Botanical Breast Enhancement: Guide

Successful Natural Breast Enlargement

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Achieve natural breast enlargement for yourself by understanding the latest science about breast development and herb properties. Successful breast enlargement has been achieved from using the information throughout this website, including the offered free ebook, breast-endocrinology.pdf.

Learn about the other hormone types that work with estrogens that achieve breast development, and learn about the phytohormones contained in botanicals that regulate or mimic serum hormones. In the right combinations, certain herbs will influence growth, if further breast enhancement is possible. The optimal time to try herbal breast enhancement is during fertility age. Read the free ebook to see the hormonal properties, timing and required proportions of asparagus (Shatavari), clover, fennel, fenugreek, hops, lavender, spearmint, chasteberry and other herbs that assist with bust enlargement. Blog contains updates.

220804-1.jpg" class="imgleft" alt="Pumpkin Angel: picture of 1 month of botanical breast enhancement" title="Pumpkin Angel image of 1 month of botanical breast enlargement" />220831-1.jpg" class="imgright" alt="Pumpkin Angel: picture of 1 month of botanical breast enhancement" title="Pumpkin Angel image of 1 month of botanical breast enlargement" />

Pumpkin Angel: 1st month

Pumpkin Angel's program started on August 2022. The image on the right is less than a month later.


Jellie: 2nd month

Second month of Jellie's herb program. Pictures are of January 14th and February 10th. On the image on the left, she has a D cup.


Jellie: 1st week

Herb program blog with pictures of growth: Jellie. Before and after pictures were taken during in January during proliferative phase.

[C cup in left image; D cup in right image.]



Herb program blog with pictures of growth: anon05. These pictures were taken two days apart.

Canadian Belle

Herb program blog with descriptions of growth: Canadian Belle.


Anon02 update

anon02 update.

Emily Loretta's success before this project started

Bubblemelon (Rocketmelon) was inspired by Emily Loretta [she had a blog that went by bignaturalbreastsgrowth at Blogspot]. Emily Loretta went by Bubblebra and LaceyRa. Bubblebra was in turn inspired by Cheryl1989's forums.

I was unaware of her program during much of my research, which started afterwards. Bubblebra had already completed her program before Rocketmelon began a successful program.

Herbal breast enhancement after 1 year.

Natural breast enhancement: 2015

Successful natural breast enlargement from last year, during the time I assisted Bubblemelon with her NBE program. [Bubblemelon also brought a lot to her program.] She used various methods, including breast pumping. However, herbal methods were most effective.

The first picture is from August 2014, and the later picture is from June 2015.

Which botanicals are chosen

When suggesting botanicals for breast health, breast enhancement and related purposes, I try to choose the ones that have anticarcinogenic or antitumor properties. There is more information available on botanicals that were tested to make cancerous cells grow, while sometimes this also causes growth for healthy cells. I avoid recommending botanicals based on results from studies that show them stimulating unhealthy cells. Despite choosing botanicals with anticarcinogenic properties towards their target, or botanicals from studies on healthy cells, a hormone imbalance is a cancer risk. blog

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Updated herb schedules - April 27, 2024
Updated herb schedules, closer to how they were before

Determining updates for luteal phase schedule - March 07, 2024
The luteal phase schedule causes unnecessary swelling/bloating, which doesn't aid in growth. Working on updating this.

Status of non-menses herb schedule - February 22, 2024
Scrapping latest non-menses herb schedule.

Breast growth compared to swelling - October 20, 2022
Breast growth compared to swelling based on experience. Guest contributed entry.

Start a program - February 16, 2024
Start a program is back - May 03, 2024 is back