Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

About non-botanical supplements

Non-botanical supplements are not endorsed here. Animal extracts are not recommended, as this site focuses on botanical use. Still, there is a little bit of information about them below.

Synthetic birth control, progesterone cream and estrogen cream are commonly used or prescribed in an attempt for treating hormonal imbalances. These are not fully figured out. The primary focus of this website is on botanical use.


A birth control pill or patch has more chances of success with bust enhancement if it contains an estrogen with a progestin rather than a prolactin.

Birth control pills (BCP)

For herbal breast enhancement, the herb schedule for menstruation and secretory phase should work with birth control pills. BCP may cause growth with the right combination of herbs taken during menstruation, but BCP interrupts follicular production of hormones that assist in breast enhancement for proliferative phase, and stopping BCP during proliferative phase usually causes minor decreases in breast size. Unfortunately, stopping BCP (even during proliferative phase) can also increase effects of testosterone (androgens). There are plenty of variables of the combined use of herbs and BCP. I can inform you, but I cannot be responsible for odds of birth control

Herbs may interfere with birth control, especially from menstruation until after ovulation. For birth control purposes, it is better to limit herb use. There'ss always the chance of herbs interfering with BCP to allow pregnancy to occur. Any herb can interfere, but be mindful of herbs that (sometimes conditionally) promote menstruation or that can shorten secretory phase like vitex, mint, fenugreek, rosemary, basil, pueraria, ginseng or lavender.

Progestogens, including from BCP, naturally break down into androgens and mineralocorticoids. Because of this, the right combination of herbs taken together with BCP can increase breast enhancement, as opposed to taking herbs over 10 minutes later which can be counterproductive. If you're having symptoms of low estrogen, birth control pills can make it worse, especially during proliferative phase. Birth control pills likely have varying potencies on ERα and ERβ.

If you're using birth control pills for hormonal balance, and not for birth control, depending on if the hormones are equally distributed in the pill, it's possible that fraction of that pill can be used at a time.

It has become more difficult to determine phases of the cycle to use herbs when birth control pill was taken. Also, when BCP use was stopped, androgenic symptoms have emerged before. BCP use with herbs may be difficult. When androgenic symptoms emerge, eat dietary fiber such as brown rice.

What about birth control patches?

It is easier to imbalance on hormones when using a birth control patch and any herbal program. Patches constantly or periodically release progestogens and a lesser amount of estrogens. The body has to balance progesterones that the body converts into androgens, mineralcorticoids and gluccocorticoids. If the body does not balance progestogens enough, by converting androgens into estrogens, continuing to take herbs and birth control can lead to estrogen deficiency. A patch has the ability to release more progesterone, before the body can convert androgens formed from it into estrogens.

I'm unfamiliar with birth control patch brands, but they have different potencies of hormones and their metabolites.

Programs that used contraceptives

Jellie's program uses a contraceptive implant and birth control pills. There has been results with the combination of a herb program and this. Implants are not recommended for the sole purpose of any herbal program. There would also be less control of timing, especially when effects by anything hormonal have been conditional before.

In the hirsutism01 program journal, patches were used at times, and the effect of that and bcp often contributed to more negative effects.

Some successful programs blogged about didn't use any form of contraceptive.


Please see, precautions for concerns about topical use, as well as concerns about other topics on this page.

Estrogen Cream

It seems that estrogen cream has different effects depending on when it is used. When there were signs of acne, estrogen cream has normalized body temperature, and increased estrogen response. When there were no signs of acne, estrogen cream only made body hair worse.

The effect of estrogen cream is similar to that of herbs that work on ERα and ERβ. A partial estrogenic response was sometimes caused, because an antagonist herb targeted ERα or ERβ. When acne was caused, an herb with an estrogen simile didn't always cause an estrogenic response, because that herb likely agonized a different estrogen receptor. In theory, herbs that caused acne sometimes possibly targeted one of the two estrogen receptors, and an estrogenic response depended on the specific receptor that estrogen simile targeted. It's possible that herbs that cause acne antagonize ERα or ERβ. When there's acne, it's possible that estrogen cream can cause both an estrogenic effect for estrogen receptors antagonized by acne and an androgenic effect for estrogen receptors not antagonized by acne.

Please note that the effects of estrogen cream are not thoroughly proven. The effects of estrogen cream have also not been tested when there is bloating from progesterone either. Not recommending estrogen cream, but instead showing the potential results of its use.

Estrogen cream should be avoided for menstruation, proliferative and likely late premenstrual phases. Perhaps should be limited to secretory based on symptoms. However, it may be better to avoid estrogen cream use.

Progesterone cream

Progesterone cream's use should be limited to the upper body. This also applies to natural lignan (sunflower seed, flaxseed seed, sesame seed oil) use.

Avoid using topical phyto-progestins on the hip area, as the effects on the surface may under-represent hormonal effects on the reproductive tract. Normally when hips grow, it's expected to be representative of reproductive health. Through dietary means, the effects of herbs are expected to provide the same effects on ER-beta whether on the reproductive tract or hips. Topicals can still be used on the bust, because it's farther away, and the hormonal effects are expected to be the same throughout on the lower body. Topical use, should also be limited to secretory phase, and be used complementary to the herb schedule.

Progesterone cream may cause bloating. Adding more progesterone when there's bloating is counterproductive. Progesterone cream that's strong may also be counterproductive. Wild yam as progesterone cream works well depending on symptoms. Stronger progesterone creams could cause desensitization.


For information on non-botanical supplements and drugs, see:

Bovine ovary or herbs?

Which do you think works better? Can you use both??

This project focuses on herbal ways for breast enhancement, without animal extracts. Bovine ovary and animal placentas have caused more problems than they solved.

Animal ovary has caused breast growth, but when too much was used, it caused a hormone imbalance. It increased progesterone like effects, but as it lowered estrogen, it has caused symptoms of concern. If animal extracts are to be used, their hormone properties must be balanced.

Avoid bovine ovary or animal placenta for menstruation and proliferative phases. Its use is undetermined for secretory and premenstrual phases. It requires great care, and checking on symptoms afterwards and up to a few days later. If using animal extracts, limit that to less than one drop per day. Also, chicken eggs raise hormones, so it can be used as an alternative.

Supplement precautions

See precautions for more details of care to be taken with supplement use.

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