Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Gardening herbs and other plants

Plant root needs

Roots need access to water, nutrients and air.

Certain potting soils compress after a number of waterings, which leaves the roots suseptible to rot. If using potting soil, mix it with another type of soil.

Raised gardening provides benefits to plants. Roots won't dry out as quickly and at the same time, enough roots won't be overly saturated in water. Raised gardening also prevents soil compaction around roots higher than ground level.

Having a small indention in the ground next to plants, allows the ground to collect water in that area, instead of running off or evaporating. Even if it's a location that gets plenty of rain, this helps with maintenaince needs. On a larger scale, this would be a ditch or a swale. A small hole or crack the size of a shovel head in the ground is enough for the ground to soak in water from there.

Dirt from indentations or swales in the ground can be used for filling a raised bed or raised container.

Topsoil dirt from the store is cheap, but plants don't grow fast in it, because it usually lacks nutrients. There's also no standard of the composition for soil top soil dirt. Manure works well and is cheap, but if this isn't preferable to some, ground dirt can be used instead.

The biggest indication that plants need water is drooping leaves. Other times, a plant can be overwatered, while the top few inches of the soil can be dry. This could mean the plant is turning yellow from overwatering. Check the soil below the first few inches of the surface to see if it's dry or wet there.

Companion planting

Walnuts and pecans can prevent other plants from growing around them. Certain plants can tolerate phytochemicals from walnut and pecans better, so are able to survive around them.

Bananas and ginger are companion plants.

Raspberry and blackberries can be grown next to grapes.

Three sisters plus radishes, sunflower and marigolds

A lot of people have heard of three sisters companion planting, which consists of corn, squash and beans. Radishes can be added to this. Sunflower is optional for companion planting with these plants.

Squash can be replaced with watermelon or cucumbers. Beans can be replaced by other legumes. Unsure if sugarcane is similar enough to corn for this substitution. Certain flowers including marigolds and herbs can be planted with the 3 sisters.

While garlic, onions and other alliums can be planted with some of these plants, they don't grow well with legumes and maybe radishes.

Mustard and other brassicas don't plant well next to many plants within the three sisters and their compatible plants.


For climates in the summer time, plants meant for a slightly cooler climate zone can be planted in the shade. However, plants that require a certain amount of cool hours to produce fruit, may survive but won't produce fruits for seasons after a warmer winter. For some plants there are varieties that require less chilling hours for fruit production. There's also a concern about humidity and ground saturation for plants suseptible to diseases.

For plants that can't tolerative cold temperatures, choose a plant that is meant for a climate zone cooler than your current one. A plant meant for that zone limit may survive a few winters and light frosts, but a rare occurence of cold weather may kill those plants in that area, especially smaller plants. A rare winter storm can kill large and established plants too. Some warm weather plants may try to grow back from the roots after a cold frost kills above the stem.


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