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Breast and hip tissue should increase the ability for estrogen conversion from androgens.

Update in schedule: sunflower must not be used in the presence of when negative symptoms occur.

Anon04 blog of herb use

This program blog [wa]s split off from the hirsutism blog.

Kudzu comparison to evening primrose

During proliferative phase in the past, kudzu when taken alone [has] caused hot-flashes, excessive urination, increased mucus and additional hair on hands. [This information on Pueraria was from past observations].

The effect of pueraria alone, has [two] similiarities to partial combinations with evening primrose for someone with low estrogen during proliferative phase. Evening primrose and several combinations with it [has] caused temporary hot-flashes and frequent urination [then afterwards an improvement in body temperature].

The differences were that temperature did not later normalize with kudzu, and evening primrose hasn't caused additional body hair the way pueraria did.

Anon03 Blog of Herb Use

Program blog of herb combination effects for different times of the menstrual cycle.

This blog is organized by phases, so it is easier to follow. Herbal program is gradually being improved upon.

Estrogen Deficiency

Basic symptoms of estrogen deficiency. Older articles on aromatase and anti-dht herbs redirect to /appendix/estrogen-imbalance.


Low estrogen contributes to hot-flashes in women. Hot-flashes are common when estrogen sensitivity or estrogen production is low.

Evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) oil increases estrogen production and has been proven in studies to lower hot-flashes. Oenothera biennis is useful during secretory phase to increase estrogen for breast enhancement.

Treating Hirsutism Blog Updates

/programs/hirsutism is a herbal program blog to treat estrogen deficiency. It is an attempt to correct female body hair excess and reduce female hair loss, and to promote breast enlargement despite it.