work as well as sunflower and spearmint. Next proliferative phase, spearmint and sunflower will be lower than saw palmetto and fennel.

Luteal: 2019 December

morningbreast swelling

She tried combinations containing spearmint, shatavari, thistle and sunflower for luteal phase. Hops and or clover was used with this on some days.

There were still fluctuations in bresat size. These images are from December 4th. The picture on the left is in the morning, with a bust measurement of 35". The one on the right is from swelling later that night, after herb use: 35¾". Both measurements were 2½" on the under side. Hip size was 36¼" in the morning, and 36¾" by night.

2019 August 7

Anon05 breast growthAnon05 breast growth

The result on the left is from herb use from the day before with wild yam. This picture was taken in the morning. Her breast size was also described as increased in width.

The result on the right is from herb use without wild yam, taken in the evening. [34¼" bustline measurement. Menses phase.]

Both of these herb combinations contain minimal amounts each of: fenugreek, sunflower, lavender, spearmint and fennel. These pictures are of .

Herb use for rest of menstruation

Anon05 breast growthAnon05 breast growth

She tried minimal amounts each of: fenugreek, sunflower, lavender, spearmint, fennel and wild yam. The picture on the left is after she took this tea.

The picture on the right is later, after taking another herbal tea.

She reported an inch of growth of her bustline. Her hip circumference also slightly increased. This was on .

Herb use from 2nd day of menstruation

Anon05 breast growth

For , Anon05 tried 125mg each of: fenugreek, sunflower, lavender, spearmint, fennel and hops. There was no sensation or noticeable change after about 2 hours.

Later she tried about 50mg each of: fenugreek, sunflower, lavender, spearmint, fennel and thistles (Silybum).

Her breasts had minor swelling after an hour. Then, after a few hours, that swelling went away. They may have shrunk in width a little. Her breasts may have grown slightly in length.

Then she took minimal amounts of: fenugreek, sunflower, lavender, spearmint and fennel.

This picture is the next morning's, , results from herb use the day before. Her breast size gained in width.

Menstruation started

Anon05 breast growth

For the first day of menses, she tried 25mg each of: spearmint, hops, fenugreek, sunflower and lavender.

Picture is from the same day, , after results from this herb combination.

Day 2 of herb use

Anon05 breast growth

150mg sunflower, and 50mg each of fennel, hops, fenugreek and (pepper/spear)mint.

She described slight fullness on the sides of her breasts so far. Her temperature also lowered. She reported breast growth within 2 to 3 hours, after taking this tea.

Later in the evening, she took minimal and equal parts of: fennel, hops, fenugreek, sunflower, lavender and wild yam.

Growth in length. Picture is of results by the next day, .