Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Canadian Belle's herbal breast enlargement program - 2019 archive



At the start of Canadian Belle's program: her breast size is a C cup, and her breasts were described as having a deflated appearance. Her goal size is an E or F cup, and she is fascinated by the idea of going past that to have macromastia. Once she achieves her initial goal, she will decide if she wants to continue.


Canadian Belle's program started on [luteal] phase. Her temperature was 37.5°C yesterday, and 37°C the day before that [before herb use]. Yesterday [day 1 of herb use], she took a minimal amount of fenugreek, spearmint, hops and sunflower.


Her body temperature lowered to 36.5°C, and there was breast soreness that day [day 1]. By the next morning [day 2], there was minor breast swelling, and no noticeable changes in hips size.

Potential adjustments:

Lavender and shatavari will be added to this herb combination. In theory, shatavari may be a complement to this herb combination, especially for fenugreek and hops. Lavender more than likely has similar properties to sunflower seed, which I believe is needed.

[All herbs will be in solid form, usually made into tea, unless otherwise specified. Herb amounts are approximate.]

Second day of herb use

On her second day [yesterday] of herb use during [luteal] phase, Canadian Belle tried tea made up of a minimal amount (under 100mg) each of: fenugreek, lavender, sunflower, spearmint, hops and shatavari.


Next morning [day 3]:

My breasts feel sore and are still swollen. [No observable] increase in hip size...

They are more swollen, and because of that the only change is that they are rounder. - Canadian Belle

Later [on day 3]:

My temperature is at 37[°C] now. They are not that swollen: they just feel firmer and a bit more wide.

I have... no fullness at the top, but a lot on the bottom... I don't think they went up a cup size. - Canadian Belle

Potential adjustments:

Adding thistles (Silybum), and increasing dose of herbs. Updates expected tomorrow. The option of using Vitex (chasteberry) may be for later in secretory phase. Vitex's purpose would be to lessen the duration of secretory phase, and to improve breast shape. Going to try basil as a potential substitute for mint at a later time.

(From now on for this blog, the days of approximate or local time may be used, so it can be easier to keep track of days.)

Third day of herb use

Canadian Belle took tea [during luteal phase] of 200mg each of: fenugreek, lavender, sunflower, spearmint, hops, shatavari and milk thistle (Silybum).


That evening: temporary minor discomfort in the pelvic area. After discomfort went away, temperature was measured at 36.7[°C]. No noticeable change in hip size.

The next morning [day 4]: she had the same breast swelling than from the day before [day 3].

The [minor pelvic] discomfort stopped. I feel a little more [breast] swelling, but it's subtle. - Canadian Belle

Comments and potential adjustments:

Cramps were possibly a temporary response of increased estrogen effects. Before on this program [also like noted in another program blog], temperature has lowered then raised, suggesting that the body balanced the effects out from the full herb combination.

Fourth day of herb use: [luteal]

Canadian Belle took the same tea in the morning as yesterday, 200mg each of: fenugreek, lavender, sunflower, spearmint, hops, shatavari and milk thistle (Silybum).

In the evening, she took a tea of 400mg each of: lavender and hops.

That evening she also later took 50mg each of: lavender, hops and basil.


After repeating the same herb combination as the day before: temperature lowered to 36.5°C, then it likely raised back up like the last time. Breast swelling remained the same. Shape overall is subtly better than before.

Fullness is still at the bottom, but they feel harder. - Canadian Belle

Results from 400mg each of lavender, hops for that evening: no observable change.

Results [by] the next day [from 50mg each lavender, hops and basil, and likely also from previous evening [day 4] herb combination]:

My breasts seem bigger...

They are rounder. - Canadian Belle

Comments and potential adjustments:

Basil as a substitute for mint was later added to lavender and hops. In the future, asparagus and thistles (Silybum) will be added to that combination. After there was consistent breast swelling for [luteal] phase, there's less need for herbs that contain the phytoprogestin diosgenin. Panax may be a good herb for th[ese] combination[s] during late secretory phase, because it upregulates both ERα and ERβ.

5th day of herb use: [luteal]

Canadian Belle took 50mg each of: lavender, hops, basil and shatavari.

In the evening, she tried: 50mg each of fenugreek and basil, with 500mg each of lavender, hops, shatavari and thistle.


Her results from the first dose were mild breast soreness.

Overall results noted after second dose:

I still have breast soreness. One detail I forgot to mention was that my nipples feel sensitive when I touch them. - Canadian Belle

Next morning's [day 6] result from second dose:

I got a little more swelling than the day before. They are still sensitive and they seem rounder. - Canadian Belle

Comments and potential adjustments:

Will try with adding thistle (Silybum), then with adding back fenugreek. Proportions will be adjusted. Fenugreek and basil or mint will stay at a minimal dose. The amount of hops will be lowered to 50mg for next time. The premise is that there's [sufficient] estrogen during secretory, when hops acts directly on ERα. Hops is needed for upregulating progesterone receptors (PR), when progesterone is dominant. The results should be positive and balanced with hops at 500mg or 50mg with the rest of the herbs (during this moment), but there could be a variation in positive noticable results.

Panax with fenugreek (or wild yam) together with the rest of the basic herb combinations are likely to increase effects in a balanced way, during this phase.

Herb use intended for rest of [luteal]

For the rest of [luteal] phase, Canadian Belle will [have] regularly tr[ied] a base dose of: a minimal amount of hops, spearmint and fenugreek, with additional amounts of sunflower or lavender. Shatavari (Asparagus) and/or thistles (Silybum) will optionally be added. Panax may be added as well. Spearmint may be replaced by peppermint and likely basil. Secretory phase could be extended, but it would be for no more than an additional week in a hormonally balanced way and with hormonal signs being closely observed. Towards the end of secretory phase, chasteberry (Vitex) may be used with a herb combination [only] once.

Raising amounts of lavender and lowering amounts of similar required herb combinations for secretory phase has caused elongated breast growth before. Lavender sensitizes ERβ, which likely [conditionally] raised estrogen levels. Panax should have a better effect during [the] time of secretory (after consistent breast swelling), because it antagonizes receptors ERα also.

Canadian Belle will also take a spoonful of whole grains with her herbs [frequently], now that she already had [recent] consistent breast swelling. She will also take herbs with a spoonful of unrefined olive or coconut oil often.

Canadian Belle will keep track of health, symptoms, and for signs that she is still on [luteal] phase. Parts of the herb combination may not work beneficially outside of secretory phase.

[What was believed to be secretory, may have been premenstrual as well. Luteal describes both secretory and premenstrual phases. Body temperature has been regularly high for her.]


I suggested too much ginseng in comparison to the other herbs to increase estrogen response. I thought the body would respond to estrogen by increasing progesterone response. It needed additional hops or clover. Menstruation [has] already started.

They only feel fuller [compared to yesterday]...

They definitely look rounder than before I started the program so that’s nice. - Canadian Belle


fenugreek, sunflower, basil, hops

The herb combination of basil, hops, fenugreek and sunflower caused moderate menstrual flow. The herbs were in minimal amounts, with a higher amount of sunflower. There was no noticable change in breast size. Body temperature was a little high, but her temperature was also higher than normal at the start. At least there was no acne, which is common with simlar doses.

This suggests that basil [is] likely stronger [in an androgenic way] than peppermint and spearmint. Basil [is not] suitable here, until further is known. Peppermint and spearmint are proven.

fenugreek, sunflower, spearmint, hops

Yesterday during menses phase, she tried approximately: 25mg of spearmint, hops, fenugreek, and 75mg of sunflower. This was the second herb combination taken for menstruation.

Menstruation intensity lowered [by the next day], but breast size didn't increase. Herb combinations like this have regularly worked only well once per menstrual cycle.

Possible adjustments for future dose of menstruation: replace hops with fennel, add lavender, or add asparagus.

fenugreek, sunflower, spearmint, fennel

Canadian Belle took a minimal amount yesterday each of: spearmint, fennel, fenugreek and sunflower. It was towards the end of menstruation.

The next day result was slight fullness.

fenugreek, sunflower, spearmint, fennel, lavender

Canadian Belle will try tea of about 125mg each of: spearmint, fennel, fenugreek, sunflower and lavender. This should work towards the end of menstruation or the beginning of proliferative phase.

In theory, lavender should behave like sunflower which requires fenugreek for consistency. Spearmint or Peppermint without other herbs has worked with lavender in the past, but the effects were inconsistent.

Results by next day

The size from the minor breast swelling has become growth. Periods are extremely light.

Proliferative: August 2019

Fenugreek, sunflower, fennel, spearmint

For proliferative phase she took minimal amounts of: fenugreek, sunflower, fennel and spearmint. Additional sunflower was taken.


Her breasts have gotten slightly wider.

Comments and potential adjustments:

Lavender is likely to work, but requires the rest of the full herb combination. Asparagus is also likely to work with the rest of the herb combination.

Fenugreek, sunflower, fennel, spearmint, lavender

For proliferative phase she took minimal amounts of: fenugreek, sunflower, fennel, spearmint and lavender.


More breast fullness by next day.

Fenugreek, sunflower, fennel, spearmint, lavender, asparagus

For proliferative phase she took minimal amounts of: fenugreek, sunflower, fennel, spearmint, lavender and asparagus.


More breast fullness by next day. [Believe there is] overall breast growth. Possible overall widening, but there may have been a decrease in breast length. Fenugreek will be removed for next dose (then maybe later asparagus).

Sunflower, fennel, spearmint, lavender, asparagus

For proliferative phase, in the evening, she took 100mg each of: sunflower, fennel, spearmint, lavender and asparagus. Fenugreek was removed for an expected improvement. Shatavari (Asparagus) root could change the outcome, but it will likely let the result be a positive one.


No effect by next morning.

Secretory: August 2019

For the first day of secretory, she took, 50mg each: fennel, sunflower, spearmint, hops, fenugreek and thistles. This resulted in minor breast growth and swelling

Later the suggestion was fennel, sunflower, spearmint, thistles, lavender, hops and fenugreek in different proportions. 150mg each: fennel, sunflower, spearmint and thistles. 250mg lavender. Hops and fenugreek were suggested in the highest proportions. Most herbs in this combination must be met, and other are expected to improve results. This should be taken on or after the second day, but it is also expected to work well if taken sooner on secretory phase. Olive oil and a vitamin C supplement were also suggested if they were available.

Result update:

I got the biggest swelling yet from that combination. - Canadian Belle

Described as rounder and feeling harder. Not a full cup increase.

Menstruation: August 2019

First herb combination

Menstruation came about a week early. Secretory and premenstrual were of normal duration. Menstruation and proliferative phases were shorter. She has had consistent breast swelling to now.

For the first or second day of menstruation she [took] 125mg each of: spearmint, fennel, fenugreek, sunflower, lavender and hops.

For the rest of menstruation, she [may] try 125mg per day each of: spearmint, fennel, fenugreek, sunflower, lavender and wild yam. Asparagus may be added later.


For first dose of menstruation: lighter period and mild breast swelling by today.

Rest of menstruation

For later, suggestion of: 125mg each of spearmint, fennel, hops and sunflower, and 500mg each of fenugreek [and] lavender and wild yam.

Asparagus may likely be added. Sunflower is optional if lavender is present. It's better to include sunflower until there's consistent progress.

Results and potential adjustments

Mild breast swelling for menstruation. She didn't have wild yam. 500mg each of fenugreek and lavender, and 125mg each of spearmint, fennel, hops and sunflower.

When there's breast swelling, don't repeat the same dose.

Result by end of menstruation

Menstruation ended a few days ago. Her breasts are a little larger compared to than at the begining of her program. She will take a break for proliferative phase.

Proliferative: September 2019

For early proliferative phase, after taking a short break, Canadian Belle took 125mg each of: spearmint, fennel, lavender/sunflower and fenugreek. Fenugreek should not be repeated during proliferative, because it has estrogen analogs which the body already produces.

From this herb combination, she got mild breast swelling.

Premenstrual & menses: October 2019

She is towards the end of premenstrual phase, but the herb combination will be the same for both premenstrual and menses phases. For these two phases, Canadian Belle will take a tea of: 500mg hops, 250mg fenugreek, and 60mg each of spearmint, sunflower/lavender and fennel. When she recieves wild yam, she will add 250mg of this.

She will take this herb combination up to daily, and she will repeat it up to several times per day, from the time breast swelling starts to go down, until while there's acne. Once itchy scalp or other androgenic symptoms begin, she will not repeat a dose; she will take fiber such as brown rice, or take a break until the next day.

Increases in breast size for the next morning have to be treated as temporary growth or swelling, when considering repeating a herb dose. Repeating the same herb dose can likely cause shrinkage. 60mg each of spearmint and lavender will be considered, as well as ginseng while there is breast fullness, preferably near its maximum. 60mg of hops can possibly work well with this. Whenever the sensation of itchy scalp occurs, no matter when, fiber such as an apple or brown rice will be taken.

Menses: next

She was unable to determine when ovulation, secretory and premenstruation occured. For menses, she will make a tea of: 250mg hops, and 60mg each of spearmint, sunflower/lavender, fenugreek and fennel. This tea will not be drunk at once, it will be taken a sip, gulp or 1/4 of a cup at a time, from the time of when breast swelling goes down until there's acne. If she gets itchy scalp or similar signs, she will take a short break and eat fiber.

Proliferative: November 2019

Last proliferative, during mid October, she took low amounts of spearmint, fennel, fenugreek, lavender and sunflower. Canadian Belle reported breast swelling.

On the first few days of proliferative, she got breast swelling from taking tea 30mg each of: fenugreek, spearmint, fennel and lavender/sunflower.

She tried 30mg each of spearmint and fennel, but there haven't been results from this so far. There may be an effect by tomorrow, but it likely needs ginseng, sunflower and/or lavender with additional fennel. Too much ginseng, sunflower or lavender is likely to cause a headache.

A later day, still during proliferative, she tried fennel, sunflower, spearmint and ginseng. There was no change in breast size from this.